UFC 213: Robert Whittaker wins via UD to claim interim middleweight belt
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That is all we have got time for! What an amazing card we had tonight. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Make sure you stay tuned to VAVEL.com for top quality content! Goodnight!

Robert Whittaker has become the first UFC champion from either New Zealand or Australia. Brilliant accolade to have.

Bisping vs Whittaker will be an incredible fight. Two tremendous strikers.

Narrow victory on all three judges scorecards. They all scored it 48-47.

He won via unanimous decision! Thoroughly deserved!


Mightily impressed by Robert Whittaker, such an intelligent performance tonight. Defended the takedowns wonderfully and landed brilliant shots all fight.

Both men fought tremendously well and both deserve a shot at Michael Bisping's title. But only one will get their hands on the interim title.

What an outstanding fight. Truly wonderful.

That is it!

Round 5: Massive elbows from Whittaker! Romero survives for now!

Round 5: Whittaker on top now with a minute to go! Think Whittaker will see the fight through from this position.

Round 5: Final two minutes!

Round 5: Whittaker has slowed down now, both fighters are visibly tired. Everything is slowing down.

Round 5: Whittaker has started well. Landing a lot of good shots that are really hurting Romero. But he needs to be careful, Romero has that one shot KO power.

Final round!

End of round 4 and Romero is visibly gassed. He looks like he is running on fumes. This is Whittaker's for the taking here. 1 round to go!

Round 4: Whittaker mixing his shots up beautifully. Punches to head kicks. Amazing!

Round 4: Romero is 100% gassed here!

Round 4: Beautiful left uppercut by Whittaker has rocked Romero!

Round 4: Romero has slowed down again. Whittaker taking full advantage, using the push kick well and the single punch.

Round 4: Lovely sprawl from Whittaker to get separation. 

Round 4: Romero the aggressor early on. Looking for the takedown but having to settle with cage pressure.

Round 4: First ever fourth round for Romero. 

Championship rounds! 

Lovely end to the round for Whittaker. Lands a heavy left that seemingly shook Romero. A big gasp of air for the Cuban as well.

Round 3: Easy to see Romero is trying to conserve himself here. Rather uneventful third round.

Round 3: The confidence of Whittaker is definitely rising here. Despite the injury, he is still being a lot more aggressive.

Round 3: Romero seems to be fading here. Hardly thrown a shot.

Round 3: A lot of pressure from Whittaker here and it's paying off. Romero backing away after feeling the power.

Round 3!

Whittaker's corner telling him to punch Romero in the face. Good advice.

End of round 2. Whittaker is visibly tired here. Constant pressure in the clinch is energy sapping. Especially when you're being pressed by someone like Romero.

Round 2: Whittaker has just eaten a solid right hand there, seems like the Aussie has a pretty solid chin!

Round 2: The referee has pulled them apart.

Round 2: Romero has his back. Whittaker has managed to make it to the fence.

Round 2: Lovely level change by Romero. He is on top.

Round 2: Whittaker is disguising the left leg injury very well. But he is struggling to push off it.

Whittaker has been heard saying his left leg is injured. Constant barrage of leg kicks from Romero has caused that.

Round 2, here we go!

End of round 1. Whittaker has been fantastic so far. Defending the takedowns really well and throwing some fantastic strikes. Romero is definitely using a counter attacking tactic.

Round 1: Seems like Whittaker has either injured his right leg or foot. He has a cut across his right foot. Could be broken.

Round 1: Good start from both men. Whittaker using his striking well, Romero is shooting for takedowns but Whittaker is defending excellently.

Here we go!

Height and reach virtually identical. 

Whittaker is in the Octagon. Romero is on his way. We are moments away from what should be an incredible main event.

Next up is our main event! Yoel Romero vs Robert Whittaker for the UFC Interim Middleweight title.

Very hard to hear Overeem's interview after the fight. The boos from the crowd drowned out any speech. Pretty obvious who they thought should've won.

first round was marginal and it went in the direction of Overeem. The second was definitely his and Werdum won the third. Very very narrow win for Overeem.

The judges scored it 28-28, 29-28 and 29-28 in the Dutchman's favour.

Alistair Overeem wins via majority decision! I have to say I am slightly surprised at that. 

Confirmation for you, Werdum landed a huge knee to the head of Overeem whilst in the clinch.

We go to the scorecards! What a final round! The final round could have swung the decision in Werdum's favour!

Round 3: Half a minute to go. Werdum is still on top and it looks like the fight will end that way.

Round 3: Overeem is still wobbly and he isn't defending! Now Werdum is on top!

