Chinese Grand Prix - Race - As It Happened - Hamilton Wins Again In China
Live Commentary of the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix
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Lewis Hamilton wins from Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. Daniil Kvyat (Engine), Nico Hulkenberg (Mechanical) and Pastor Maldonado (Brakes) out.

Well there you have it ladies and gents, Lewis Hamilton wins fro Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. I've been Aaron Irwin and thank you for joining me as we see anoher Mercedes one-two. We'll be back next week with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Our debate continues as we saw Daniel Ricciardo finish highest out of the Red Bull stable. Thank you and goodbye!

1) Hamilton, 2) Rosberg, 3) Vettel, 4) Raikkonen, 5) Massa, 6) Bottas, 7) Grosjean, 8) Nasr, 9) Ricciardo, 10) Ericsson, 11) Perez, 12) Alonso, 13) Button, 14) Sainz, 15) Stevens, 16) Merhi 17) Verstappen OUT) Maldonado, Kvyat, Hulkenberg

Vettel: "A lot of things have changed (at Ferrari)."

Rosberg to Moses: "You never finished second before did you?" Moses tried to sympathise with Nico, all good fun!

Hamilton: "Safety car wasn't helpful when we've had such a great race."

Former Olympic athlete Ed Moses conducts the podium ceremony.

Sebastian Vettel: "A bit of an anti-climax" Just a tad Seb...

Non-executive Mercedes boss Niki Lauda: "Everything is back in order."

Verstappn is classified as Maldonado, Kvyat and Hulkenberg the retirements here.

Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix! As the safety car pulls in the cars speed to the line. He wins from Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen, Massa, Bottas, Grosjean, Nasr, Ricciardo, Ericsson.

Lap 55/56. Race likely to end behind safety car here. The marshals couldn't get the angle sp the team have taken off the front wing to get it past the wall.

Lap 53/56. Raikkonen still closing in on Vettel, 1.7 seconds out now. Verstappen has stopped on the start/finish straight with an engine failure. Car's in a dangerous position wih safety car deployed.

Lap 52/56. Incident between Button and Maldonado to be investigated after the race, uh oh.

Lap 51/56. Maldonado looking like he's out here, a brake failure on the Lotus, Grosjean still running strong though in seventh. Back at the front, Raikkonen is closing to Vettel, will the Finn be allowed past?

Lap 49/56. Button and Maldonado collide! Turn one as Button tries the inside they make contact and Maldonado spins as Button goes wide, racing incident. Damage to both cars but to what extent?

Lap 47/56. Maldonado and Button still fighting as we enter the last few laps here in China, Hamilton still ahead from Rosberg and Vettel.

Lap 46/56. Button holds his nerve and keeps Maldonado behind him as the Venezuelan attempts a move on the Brit. Race has hit a a bit of a lull here, not an awful lot going on.

Lap 45/56. Maldonado closing in on Button in 13th as Vettel is caught up in the battle, he gets past the pair but Raikkonen may have gained on him.

Lap 44/56. Ricciardo finally passes Ericsson at turn five, diving down the inside of the Sauber.

Lap 43/56. Top Ten here in China: Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen, Massa, Bottas, Grosjean, Verstappen, Nasr, Ricciardo

Lap 42/56. Nasr also through on Perez as the Mexican is down to tenth. Ericsson and Ricciardo are still fighting it out, the Australian needs to get past the Swede yet again.

Lap 41/56. Nevermind Verstappen is through, going past him at turn five. Maldonado spins his car and has lost a few positions.

Lap 40/56. Button up to 13th here as Verstappen can't get close enough to overtake Perez.

Lap 37/56. Ricciardo pits as Verstappen is fighting Perez for eighth, he's had a good race the teenager. Still 18 cars running here, impressie stuff as we approach the last sector of the race.

Lap 36/56. It seems the pitstop has helped Hamilton, he's now around six seconds ahead of Rosberg now.

Lap 32/56. Vettel hasn't been able to undercut Rosberg as he comesout after a stop ahead of the Ferrari. Good to see both McLaren's still running, as well as both Manor's! Haven't even heard from Merhi or Stevens this race.

