Stephen Thompson looking forward to Tyron Woodley rematch

Stephen Thompson looking forward to Tyron Woodley rematch

Stephen Thompson spoke about his upcoming rematch with Tyron Woodley for the Welterweight title at UFC 209.

Michael Stokoe

Stephen Thompson and Tyron Woodley will do battle once again at UFC 209 as the Welterweight title will be on the line after their epic at Madison Square Garden at UFC 205 ended in a majority draw.

It was a decision that split a lot of fighting fans down the middle; some believed Thompson won the fight, as others believed the ‘Chosen One’ Woodley done enough to win the fight outright. But with the contracts all signed, the pair will go again in Las Vegas on March 4 in what should be another hugely entertaining contest.

Throughout the fight at 205 both men landed some heavy shots, but Thompson believes Woodley threw his best at him that night, and still couldn’t finish the 33-year-old.

Thompson upset that he didn’t ‘pull the trigger’ at Madison Square Garden

Such was the ferocity of the fight; both men had their chances to end the fight. Woodley’s best came in the fourth round when he looked to have choked Thompson out with a guillotine, but Thompson somehow managed to survive.

Thompson did have one regret, and that was that he didn’t leave it all out in the Octagon that night: “I just didn’t put out enough, just didn’t do it. I didn’t pull the trigger and I’ve been beating myself up about it ever since," said Wonderboy.

He continued by saying: "It fuels me, knowing that I wasn’t at my best, while Tyron was at his best, he hit me with his best shots, had a deep guillotine choke on me and still couldn’t finish me."

It’s going to be a superb rematch from two fighters that are at the top of their game, and much like the last bout the fans are hoping Woodley and Thompson can put another great show as the Welterweight belt will be up for grabs once again.