Round 3: Overeem has been dropped! Werdum has been very aggressive so far and it's paid off!

Round 3: Werdum misses again with a high kick. Coming out quickly at the start of the round.

Final round! Here we go!

End of round 2. Definitely in favour of Overeem. Counter attack tactic working a treat here. He has to be wary though, Werdum is throwing some bombs.

Round 2: Kick to the body followed up with some punches to the head. Overeem is looking good! 

Round 2: Tempo has slowed down again.

Round 2: Lovely left hand from Overeem stunned Werdum, he followed that up with a heavy left knee to the body.

Round 2: They're back up.

Round 2: To the ground we go, Overeem on top. Where he wants to be.

Round 2: Werdum flying out of the blocks once again. To no avail!

Round 2!

Werdum probably took that round because he was more active.

End of round 1. Very odd to see Overeem fighting so slowly and patiently, but it's working rather well so far. His heavy right has landed a couple of times and is hurting Werdum.

Round 1: Overeem is definitely fighting with a counter attacking style here. Hands low waiting to pounce, and it's working.

Round 1: Very patient start from Overeem. Not looking for a knockout just yet.

Round 1: Werdum straight out of the blocks with a missed flying knee.

Here we go!

The height between the two is the same, but Overeem will have a three inch reach advantage.

Next up, an incredible heavyweight fight between Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem!

Curtis Blaydes wins via unanimous decision!

Decision will probably go to Blaydes, he controlled the majority of the fight.

End of the fight. Boos ring around once again, incredibly boring and an underwhelming performance from both fighters. Could go either way.

Round 3: Omielanczuk went to the ground and Blaydes managed to get into a better position, but in a blink of an eye. They both stood up.

Round 3: Less than a minute in and Blaydes has already failed with another takedown. A lot of work to be done in his game.

Here we go, the final round.

Boos ring out at the end of round 2. Very boring fight, Omielanczuk seems to be gassed and isn't doing anything. Blaydes is only shooting for the takedown but can't get it. Nothing happening here. Could go either way.

Round 2: Another low blow by Blaydes means referee Marc Goddard has to step in.

Round 2: The crowd is getting restless now as Blaydes is just constantly looking for the takedown. We all want action!

Round 2: Even second round. Blaydes still can't get his opponent to the ground.

Round 2! Here we go!

End of the first round. Omielanczuk is frustrating Blaydes here with his stellar takedown defence. Blaydes is just shooting for the takedown and hoping he will be successful. He needs to use the takedown sparingly and take his opponent by surprise.

Round 1: Blaydes knows he has a massive advantage on the ground, but he can't take the fight there just yet.

Round 1: Solid takedown defence by Omielanczuk so far.

Round 1: Blaydes is using his wrestling background to take control close up and apply pressure. Always looking for the takedown.

Round 1: Blaydes given a warning after two low knees. Omielanczuk is looking for a one shot KO.

Here we go!

Blaydes will have a four inch height and six inch reach advantage.

Daniel Omielanczuk vs Curtis Blaydes is up next! Stay tuned!

Pettis has said he feels like himself fighting at 155lbs. He certainly looked like the Anthony Pettis we all know and love.

Pettis wins via unanimous decision! Incredible performance!

Jim Miller is no pushover and Pettis made it look so easy. This could easily kick start a title push for Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis.

Absolutely amazing fight! What an end to the round, both fighters going for the spectacular. But the round ends and we go to the judges scorecards.

Round 3: Pettis has Miller up against the cage. Slowing the tempo down and conserving energy.

Round 3: Miller has gone back to the lead leg kick which served him well in the first round. But it is not enough, Pettis is still throwing the same amount of shots as before.

Third and final round! Here we go!

End of round 2. Another one for Pettis. He is totally dominating this bout. If he can target the cut above Miller's right eye. He could inflict even more damage and could cause a stoppage.

Round 2: Pettis is controlling this fight wherever it goes. He looks fantastic tonight.

Round 2: Miller has taken Pettis' back! But what a transition from Pettis and now he is on top!

Round 2: The high kick Miller caught actually cut his head really bad. Both fighters are covered in blood.

Round 2: Miller has managed to catch a high kick and take down Pettis! Miller is on top!

What's surprising is Miller hasn't attempted a takedown.

Tremendous first round for Pettis. The aggressor and he is landing some fantastic kicks, and his right hand looks dynamite tonight.

Round 1: Pettis looks incredible here. Fakes the kick then throws a spinning elbow which lands clean.

Round 1: Miller is rocked! Pettis threw a solid jumping knee and then landed a few heavy shots. Miller is on the back foot now! Backing away!

