UFC 196: Nate Diaz defeats Conor McGregor via submission
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06:10 I've been your host this evening/morning where we've seen Miesha Tate claim the UFC Women's Bantamweight belt whilst the main event saw Nate Diaz defeat Conor McGregor by submission. All three defeats for the Irishman have come via submission. So, what now for the Irishman? Another fight in the Welterweight?

Nate Diaz chokes out Conor McGregor | Photo: Getty
Nate Diaz chokes out Conor McGregor | Photo: Getty

06:07 Here's Conor McGregor. "I felt I took him the first round. I'm humble in victory or defeat. He was efficient, I wasn't."

06:05 Nate Diaz knew it was going to be a slow start from himself. If he had a full camp, he "doesn't think he'd have been touched."

06:03 It looks as if Conor McGregor is about to cry. Credit to the Irishman, but Nate Diaz had his haters, but he knew he had the ability to beat McGregor.


Round 2 McGregor is in serious trouble right now!

Round 2 Diaz lands his jab and right hook and he's tagged Conor. This is some fight right now. Conor is struggling right now!!

Round 2 Great left by Conor follow by an uppercut. That's what Diaz has to watch out for. A lot of blood coming out of the right eye of Nate now which in the Diaz world means nothing. Three minutes in round two remaining.

Round 2 Diaz is bleeding, but that's nothing new. 15 straight wins for Conor, 17/19 by knockout. How will this one end? Great spinning kick from McGregor that lands. Nate's cut has opened up again.

Round 1 Nate manages to take down Conor but it's in full guard with 30 seconds remaining. Nate up against the fence, and this will go to round 2.

Round 1 Nate lands a quick one-two but the American has to be wary of McGregor's uppercuts. Diaz throws a couple of great right hands that lands. There's a small cut above Diaz' right arm who lands another couple of jabs. Conor again with the uppercuts.

Round 1 McGregor lands his left hook but Diaz ducks under his next attempt and gets in a clinch. The pair break, and Conor is the agressor in these early stages. Good right hand landed by Diaz who has a two inch reach advantage.

05:45 He's looking happy, he's looking fit, and he's looking healthy. Is McGregor the biggest star in the MMA, and possibly to world? McGregor makes his way into the Octagon. Here we go! Stay tuned for round-by-round action.

05:42 Nate Diaz is in the ring. Now we're just waiting on Conor McGregor. This is going to be some fight. Will The Notorious One's prediction be right, can he finish him at the end of the first? Diaz is a great boxer, and McGregor's biggest test.

05:37 The time is near. After Rafael dos Anjos dropped out, Nate Diaz stepped up to the plate and this is the fight that everyone wanted. Who's going to come out on top? Is this going to be Conor McGregor's biggest test to date? Follow VAVEL UK for the action.

Miesha Tate is the new champion! | Photo: John Hedges
Miesha Tate is the new champion! | Photo: John Hedges

05:30 Miesha Tate the third UFC's Women Bantamweight Champion. You know what that means now though. UFC 196: Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz. MGM Arena is pumped after that fight.

05:28 Tate knows that she had to remain patient and she knew that she had to finish the fight. Tate knew the fifth round was important. Would have lost otherwise.


Round 5 IT'S OVER! MIESHA TATE IS THE NEW BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Tate chokes out the champion in a brilliant move. What. A. Fight.

Round 5 Fifth and final round of this title fight. Tate caught Holm with a push kick. Tate goes for the takedown but again fails which saw Holly land her jab. Here we go! Tate takesdown Holm. Miesha has her back, and this could be close!

Round 4 If this is to go the distance, Tate needs to take Holm to the ground with the number of high kicks that Holly is landing. Tate launches an attack which lands a couple of punches. The challenger goes for the takedown which is defended well as they both get back on their feet. Holm's defended 6/7 of Tate's takedowns. Very impressive as this heads into the fifth and final round.

Round 4 Holm threw the low kick yet again and Tate caught it. She failed to take her opponent down, and then failed the clinch and now she's up against the Tate as Holly disengages. Unpredictable movement from Tate is making it difficult for Holly, who's unable to put together any realy combinations. Tate's defence is making Holm lead the match as the challenger looks for the counter.