Lap 30/56. Vettel told to pit as he's having issues with his front left. Undercut attempt maybe?

Lap 28/56. Ricciardo finally makes the move stick as he passes Ericsson at the end of the back straight. Vettel is 'on the limit' as Ferrari ask him if he can go any faster.

Lap 27/56. Ricciardo and Ericsson fighting, the Red Bull car made a move before going wide and letting the Swede back through. Meanwhile Hamilton told the team will give Rosberg the undercut if he doesn't pick up the pace.

Lap 25/56. As we approach half distance Hamilton leads from Rosberg and Vettel.

Lap 24/56. I wouldn't want to be Nico Rosberg right now, he's stuck between Hamilton and Vettel and does he chase Hamilton? or block off Vettel for the good of the team? decisions decisions. As Carlos Sainz is moving slowly on the back straight with a gearbox problem, but he's managed to get the car going again, good stuff!

Lap 23/56. It seems Ferrari are gaining, Vettel is only 3.6 seconds off Hamilton, things could get interesting.

Lap 21/56. Hamilton told to target faster laps, but the Brit is wary of his tyres, not wanti to wear them out.

Lap 20/56. Top ten here in China: Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Raikkonen, Massa, Bottas, Maldonado, Grosjean, Verstappen, Nasr.

Lap 19/56. Verstappen finally passes Nasr for ninth, great stuff from the 17 year old!

Lap 18/56. A McLaren has overtaken someone! shame it's his team mate, Button passes Alonso for 15th. Orders made as Button is on a different strategy here.

Lap 17/56. Ricciardo overtakes Sainz for 13th as he continuwes his recovery up the grid. Meanwhile Sainz's team mate Verstappen is battling Felipe Nasr for ninth place.

Lap 16/56. Vettel posts the fastest lap with a 1:43:0. Both Mercedes' stay ahead of the Ferrari's after the first pitstop phase. Kvyat's poor luck continues as his engine fails spectacularly as it billows smoke and catches fire. Another engine failure for the Renault unit, not good.

Lap 15/56. Meaniwhile Bottas has mediums fitted to his car. A few little overtakes up and down the field, but no major news as of yet. Rosberg having soft tyre fitted when he pits at the end of the lap.

Lap 14/56. Hamiltlon pits, a new pair of softs like Vettel the lap previously.

Lap 13/56. Vettel to pit at the end of the lap, first move by one of the major leaders, wonder how the strategies will work out as neither Mercedes pits. Vettel's on another set of soft tyres, longer final stint assumedly.

Lap 12/56. Maldonado in the pits for mediums, Ricciardo told mediums don't look good, a bit of a tyre conundrum for Red Bull to ponder.

Lap 11/56. Ricciardo over the radio: "We need to get off these tyres as soon as we can." Ricciardo's car clearly not enjoying the soft tyre. Pitting for mediums soon then.

Lap 10/56. The Force India has pulled up on track, it's Hulkenberg! The German has a mechanical failure and is the first retirement of the afternoon.

Lap 9/56. Verstappen pressuring Ericsson here for tenth place. Toro Rosso look strong here but the Sauber's no lame duck, but DRS sees Verstappen pass on the back-straight under braking.

Lap 8/56. The most intriguing battle so far has been between these two, surprising stuff from Kvyat.

Lap 7/56. Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap so far, a 1:44:1 with just over a second between him and Rosberg, Vettel around three seconds up on third placed Vettel.

Lap 6/56. Ricciardo finally gets past Kvyat, what was the young Russian doing? Words will surely be had over the radio.

Lap 5/56. Kvyat appears to be holding up Ricciardo, while Alonso and Button lie in wait trying to snatch an overtake. With Kvyat on the primes he's going for a longer stint, so fighting Ricciardo would be detremental to their strategy this afternoon.

Lap 4/56. Apologies it was Kvyat who made contact, with a Red Bull stablemate in Verstappen. Ricciardo had no power off the line and everyone overtook him.

Lap 3/56. Maldonado up into ninth as Ericsson runs wide. Ricciardo making his way back up the grid, overtaking Alonso into 15th, how the mighty fall, these two were battling for race wins last season.

