Tyron Woodley discusses upcoming title rematch with Stephen Thompson

Tyron Woodley discusses upcoming title rematch with Stephen Thompson

Tyron Woodley has been talking ahead of his rematch with Stephen Thompson at UFC 209.

Michael Stokoe

Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley has had his say on the upcoming Welterweight rematch against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson at UFC 209 on March 4th.

The two men put on a stunning show at UFC 205 which saw Conor McGregor become a two-weight World Champion after defeating Eddie Alvarez; but many thought the fight between Woodley and Thompson was the stand-out one, as both punished each other in what was a five round war.

The Judges sent-back a controversial decision, a majority draw, which meant Woodley retained the title. But with the rematch set in stone for 209 in Nevada, Las Vegas the duo will do battle once again in what should be another hugely entertaining affair.

Woodley claims Thompson has got ‘under his skin’ ahead of rematch

After the fight at 205, the two seemed to show admiration and respect for each other in the post-fight interviews, but it seems now that the war of words has begun in earnest.

Speaking about the fight, Woodley said: “He got under my skin that bad where I don’t even care about the ration and the money and what fight makes the most sense.

Woodley dismisses thoughts that Thompson could have walked away with the title

The fight at Madison Square Garden was an extremely close run thing; both competitors landed big shots; but some did feel that Thompson won a few rounds which would have seen him crowned Champion. But Woodley disagreed saying: “He never dominated a single round of that fight.

So now if you can tell me I did not win either round two, round three or round five, then I would agree he deserves a rematch. But I do believe I won Round three. I do believe Round one or four would be a 10-8,” continued the Chosen One.

Woodley wants Thompson to ‘tremble’ at the sight of him

Ever since winning the belt against his friend Robbie Lawler he has shown tremendous skill in the Octagon, and with another big title fight looming Woodley had some words for Thompson.

He’s going to get in that octagon, and he’s going to be in for a rude awakening because if he thought that was something the last time, I’m going all the way up,” Woodley said.

He finished by saying: “I want him to tremble when I walk past him and him have a flashback of when I knocked him to the canvas and he woke up and the referee was counting ‘A-B-C, 1-2-3’ with him.”