Tate almost had it! | Photo: UFC
Tate almost had it! | Photo: UFC

Round 3 Tate almost had the clinch there. Holm has to be careful of that. Holly with yet another kick but Tate blocks yet again. A rather uneventful round from both fighters. Both conserving their energy and waiting for that moment to strike. Tate blocking Holm's kicks, and this is going to a fourth. Very interesting and tactical fight.

Round 3 Holly Holm with a couple of nice head kicks. I wonder what is going through the mind of Ronda Rousey right now? Miesha has to be careful of that straight left from Holm as she rocks Tate with a head kick.

Round 2 Great defence from Holly Holm! Miesha Tate went fo the submission but she was unable to pull it off. That was close! This is going to another round. Tate definitely has that one in the bag. Holly taking very deep breathes in her corner, that was a tough round for her.

Round 2 The crowd are getting pumped for this. Tate has her under the neck and this could be it! Can she submit the champion?

Round 2 This is not a good position for Holm as she remains on the ground. Tate looks to use her ground and pound strength as she lands punches to Holm's body. A big round two for Miesha Tate which is followed by another elbow. The champion is trying to get up, but Tate is controlling her and battering her with a flurry of elbows. She's got this round.

Round 2 Miesha comes out attacking early in round two, but she needs to be careful of Holly's counter. Tate ducks under Holm's punch and takes Holly Holm to the ground! Tate has her opponent in half guard which is followed by an elbow to the head. Another elbow from Miesha as things get interesting.

Round 1 Holm with a quick one-two but again, Tate is defending well and looking for that moment to strike. Miesha's right cheek is looking red from an earlier hook from Holly as she looks to lead with the jab. Miesha looks comfortable and looks to have rocked Holm with a counter. This is a close one to call as it goes into another round.

Round 1 Tate caught Holm's kick and almost took her down, but managed to land her first punch of the round. The Irish crowd rooting for Holm here. Miesha's been very smart about her fighting here, she's waiting for that counter rather than leading the fight, chasing Holly just like Ronda Rousey did.

Round 1 We've never seen this from Holm in the lead up to this fight. She owns that belt and she doesn't want to give it up. She's respected Tate, but now she's in the zone.

04:54 It's title fight time! This is going to be a class. Five round for the undisputed bantamweight championship of the world! Will Holly Holm become a reigning champion? Here we go!

04:51 Miesha Tate has made her way into the Octagon. Will she learn from Ronda Rousey? Probably. She's a brawler, but she'll conserve herself and wait for the right moment to strike. Here comes the champion, Holly Holm. Stay tuned!

GSP is here at UFC 196 | Photo: UFC
GSP is here at UFC 196 | Photo: UFC

04:47 It's a big one next! Grab a cup of coffee before Holm - Tate. Holm is "fighting for passion" whilst Tate is undefeated for the past two years. She wants this bad. Can Tate bully her way to the UFC bantamweight championship? Stay tuned!

04:41 The judges have scored this fight 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 declaring Latifi winner by unaminous decision in front of former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Round 3 Latifi manages to takedown Villante yet again and Latifi manages to land a couple of punches to the body. This fight goes the distance. Stick with us for the judges score cards.

Round 3 Latifi with a spinning back kick almost lands midway through the final round, but Villante blocks well. Huge punch from Latifi but Villante takes it on the chin. This is going to be some end to a round I imagine. Villante looks tired and we all know the knockout punch that Latifi has.

Round 2 Villante landing his kicks, but again Latifi manages to take Villante to the ground. This is going to the third and final round.

Round 2 Villante goes for them head kicks again early in the second round, but Latifi manages to catch one and take his opponent to the ground. Villante gets out and both fighters are back up. Latifi looks tired after his earlier work, whilst Villante is controlling the centre of the Octagon.

Anderson strikes Lawler | Photo: Rey Del Rio
Anderson strikes Lawler | Photo: Rey Del Rio

Round 1 Latifi landing his punches which again rocked Villante. The Swede with the clinch and a nice right hand to the body. Latifi eats a hard kick to the body from Villante which could of wounded him. This is going to another round.

