2022 Winter Olympics: Mixed doubles curling Session 4 recap
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The mixed doubles curling action at the 2022 Winter Olympics continued as four more matches were played. There were victories for Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Team USA (1-2) and Italy (2-0) sat this session out.

Canada 7, Norway 6

Both teams quickly closed gaps in the leads before tying in the seventh end in a thriller on Sheet A.

In the fourth end, John Morris threw away Canada’s second to last stone. The uncommon move was juxtaposed with Canadian skip Kevin Martin's decision to throw his shot away at the 2009 World Men's Curling Championship against Scotland.

The game came to an exciting climax in the final end. Norway attempted to freeze Canada’s remaining stone but went too deep. Norwegian partners Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten came up short for their final stone, allowing Canada to omit its last stone and win the game.

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Canada is 1-1 while Norway falls to 1-2.

Switzerland 8, Great Britain 7 (9 ends)

Switzerland (1-2) withstood a rally from Great Britain (2-1) to hand Jennifer Dodds and Bruce Mouat their first loss on Sheet B. The duo of Jenny Perret and Martin Rios led for a majority of the game until the teams tied in the seventh end.

Rios made mistakes that cost Switzerland’s lead in the seventh. He removed his team’s guard, which opened up the door for Great Britain to score, and was unable to take out all of the Brits' stones in the house.

In the extra end, Mouat and Dodds froze Switzerland’s lone stone. Rios responded with a hit-and-roll that placed the Swiss stone past the tee line. Mouat’s final stone came up short, leading to Switzerland’s first victory.

Sweden 7, China 6

Almida De Val knocked out China's stones with the final shot of the game to give Sweden (3-1) a hard-earned victory over the hosts.

Neither team led by more than one end until the eighth and China (2-1) answered Sweden's opening point with two of their own in the second. 

The end of the third saw China grant their opponents a measurement for a second point, which worked out for the Swedes as they went in front 3-2.

China gave a few shaky throws to start the fourth. Oskar Eriksson successfully sacrificed a stone to keep China out of the button.

Tied 3-3 in the fifth end, Ling Zhi managed to thread a stone into the button. Eriksson quickly answered with his throw to knock it out. 

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Sweden used their power play trailing 4-3 by the start of the sixth, but China continually knocked out Sweden’s stones and the Swedes only gained one point out of the power play.

Tied again at the seventh end, Eriksson committed an infraction by touching the stone, handing China another advantage. Fan SuYuan gave an impressive throw to knock out Sweden’s only stone. 

China seemed to have the match in hand in the eighth, but De Val's precise throw earned three points and the victory.

Czech Republic 8, Australia 2

The Czech duo of Zuzana Paulova and Tomas Paul rolled past Australia, who remain winless at 0-3.

After scoring a single point in the opening end, Paulova and Paul opened things up when they shot precisely to knock Australia's stones out of the house and the Aussies couldn't hit the Czech stones to give up three points.

A double takeout put the Czech Republic in commanding position and when Dean Hewitt committed a sweeping infraction, it was 5-0 to Paulova and Paul.

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Hewitt and Tahli Gill opted to use their power play in the fifth and they did get a point, although Paulova's tick shot succeeded in limiting the damage.

Trailing 6-2 In the final end, Australia’s stones wouldn’t curl and fell short of the hog line to give the Czechs two points and their final margin of victory.