Giampaolo contract renewal to happen soon

Marco Giampaolo is doing wonders with the Serie A Side Empoli, at his first season with the Azzurri. He is managing to go beyond expectation.

Giampaolo contract renewal to happen soon
Giampaolo is impressing the Management at Empoli. Photo Credit (

Serie A has seen some nice surprises this season with Empoli being one of them. The team has reached a great position and so far is a team hard to beat. One of the main reasons behind this is Marco Giampaolo -- the man running the show.

Giampaolo continuing Sarri's success

Giampaolo was appointed as Empoli in  July 2015,  following the departure of Maurizio Sarri who joined Napoli. The tactician is having a large amount of success this season, and is continuing the impressive work of Sarri who had done impressive to Lead the team in mid-table position.

Empoli president Fabrizio Corsi seems to be delighted with the progress of the team under Giampaolo, and is willing to offer the tactician a contract renenwal. He went on to say that “renewal talks will happen shortly”.

Following the impressive win against the rivals Fiorentina 2-0 last round, it has been rumored that Giampaolo has been linked with a move to Fiorentina in case Paulo Sousa leaves the Florence based team. Giampaolo contract is expiring at the end of the season and fans should be assured that a contract extension will be offered shortly.

Corsi states to Corriere dello Sport “as soon as the conditions are right we will talk about a renewal.”  Corsi add that, “we’re happy for him and for certain players, but these last six matches count for a lot.”

Empoli are again in Serie A thanks to Giampaolo and talents in the team.

Current Serie A position

Empoli are now lying in the 11th position in Serie A this season with 39 points. The main goal heading into the season was keeping the team in a safe position away from the relegation and they are doing just that.

Giampaolo and his players were a delightful surprise of the season for their style of play and their attacking style. They are taking the plaudits of Serie A giants for their performance against them. Surely, a new contract for Giampaolo will make Empoli reset their target for next season.