Round 1 Villante straight in there with three kicks, going high with them. Latifi is a powerful wrestler who has serious one punch knockout power. The Swede didn't like the early leg kicks for Villante. Villante with the kick but Latifi catches him and lands a counter! That shocked Villante.

04:22 Villante with the height and reach advantage over Latifi. Both fighters are in the Octagon for this light-heavyweight bout. Villante with an MMA record of 14-6. Here. We. Go.

04:20 Gian Villante makes his way into the Octagon. He's knocked out Corey Anderson but lost to Tom Lawler. Strong leg kicks, who's ready for this fight? We're moments away.

The champion Holly Holm prepares | Photo: UFC
The champion Holly Holm prepares | Photo: UFC

04:15 Following her victory earlier, Amanda Nunes has this to say: “I think the third round I got tired a bit, but I did a lot of work in all three rounds. I think my cardio might have lacked a bit because I have never been three rounds before. I am ready to get my title shot, I’ve fought top-five opponents for a while now, but now it’s my time. Every day I am bringing in new training and technique and I am very proud of myself for what I am accomplishing.”

04:12 In the crowd tonight we have champions Johnson and Rockhold. We also have NFL running back Reggie Bush and Red Hot Chilli Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis. Next up we have Gian Villante - Ilir Latifi, but stick with us for the latest quotes.

04:11 That's a huge victory for Corey Anderson who tells Dana White "he's here to stay" and that he's not here for the money.

04:09 The judges have scored this fight 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 to Corey Anderson.

Round 3 After spending two minutes on the ground, both fighters are back to their feet with one minute remaining. Anderson with another insie leg kick before landing a jab following by another kick. Great first round from Lawler, but you have to feel Anderson has this on the other two rounds. Stick with us here at VAVEL UK for the decision.

Round 3 A short right hand from Lawler caught Anderson in the jaw. Lawler's corner urging him to get ugly and turn to his experience. Anderson with his first takedown of the night with a side control. Anderson already has a submission victory in his MMA career. Anderson is the bigger, stronger fighter as he lands a couple of elbows in half guard.

Round 2 This is getting scrappy with 20 seconds remaining! Lawler lands a flurry up punches before Anderson counters. Lawler's leading leg is red on the inside following Anderson's leg kicks. Lawler finished the round on top landing his punches, as we head into another round.

Round 2 Lawler has not lost since 2012, and he's on top in this fight too as chants of 'Filthy Lawler' ring round the MGM. Anderson again with the inside leg kicks before throwing another right hook. Anderson needs to be more active here as he lands a quick one-two. Lawler still controlling the centre of the Octagon.

Round 2 Lawler a three time national wresting champion takes Anderson down to the ground early in the second, but TUF winner is straight back up. Lawler connects with a straight left which looked to have shocked Anderson. Lawler landing punches, but Anderson is open to that right hook against Lawler, who is a Soutpaw.

Round 1 That right hook is a serious weapon for Anderson, he's caught Lawler three times in quick succession with it. Lawler however controlling the centre of the Octagon. Anderson with another inside leg kick as he looks to tire his opponent. This is going to another round.

Round 1 Anderson in trouble and Lawlor sensed an early finish! This could be over very quick if Anderson doesn't defend. Anderson got tagged big time in the opening 30 minutes, but he's gathered his feet. Anderson fights back with his own flurry of jabs and inside leg kicks. Lawler showing his experience.

03:50 We'll have Anderson - Lawlor up soon. Anderson won TUF19, Team Edgar and has the third best strike rate in his weight division. Lawler really needs to step up his game tonight if he wants to prove his critics wrong. Both fighters have made thei way to the Octagon and it's time to go!

03:42 Following his vitory earlier, Siyar Bahadurzada had this to say: “When I came to Greg Jackson’s gym he told me to become a complete mixed martial artist you have to learn the takedown along with other styles. It wasn’t that Brandon’s striking was superior, it was just that I saw openings to take him down and submit him. I didn’t feel any pressure and I wanted to have fun because I’ve been through a lot in the last two years. I believe I am the most powerful striker in the welterweight division and if there is someone who says otherwise, I’d like to fight them.”

