Darts: Phil "The Power" Taylor to make shock return to Darts four years after retirement
(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Sixteen-time World Champion and Darting icon, Phil Taylor is to come out of retirement to participate in the new PDC World Seniors Darts Championship, which is set to take place next year.

The tournament which is being put together by Modus Sports and Snooker Legends is being planned to take place in the early months of 2022.

The news will excite Darts fans around the world and marks a return to the sport for its greatest ever figure, who will compete in the tournament alongside a combination of other former World Champions, famous faces of the sport and qualifiers who will have an opportunity to participate through the Seniors Qualifying School. 

Taylor set to make shock return to darts

The 60-year-old spoke to Online Darts about his return to competitive darts, revealing his excitement for the tournament and the chance to compete against old foes.

“I lost my hunger four years ago but having seen the concept that MODUS and Snooker Legends have put together and having worked for MODUS Sports for many years on the exhibition circuit I could not resist making a comeback," Taylor said.

"I cannot wait to hit the practice board and show my old rivals I still have what it takes to win. I dominated the professional tour, maybe I can dominate the seniors too.”

Words from the organisers

The people behind the newly formed tournament also spoke to Online Darts revealing their plans and how the idea came about.

“With Darts growing globally it makes sense to now explore the one area that we’ve yet to exploit, a Seniors Tour in Darts," Billy Lovell of Modus Darts said. 

"By partnering with Jason Francis we have someone who has already taken that journey in Snooker with a remarkably successful Seniors Tour that is established, popular and broadcast on the BBC for fans to enjoy.”

Also at the forefront of the exciting new senior tour was Jason Francis from Snooker Legends he also revealed to Online Darts some more details about the concept.

He said: “You only have to look at the wealth of experience in events and player management to understand why MODUS is the ideal partner for this new concept. Darts has some great former champions who deserve a vehicle to showcase their legacy in the sport.”

How to watch

Further announcements about the tournament are yet to be made, but it has been revealed that "advanced discussions have taken place with major broadcasters and iconic venues."

This very much reveals the intentions from the organisers to make the tournament a great spectacle and with the sports greatest ever player involved it could grab the attention of Darts fans across the world.