Round 1: Solid start from both men. Miller opting to kick Pettis' lead leg. Pettis is using his taekwondo background to good effect with the body kicks.

Here we go!

What a fight this should be. Two terrific strikers, this should be a war. Pettis is now on his way to the Octagon.

Next, former UFC Lightweight champ, Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis will take on Jim Miller!

Fantastic performance from Font. He really is a bantamweight you want to keep an eye on. Tremendous prospect.

After getting rocked, de Andrade found himself in a very bad position. Font locked in a tight guillotine and he had to tap.


Round 2: Amazing combos from Font allows him to get de Andrade on the ground and lock in a guillotine.


Round 2: The Thai clinch is working a treat for Font. He's able to land elbows to the head and knees from the body so well.

Round 2: Better from de Andrade in the second, but still not good enough. Font is moving too well to land a clean shot on.

The round ends just as Font was about to lock in a guillotine choke. De Andrade was saved by the klaxon there.

Round 1: Font is out striking his opponent, but he has to be careful, he is loading up on the majority of his shots and could end up gassing.

Round 1: Font has been excellent so far, great movement, timing of his shots and he's certainly damaging de Andrade here.

Round 1:  Rob Font has started aggressively here, he has de Andrade on the ground and up against the cage.

Here we go!

Our first fight of the main card is Rob Font vs Douglas Silva de Andrade. Both fighters are in the Octagon.

In case you missed it, Amanda Nunes pulled out of her fight against Valentina Shevchenko due to illness. So Romero vs Whittaker has been moved up to main event.

It's not long till the action will get underway, stick with us here at VAVEL as we take you through what will be a superb evening.

Nunes has been on a roll since she beat Miesha Tate for the gold; she then ruined Rousey's return with a striking masterclass. Shevchenko will cause Nunes problems but such is the confidence of the Brazilian at the moment, it seems Nunes is ready to cement a legacy in the Bantamweight division.

The last time these two girls fought was in a three round contest. 'The Lionness' got the better of the Russian in the early rounds, but 'The Bullet' regrouped and many thought if the match was longer, Shevchenko would have taken the win, but it wasn't to be. But Shevchenko is back and this evening could see the Russian crowned champion.

It should be a fascinating contest between two guys with contrasting styles - but after that is over it will be time for the main event which will see Nunes face an old foe in Shevchenko.

Stylistically the match between Whittaker and Romero is so intriguing. You've got a devastating striker against a world renowned wrestler. Whittaker displayed his punching power against Jacare last time he was in the Octagon. Romero is also dangerous in the striking; the Cuban is quite unpredictable and his knockout of Weidman at UFC 205 proved he has that in his locker. But, it's all about the wrestler and with an Olympic silver to his name using the wrestling against Whittaker could be his ticket  UFC gold.  

Whittaker has had an emergence in recent times and his last win over the dangerous Jacare Souza showed the rest of the division that this Australian can hang with the best in the world, and with Romero now standing in his way, the 27-year-old is on the cusp of achieving something special.

Romero has looked mightily impressive in his previous fights - the win over Chris Weidman was as devastating as you will see and many believe the Cuban is a potential UFC middleweight champion - but standing in his way is a tough and equally talented Aussie.

The middleweight division is currently one of the most exciting in the UFC at the moment; there are plenty of top fighters, but with Michael Bisping still awaiting confirmation of whether his big match with UFC legend George St. Pierre is going ahead - the rest of the middleweights have been in limbo. But this evening will decide who the no.1 contender will be for Bisping's title.

If you thought the prelims were stacked, the two main event contests should be equally as good as Yoel 'The Soldier of God' Romero takes on Australian Robert Whittaker for the interim middleweight belt. And then in the main event Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes will face Valentina Shevchenko for a second time after their close contest back in the spring of 2016.

There are plenty of cracking bouts scheduled for this evening as Daniel Omielanczuk takes on Curtis Blaydes, whilst Fabricio Werdum takes Alistair Overeem in what should be an entertaining heavyweight match. Elsewhere Anthony Pettis returns to take on Jim Miller whilst in some of the early matches, Travis Browne, who recently got engaged to Ronda Rousey will be taking on Aleksei Oleinik. 

A packed summer of UFC action got underway last night as Justin Gaethje beat Michael Johnson in his debut after what was an epic contest - but this evening attention turns to UFC 213 in what promises to be a cracking evening of fighting.

Welcome to this live commentary of UFC 213 in Las Vegas, I'm Ayden Hussain and I will be with you right throughout the night in what should be a superb evening.