03:41 Who's going to win? Make sure you vote on our Twitter poll below. Next up on the main card we have Corey Anderson - Tom Lawler.

Conor McGregor has arrived. Photo: UFC
Conor McGregor has arrived. Photo: UFC

03:34 The judges scored this contest 29-28, 29-27, 29-27 and declare Amanda Nunes by unaminous decision!

Round 3 A good round for Shevchenko. Both fighters looking fatigued as the Ukrainian lands a big knee. She goes for the highlight reel finish but slipped as she went for it. They go the distance, as this will go to the judges! Impressive third round for Shevchenko, but probably not enough for the victory. Expect this to go to Nunes.

Round 3 This is looking bad for Nunes. The Brazilian isn't looking too good, but she manages to get herself up off the floor. The first real success from Shevchenko who really needs something this round after Nunes dominated the opening two.

Round 2 Nunes goes for the choke! Shevchenko manages to hold on though! Nunes attempted three chokes in 45 seconds, but the Ukrainian showed her strength to get on top. This is going to another round.

Round 2 This isn't looking good for Shevchenko. The Ukrainian is in a bad spot here. Her face is bleeding as Nunes lands more punches in the half guard. Shevchenko manages to stand, but Nunes takes her right back to the ground. This isn't looking good for Valentina.

Round 2 Nunes lands the first kick of round two which looked to have hurt Shevchenko's body, who has to open up. Nunes lands another hard, right kick to the body but the Brazilian nearly gets countered. Nunes takes her opponent to the ground in half guard, before landing a flurry of hammer-fists. Shevchenko has to stand up.

Round 1 A scrappy end to the first round. Nunes has landed more, but Shevchenko is just looking for that right moment to strike. Are fans going to see a round two knockout? Here we go!

Round 1 Shevchenko very defensive in the first round, waiting for Nunes to open up and make a mistake. Nunes takes another swing but fails to connect. The Ukrainian looking for that counter-punch whilst Nunes takes down Shevchenko.

Round 1 Shevchenko rocks Nunes with a kick to head but she recovers, throwing a quick one-two.

Round 1 Nunes opens up with a kick. Shevchenko isn't known for her one punch knockouts, but will instead grind you down. Nunes leading in the opening 90 seconds.

Round 1 Nunes - Shevchenko, here we go!

03:13 Before the first card on the main event kickstarts the night, here's what UFC 196 has on offer.
Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz
Holly Holm - Miesha Tate
Gian Villante - Ilir Latifi
Corey Anderson - Tom Lawlor
Amanda Nunes - Valentina Shevchenko

03:05 It's time for the main card! Who's ready? We have the coffee ready. First up we have Amanda Nunes - Valentina Shevchenko. Nunes has already advised Ronda Rousey to postpone her UFC return claiming: "I'm fighting for the belt."

Bahadurzada gets the better of Thatch | Photo: Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC
Bahadurzada gets the better of Thatch | Photo: Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC

02:56 The final prelim of the evening saw Brandon Thatch fight Siyar Bahadurzada. Dominating the first round, Thatch was on the top of the game when the game was fought on the ground. Prior to this fight, Thatch stated he wouldn't be taken down, but in the third round, Bahadurzada did just that, before winning via submission.

02:53 Nordine Taleb defeated Erick Silva by KO just 1:34 into the second round. Taleb took the first round before a flurry of jabs in the second round followed by a low kick and right cross caused Silva some problems. Taleb caught Silva's front kick, before throwing a right cross down his throat, knocking him down and out.

02:50 Next up was the FOX Prelims. Darren Elkins defeated Chas Skelly by unaminous decision (30-27, 29-27, 30-26). Marcelo Guimaraes - Vitor Miranda was up next. Miranda took the first round before winning the game via TKO in the second round. A volley of elbows by Miranda hurt Guimaraes who stumbled before a quick kick and one-two from Miranda caused the referee to intervene.

