Ryder Cup 2016: Democracy versus Autocracy

Ryder Cup 2016: Democracy versus Autocracy

Team captains Davis Love and Darren Clarke go head-to-head with contrasting approaches.

Chris Lincoln

Legendary American golfer Phil MIckelson has stated that Ryder Cup success "all starts with the captain", yet with two differing styles of leadership, only one of Davis Love and Darren Clarke will be proved correct in their attempt to lead an onslaught towards Hazeltine National victory.

Democracy of Davis Love

Love has gone down the democratic approach. He has already received some criticism for selecting Bubba Watson as his vice-captain after seemingly being persuaded into the decision. The golfing supremo will also be receiving a number of other American voices in his ears after offering his team various responsibilities and roles.

With Tiger Woods, a famous stalwart of the Hazeltine National course, apparently suggesting to his captain that "you are giving me too much work to do", Love has admitted "we're dividing responsibilities" and "I've given them [the players] different roles"

Love seems to be prepared to go above and beyond for his team, even stating "we're asking questions of the caddies and of the players. What do you want us to do? If that means we run back and get a sweater, I'll go get a sweater". Though the captain of Team USA from four years ago believes "I think this team really feels like we have got the whole Ryder Cup family behind us", as the twelve players are supported by an eleven man team behind them.

Golf, rugby and magic unite for Clarke

On the other side of the clubhouse is Darren Clarke who has made no secrets of his contrasting approach. The man from Northern Ireland stated on Wednesday, "I have my pairings, and I know almost about 100% of what's going to happen Friday morning and indeed Friday afternoon." 

Seemingly unwilling to be pressured into an alternative process, Clarke has opted to inspire his team rather than let them have too much of a voice on various aspects of the weekend. He has drafted former British Lions and Irish rugby star Paul O'Connell to motivate the squad, whilst also engaging magician Dynamo within team meetings as he looks to take a psychological advantage.

Come Sunday we will be aware of what captain had the correct dynamics, but there is no question as to how exciting and enthralling the contest will be over the next three days at Hazeltine National.