London Lions 73-77 Neptunas Klaipeda: 4th Quarter Live Updates
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 01: A general view during the British Basketball League match between London Lions and Surrey Scorchers at The Copper Box Arena on March 1, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mitchell Gunn/Getty Images)


13:20a month ago

FULL TIME: Neptunas 77-73 Lions

Heartbreaking for the Lions and British Basketball as Neptunas come through with the win. 

Thank you for joining me this afternoon, the match report will be out soon!

13:23a month ago

7.8 Seconds left - Inexplicably the Lions have not been given a foul as Brian-Amaning is clearly fouled... Neptunas to the free-throw line as the Lions get desperate.
13:26a month ago

17.6 Seconds left - Giga makes both free-throws for Neptunas to give them a two-point lead. TIme-out for the Lions
13:25a month ago

4th Q Lions 73-73 Neptunas

13:27a month ago

4th Q Lions 68-71 Neptunas

2:03 left - Huge for the Lions as Robinson lands a three which hits the rim and then the top of the backboard before falling in to cut the lead to three!
13:25a month ago

4th Q: Lions 65-66 Neptunas

4:12 left - Now the pressure is on the Lions as the Lithuanian side come back with some huge plays of their own!
13:26a month ago

4th Q: Lions 63-58 Neptunas

6:03 If the dish from Kevin Ware to Brian-Amaning for the bucket wasn't huge enough, Byron Mullens makes a thunderous block at the other end to keep the Lions' advantage!
13:29a month ago

4th Q: Lions 60-56 Neptunas

7:20 left - Brian-Amaning makes two free-throws as the Lions get lucky through a few silly fouls from the Neptunas players. Four-point lead for the Lions now!
13:29a month ago

4th Q: Lions 58-56 Neptunas

9:10 left - Ikhinmwin gets the Lions rolling with a steal and then a bucket before going to the paint again after another stop and finishing with the chance to make it a three-point play - but he cannot convert the and-one.
13:31a month ago

End of Third Quarter: Lions 54-54 Neptunas

Huge play at the end of the quarter after Kevin Ware drives into the paint and lays-up nicely, followed by a double-dribble from a Neptunas player. 

Anyone's game now.

13:32a month ago

3rd Q: Lions 50-54 Neptunas

1:30 left - Captain Joe Ikhinmwin knocks down an important three but the Lions are beginning to look like they are losing their way a little - Vince Macauley calls a time out.
13:35a month ago

3rd Q: Lions 47-47 Neptunas

3:00 left - Brian-Amaning makes a very difficult shot in the paint heavily contested - at the moment the Lions offence is being ran through him.
13:35a month ago

3rd Q Lions 45-45 Neptunas

5:09 left - Liggins knocks down a mid-range before the Lions get another stop, but Ware is called for traveling to the American's disbelief.
13:36a month ago

Lions 43-44 Neptunas

6:34 left - Mullens survives but the Neptunas player is called for unsportsmanlike conduct and Mullens makes both free-throws.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning then throws the ball down to close the gap to one point.

13:39a month ago

3rd Q Lions 39-44 Neptunas

6:34 left - Big moment in the game here as Mullens may be ejected - along with a Neptunas player. Both players engage in a scuffle and the referees are at the monitors reviewing the footage.
13:41a month ago

3rd Q Lions 39-44 Neptunas

7:04 left - Bristol now on four fouls as he is subbed off, the Haitian is now on thin ice.
13:43a month ago

3rd Q Lions 39-42 Neptunas

8:44 left - Bristol now on three fouls as Neptunas start the quarter better - Ware the solo scorer for the Lions so far with one free-throw.
13:45a month ago

3rd Q: Lions 38-40 Neptunas

9:21 left - The Lions start off the quarter by turning the ball over with an offensive foul called on Robinson.
13:38a month ago

Robinson - 10 points

Mullens - 8 points

13:39a month ago

HALF TIME: Lions 38-40 Neptunas

The Lions led by Kervin Bristol hustled back into this tie after he added four points at the end of the quarter.
13:39a month ago

2nd Q: Lions 32-37 Neptunas

2:26 left - Williams ends the Lions' bleak spell in the 2nd quarter with a huge dunk on transition. Time-out for the Lions now as coach Vince Macauley gives instructions.
13:41a month ago

Lions 30-35 Neptunas

4:19 left - The Lions have struggled to mark their men this quarter and have suffered as a result even though Robinson has knocked two consecutive three's down.
13:44a month ago

7:09 left - Huge plays from Bristol and Mullens as Bristol blocks a shot and up the other end Mullens goes past his defender with a behind-the-back move and then the finish to match.
13:46a month ago

2nd Q Lions 21-26 Neptunas

8:20 left - Neptunas start the quarter with a thunderous slam and then a missed lay-up with no Lions player around. The London side need to get back into this before the Lithuanians get further in front.
13:48a month ago

1st Q End Lions 21-24 Neptunas

A scrappy first quarter from both sides but the Lions finish three points behind with Neptunas leading.
13:49a month ago

1st Q: Lions 21-22 Neptunas

10.5 left - Byron Mullens sinks a three - something the Lions have been lacking today from him so far, he has six points.
13:52a month ago

1st Q Lions 18-20 Neptunas

1:35 left - The Lions struggling to really retain possession and play for open looks which is giving them some trouble.

One thing that is quite interesting is that both teams are struggling from the three throw line.

13:48a month ago

1st Q: Lions 14-11 Neptunas

5:00 left - The Lions concede a third three-pointer before turning the ball over through a backcourt violation.
13:51a month ago

1st Q: Lions 12-8 Neptunas

5:44 left - First time-out for Neptunas here as the Lions score again through Mullens on the quick transition. The Lithuanian side are struggling to keep up with the Lions side on the fast-break.
13:54a month ago

1st Q Lions 10-8 Neptunas

6:16 left - Robinson runs the pick and roll play effectively before pulling up mid-range and sinking a two in before following up moments later with a three.
13:57a month ago

1st Q: Lions 5-5 Neptunas

7:45 left - Liggins, Bristol, Mullens, Robinson, Ware are your starters for the Lions, but Bristol will be checked out as he is already on two fouls.
13:58a month ago

1st Q

9:43 left - DeAndre Liggins opens the scoring for the Lions to make it 3-0 with an and-one after a nice lay-up.
13:55a month ago

Five minutes from tip-off!

As soon as we know the starters for the Lions, we will update you!
13:55a month ago

Tournament Tree

The qualifying rounds for the Basketball Champions League Group Stage start today!

If London Lions beat Neptunas Klaipeda, they must then face off with either BC Balkan or Tsmoki-Minsk for a spot in the group stages!

13:54a month ago

Venue for this afternoon

The venue for the clash is the Arena Botevgrad, a 4,500 capacity arena based in the Bulgarian city of Botevgrad.

13:55a month ago

The BBL Show Episode 1

The new BBL Show podcast is out now featuring special guest Vince Macauley.

The London Lions Head Coach will be hoping for a fast start today.

13:39a month ago

Match Preview

Check out our match preview for this afternoon's game here:

Written by: Edward Otto

Contributed by: Daniel Huggins

                             Ethan Jaiswal

13:33a month ago

How to Watch

This game can be watched live on the BBC Sport website from 14:30pm (BST)!


If you are unable to watch it, make sure you stick around with us for live updates!

13:37a month ago


Welcome to VAVEL UK's live text coverage of the 20/21 Basketball Champions League clash between the London Lions and Neptunas Klaipeda.

I am your host Daniel Huggins and I will be keeping you up to date with the scores and all the best plays and highlights of the game.