Live Updates: FILOU Oostende 81-84 London Lions - British Basketball Pre-Season Friendly 
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 19: Justin Robinson of London Lions looks on during the British Basketball League game between London Lions and London City Royals at Copper Box Arena on March 19, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images)



Fantastic performance from the Lions who bounce back from yesterday's defeat with an impressive win against tough opposition. 

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Oostende 80-82 Lions

4th Q 10 Secs: The Lions convert their free-throws but have given two away at the other end - which were converted.

Liggins Stats

DeAndre Liggins 2nd half stats: 13 points/ 1 rebound/ 3 assists/ 2 steals

Oostende 78-80 Lions


Oostende 76-77 Lions

4th Q 1:23 The Lions currently answering everything Oostende throw at them but they cannot find that comfort zone. Coach Macauley is getting very vocal on the sidelines - something you absolutely love to see.

Oostende 74-75 Lions

4th Q 3:00: A DeAndre Liggins three puts the Lions back in front!

Oostende 72-72 Lions

4th Q 4:00: Scores all even now as Oostende begin to step it up a gear, the Lions need to stay in this.

Oostende 67-72 Lions

4th Q 5:25: JUSTIN ROBINSON ON FIRE! First of all a delicious defence-splitting change of pace concludes in a bucket and a converted and-one before Robinson moments later knocks down a three!

Oostende 61-66 Lions

4th Q 6:50: Fourth foul on Justin Robinson with the scores just five points apart. Williams is on three fouls.

Final Quarter start!

4th Q 9:00: An excellent three from D-Will to set the tone for the final quarter.

Can the Lions hold-on?

END OF THIRD QUARTER Oostende 57-64 Lions

In the space of four minutes, Oostende have cut down the Lions lead to just seven compared to 15 points. Big quarter up next for the Lions who have performed impressively.

Oostende 45-60 Lions

3rd Q 3:44: Kevin Ware with a beautiful triple to extend the Lions lead! The team look so confident right now as Oostende struggle to stop them!

Oostende 42-53 Lions

3rd Q 6:12: The Lions answer back with Josh Ward-Hibbert who gets two straight buckets after a couple nice moves.


3rd Q 7:48: Oostende have started brightly, hitting a three and getting a couple of stops, but the Lions still remain the more dominant side in the paint. 

Mullens Stats

Byron Mullens had 13 points, two rebounds and one block before being ejected.

Dirk Williams on flames!

What a move from D-Will who bamboozles his man before unleashing a three.

That step-back and release was perfect!

END OF SECOND QUARTER: Oostende 39-45 Lions

A very nice first half but unfortunately star of the first quarter and beginning of this one Byron Mullens has been ejected for two technical fouls.


Oostende did claw their way back into the game but a clutch three from Dirk Williams at the end of the quarter extended the Lions advantage and Coach Vince Macauley should be pleased with the performance so far.

Oostende 29-40 Lions

2Q 2:15: Huge couple of minutes for the Lions as Ed Lucas knocks down a clutch three accompanied by a couple of important stops to keep the Lions' healthy advantage.

Oostende 24-34 Lions

2nd Q 3:55: Mullens is in another world at the moment, he continues to be a beast in the paint and a threat from the three. Oostende though are working their way back - not helped by the Lions continuous fouling.

Oostende 19-32 Lions

2nd Q 6:33: The Lions giving away plenty of fouls but the three ball continues to be a very effective weapon in their locker. Byron Mullens is already in double digits in scoring and Ed Lucas has looked effective off the bench.

SECOND QUARTER STARTS: Oostende 13-29 Lions

2nd Q 8:00: A lovely dish from Justin Robinson to Ed Lucas gives the latter a bucket, and a free throw adds to the Lions lead which the home side have not answered.

END OF 1st QUARTER: Oostende 13-24 Lions

Ed Lucas with a fantastic steal to get the Lions on the fast break, but a foul stops him and the London side from advancing and gives Oostende the chance to regroup, but the buzzer goes for the end of the first quarter and the Lions have a healthy lead!

Oostende 11-24

1st Q 2:15: A nice three from Dirk Williams is answered back by Oostende who have steadily began to get a rhythm going.

Oostende 6-19 Lions

1st Q 4:36: Justin Robinson with a nice steal before a nice finish from the Lions, followed by the Belgian side giving away a travelling violation, DeAndre Liggins up the other end making his presence in the paint known and getting the put-back to further the Lions' advantage. 

Lions 13-4 Oostende

First Quarter 6:27: Lions 13-4 Oostende 


Fantastic opening for Byron Mullens who already has 8 points, the Lions starting strong.


First Quarter 9:10 - Lions 2-2 Oostende


Oostende win the tip off but can't hit straight away - The Lions go up the other end and get a quick bucket before giving away a foul.

Tip-Off Approaching!

The buzzer rings around the empty arena as the players begin to get ready for tip-off!

Stream is live!

The stream for the game this afternoon is now officially live!

Getting ready!

Thirty minutes until tip-off!

Where to watch

The match is being streamed live on both the FILOU Oostende Facebook and of course the London Lions Facebook.

Coach Macauley's post-match thoughts

Coach Vince Macauley was full of praise for his side yesterday after their first performance in a two-legged pre-season friendly against Oostende.

Macauley also suggested that Oostende is a team that the Lions should strive to emulate and take inspiration from for the future.

Last time out

The Lions fought bravely against Oostende last night as they fell to a 91-77 defeat.

Despite the loss, there is a number of positives that can be taken from that game and confidence will be high ahead of tonight's pre-season fixture.


Hello and welcome to Vavel UK's live text coverage of the pre-season friendly between the Belgian side of FILOU Oostende and the London Lions.

Tip-off is scheduled for 4pm (UK time) and will be the second clash between the sides in the last 24 hours.

I am your host, Daniel Huggins, and I will be providing you with updates throughout the fixture as the London Lions continue their pre-season preparations ahead of their historic campaign.