It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 12 Episode 6 Review

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 12 Episode 6 Review

‘Hero or Hate Crime?’

Jack Mceachen

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has carried on being hilarious into its twelfth season, and ‘Hero or Hate Crime’ is one of the finest episodes in all of Sunny.

This episode sees Frank (Danny DeVito) save Mac’s (Rob McElhenney) life, by calling him a fa**ot, to which the gang questions whether Frank is a hero, or if he committed a hate crime.

The plot

The opening scene is classic Sunny. Frank has mirrors in his crocs to look up women’s skirts, Charlie (Charlie Day) steps in dog doo-doo while Dee (Kaitlyn Olsson) drops her bag, and a scratch card.

Frank notices that a piano is about to fall on Mac’s head, so to get his attention he shouts “LOOK OUT FA**OT” Charlie then dropkicks Mac in the chest, and everyone walks away unharmed.

Mac is annoyed at Frank for calling him a fa**ot (I’m not sure whether to censor myself here, seeing as the show didn’t) with Dee and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) agreeing, but Charlie and Frank see the situation as Frank saved Mac’s life because he used that word.

The gang. (Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty)

The gang then goes to see an arbitration lawyer, not to solve the hero or hate crime debate, but to decide who should have ownership of the scratch card that Dee dropped.

The gang each plead their case in typical hilarious fashion, but it was ruled that Dee and Mac each own 50% of the scratch card winnings, unless Mac comes out as gay to which he would own the entire card.

So, Mac comes out of the closet, for real. He was even given the option to go back in the closet, but he owns up as gay and leaves with his dildo exercise bike.

The lawyer fees did add up to $9,896, leaving Mac with just $14 from his $10,000 scratchcard winnings.

Does Mac coming out of the closet change anything?

There’s a potential that the dynamic of the show could change drastically. The reality is that it probably won’t.

Sunny has a winning formula and to tamper with that after twelve seasons seems very odd. The show doesn’t need a revamp, if anything, this episode itself shows that the show doesn’t need to change at all.

Like, we could see Mac date a few guys and bring them to the bar to bang, but to question whether Mac and Dennis could end up in an actual relationship, that seems extremely unlikely.

The gang have always been big LGBT supporters, pictured here at the La Pride 2016 festival. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty)

I’m going to put a hot-take out there: I think Mac will be back in the closet next episode. However, they did have Mac come out at the end of last season, only to quickly take it back. Doing it again wouldn’t have such a good pay-off.

Miscellaneous thoughts

Dee not scratching her two-week old scratchcard because “as long as you don’t scratch it, you’re not a loser” is straight up classic Dee.

Dennis is using Dee to D.E.N.N.I.S. a girl who just turned 21, and it didn’t really get enough screentime. This is something they should go back and revisit. They probably won’t, but another look into the D.E.N.N.I.S system would be hilarious.

FXX is really lightening up the censoring. This episode had the gang saying f*ck, c*nt, Mac’s dildo bike and Charlie even said ni**er.

Charlie stepping in dog doo-doo intentionally to cover up the smell of the skunk, which he used to cover up the smell of the cigarettes he had been smoking with Dee was incredibly funny.