02:47 Diego Sanchez - Jim Miller was the fight that promised so much during the build-up, and it's the fight that went to a decision. Whilst it looked as though Miller was on top, Sanchez defeated Miller by unaminous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

02:43 The evening started off with Julian Erosa - Teruto Ishihara. The first round went to Ishihara who domination with speed, and with a McGregoresque left-counter punch, Ishihara knocked out his opponent just 34 seconds into the second round. The promising night continued as next up was Jason Saggo - Justin Salas. Again, Saggo dominated with a front-foot kick, but whilst Salas took his opponent down, Saggo controlled the combat on the ground. One hook later, Saggo pounded away at Salas' ribs until the referee intervenes. Saggo defeating Salas by TKO in R1 4:31.

02:40 Good morning and welcome to LIVE coverage of UFC 196: Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz. Whilst we wait for the main card, lets take a closer look at the prelims results.

Join VAVEL UK at 3pm for all the build-up to the main event, as well as results of the UFC 196: Prelims. Can Conor McGregor put Nate Diaz away and the end of the first? Like he predicted. The Irish again have travelled to Las Vegas in their thousands, will Conor McGregor once again come out on top? Stay tuned for all the latest news leading up to UFC 196: Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz.

Heading back to the main-event of the evening, has Conor McGregor already called out his next potential opponent? During the UFC 196 press conference, McGregor stated he “would beat Robbie Lawler,” and that he’s “too fast for him.” Is Lawler one fighter that McGregor does respect? Yes. “I like Robbie,” says McGregor. “I won’t say a bad word about Robbie. He fights with his heart. He’s been around the game so, so long. I respect [Lawler] as a champion, as a man who drifted off, came back, and stated on it and rose up and became the welterweight champion.”

Unless Tom Lawler finds a way to take his fight against Corey Anderson to the ground, it is unlikely fans will see anything other than an Anderson win. Lawler doesn’t have any technical advantage over Anderson, but the veteran will be looking to bring something out the bag in order to prove himself in the UFC – where he’s been a professional for almost ten years now.

Other bouts on the main card include Corey Anderson - Tom Lawler. Winning The Ultimate Fighter 19, Anderson has proven himself as a solid fighter in the Light Heavyweight division, winning four of his last five fights whilst Lawler is returning after a layoff.

Unlike Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, there’s a lot of respect between Holly Holm and Miesha Tate. “She’s really good at grinding it out,” Holm on Tate. “She is coming out of a two-year winning streak. She has had way more time in the octagon than me, a lot more fighting, so there’s a lot of things that present a threat to me.”

Holly Holm and Miesha Tate | Photo: mmamania
Holly Holm and Miesha Tate | Photo: mmamania

I don’t want to create my whole career and life in one moment,” said Holm. “There’s a lot weighing on this fight, there’s a ton of emotional stresses. In a lot of ways, it’s tougher for me. People have high expectations after the last fight.”

Speaking to the BBC World Service, 34-year-old Holly Holm told reporters she does not want to be known as a “one-hit wonder.” The former boxer has won all 10 of her UFC bouts, whilst preparing to defend her title against Miesha Tate at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Whilst Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz takes the spotlight, let’s not forget about the other fights in the main card on Saturday night. Holly Holm will defend her bantamweight title after KO Ronda Rousey at UFC 197. Miesha Tate will be her opponent having won her last four bouts.

Nate Diaz has accused Conor McGregor of fighting ‘midgets’ whilst the American has fought the likes of Michael Johnson, Rafael dos Anjos, Benson Henderson, Jim Miller, Rory Macdonald, Gray Maynard and Joe Stevenson in the past seven years.

Not in attendance that press conference, Dana White told TMZ minutes later after the accusations that the UFC has an anti-doping partnership with the USADA, whilst “the UFC unquestionably has the best drug-testing program in all of sports.”

The American got under the skin of Conor McGregor at a press conference two weeks prior to the fight, calling out fighters in the UFC for steroids. “Everybody is on steroids,” said Diaz. “The whole UFC. Everybody.” McGregor, quick to defend, replied: “I’m not on no steroids. What the **** are you talking about? Your two teammates were on steroids. Your two boys. The skrap pack. Remember that? Did you know they were taking that stuff? I’m just an animal.”

