Sebastian Giovinco not giving up on Euro 2016

The Toronto FC striker believes he can still earn a call-up from coach Antontio Conte

Sebastian Giovinco not giving up on Euro 2016
Photo: Getty Images

After leaving Juventus in 2015 and moving to Canada to play for Toronto FC in the Major League Soccer many believed his international career was over, however, Giovinco’s form has only sky-rocketed. Giovinco has made in all, 36 appearances for the MLS club and has scored 26 goals. The Italian international knows if he plays well, “Antonio Conte will notice.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Giovinco said, “Am I aiming for Euro 2016?” he answers, “of course, yes.” The 29-year-old hopes that Conte notices his good form as, “people aren’t just looking at players in Europe now,” Giovinco knows, “they are looking everywhere.”

MLS has been seen as a retiree’s playground, with the likes of Pirlo, Lampard and Kaka all playing and/or retiring soon, have all gone on to be pivotal players in their respective clubs. Toronto FC’s striker knows, “Everyone looks at the MLS in a different way now,” though, he knows and wants people to understand, “it’s a better league than before.”

​Giovinco to fight for his place in the Azzurri

Giovinco this season has made six appearances with four goals and creating eight scoring chances continuing his impeccable form from last season where he scored 22 goals, 16 assists and earned a spot in the National team in a Euro Qualifiers game against Azerbaijan and Norway last October.

Giovinco knows he has to perform to get Conte’s attention as Conte has stated that if he has not called you up recently you are not going to the Euro, Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, “The coach already has some ideas,” though in Sebastian’s eyes, “in three months there’s enough time to make changes.”

The forward knows he can be pivotal for Italy in the European Championships as Italy have had trouble finding a striker, “We certainly don’t have strikers we used to,” though, in his eyes Italy have “elements that can do really well when they are placed in teams that are set up properly.”