Nate Diaz said “It would have been nice to get a camp,” after taking the fight on short notice. “It’s all good, whatever. I’ve went to camps, trained hard and fought like ****. Three weeks later, after eating as much as I want, hanging out, not doing nothing, came in and whooped everybody’s ass in the gym anyway. So we’ll see what happens.”

Both fight camps also took to the stage to back their fighters with Nate’s brother, Nick, also jumping in on the fracas. Even more security took to the stage, as McGregor and Diaz looked to have another go at each other. Following the events at the press conference, later that evening McGregor told FOX Sports Live that Diaz was “afraid to look me dead in the eye. So he put a frame out in front of him and I quickly snatched it and broke his wrist. The medics are in with him now,” McGregor added. “His wrist will never be the same. Like his bum knee, like his bum leg.”

Following the press conference, UFC 196 almost came 48 hours early as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz nearly came to blows before being separated and rushed off the stage by security. The face-off was expected to be heated, as UFC President Dana White stood ready and waiting to separate the two if need be. As the fighters put up their fists for the pose, McGregor took a swipe at Diaz’ outstretched hand before White intervened.

The pair came to blows during their face off | Photo: nypost
The pair came to blows during their face off | Photo: nypost

Conor McGregor: “Look at Nate’s last fight. 20,000 to show 20,000 to win. That’s not even a performance bonus. His whole cheque didn’t add up to a performance of the night bonus. Now he’s about to make his first million here so he really should be thankful and grateful for this opportunity that I am giving him.”

Nate Diaz: “You should be thankful too. You’re going to get a bigger cheque now then if you were fighting dos Anjos. It would have been a little penny cheque with him.”

McGregor: “My cheque? Don’t talk about money, you’re broke. I could easily switch you up now and put you back on that 20 and 20 if you want. But all I want is a thank you or even a little dance.”

Diaz: “You’re welcome.”

McGregor: “Dance for me. Dance for me Nate. And don’t look me in the eye when you dance!”

Known for his predictions, Conor McGregor demanded that Nate Diaz should say ‘thank you’ for making him a millionaire. When the American refused, things got heated up at the press conference.

It’s clear that Conor McGregor is at the top of his game right now. “I’m involved in absolutely everything to do with this [UFC],” says McGregor. “I thought I was in his hometown, this is the west coast but listen to the crowd for me. Nate was the leading option. There were many, many options but in reality, lots of people pretended they wanted the fight until the fight actually presented itself.”

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz have already exchanged heated debates, whilst the pair had to be separated at the pre-fight press conference.

Featherweight champion McGregor and lightweight contender Diaz | Photo: INPHO/Raymond Spencer
Featherweight champion McGregor and lightweight contender Diaz | Photo: INPHO/Raymond Spencer

Whilst Nate Diaz (18-10) is not a title contender, the brawler from Stockton, California is a popular fighter amongst UFC fans. Diaz lost to Rafael dos Anjos in 2015 by decision, but the 30-year-old beat Michael Johnson in December in a thrilling lightweight bout.

With the Rafael dos Anjos pulling out of the fight, a list of replacements included the likes of Eddie Alvarez, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anthony Pettis, Tony Fergusen, and even a rematch with Jose Aldo. Dana White finally announced that Nate Diaz will fight Conor McGregor at UFC 196 after frantic reshuffling.

It was a case of déjà vu all over again for Conor McGregor, who faced Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight championship after Jose Aldo pulled out through injury. McGregor eventually got his hands on the featherweight belt after knocking Aldo out in 13 seconds.

Rafael dos Anjos’ camp confirmed that the currently lightweight champion had suffered a broken foot during training camp, resulting in the Brazilian pulling out of the lightweight title fight against Conor McGregor.

McGregor is now the featherweight champion of the world | Photo: CBS
McGregor is now the featherweight champion of the world | Photo: CBS

Following Conor McGregor’s victory over Jose Aldo to claim the featherweight belt, the Irishman moved up a weight class to lightweight in a bid to become a two-weight UFC world champion. Fans expected to see the main-event be McGregor challenging Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title. However, an injury to the Brazilian meant that Dana White had to find a replacement.

Hello and welcome to coverage of UFC 196: Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz on VAVEL UK. Follow for all the build-up of UFC 196 main card.