Lap 2/56. Ricciardo all the way down in 17th place after contact on lap one. Sainz has spun at turn one, rookie error, he's now at the back of the grid.

Lap 1/56. Hamilton angles his car on the grid in order to block off we're away! Hamilton keeps his lead, with Rosberg and Vettel following, Raikkonen gets ahead of both Williams', great start from the Finn!

7:00. All set for the formation lap here, most cars starting on the yellow soft tyre compound, meaning a shorter first stint before probably switching to the longer running prime tyre.

6:55. The long back-straight is where I expect most of the action to go down, although the fight into turn one will be intriguing, will there be any contact or will we have a clean start?

6:50. Mercedes or Ferrari? Who's taking victory here? It's good we actually have a time where it's hard to predict, it's been a while!

6:45. National anthem time here, feels a bit odd to see all the drivers at the front, 15 minutes to lights out here! Will Toro Rosso outperform Red Bull here? let me know what you think at #VAVELF1.

6:40. I'm intrigued to see how well McLaren do here, finishing the race surely is the primary target for Button and Alonso, due to the double retirement in Malaysia.

6:35. Cars on the grid here, not long left until we're racing here in Shanghai!

6:30. Raikkonen is in danger of becoming another number two driver this season. Last season it was evident Fernando Alonso was the main man, with Raikkonen playing the supporting role. Already 3-0 down in Qualifying, and being outperformed on race day by new recruit Sebastian Vettel, Raikkonen needs to pull something out of the bag here.

6:25. It’s impossible to rule Vettel or even Raikkonen out of today’s race, even though Mercedes look to be in the best position, it’s clear Ferrari have the necessary pace to give Mercedes a fright, but can they replicate their Malaysia pace here?

6:20. It’s worth noting that Manor managed to get both cars running yesterday, with Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi both making it out on track, albeit being dead last, still a huge achievement for the newly reformed Manor team.

6:15. And the constructors championship…

1) Mercedes 76, 2) Ferrari 52, 3) Williams 30, 4) Sauber 14, 5) Toro Rosso 12, 6) Red Bull 11, 7) Force India 7 – Lotus, McLaren and Manor all 0

6:10. A reminder of the championship standings heading into China:

1) Hamilton 43, 2) Vettel 40, 3) Rosberg 33, 4) Massa 20, 5) Raikkonen 12, 6) Nasr 10, 7) Bottas 10, 8) Ricciardo 9, 9) Verstappen 6, 10) Hulkenberg 6, 11) Sainz 6, 12) Ericsson 4, 13) Kvyat 2, 14) Perez 1

6:05. Lotus had a good qualifying session. With other teams grabbing the headlines, it’s easy to forget Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado were both loitering in and around the top ten. Grosjean was eighth while Maldonado could only manage 11th.

6:00. Sauber’s luck appears to have changed, with both cars making it through to Q3 for the first time since the 2013 US Grand Prix. Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson finished ninth and tenth respectively to put them in a good position to get some points today.

5:55. Speaking of unlucky drivers, Daniil Kvyat can’t seem to catch a break at Red Bull. The young Russian was promoted from Toro Rosso in the wake of Sebastian Vettel’s departure to Ferrari, and since then has struggled. He didn’t start the Australian GP, he finished ninth in Malaysia and he could only qualify 12th here in China.

5:50. Surely Fernando Alonso is the unluckiest man in Formula One? Leaving Ferrari when they were on their knees, he joins McLaren and the Scuderia become race winners again, while McLaren are in a worse situation than Ferrari were.

5:45. Williams looked competitive here in China, with Felipe Massa qualifying fourth and Valterri Bottas fifth. The Mercedes engine seems to be the strongest here, and as Williams stake their claim to be faster than Red Bull, they’re in a great position to prove it.

5:40. However with weather conditions differing from Malaysia, it’s likely we’ll see Mercedes come out on top, but Ferrari are no idle threat, Vettel and Raikkonen could very well pounce should Rosberg or Hamilton get complacent.

5:35. Today will be very exciting, as we’ll see whether Ferrari actually can challenge Mercedes, as Ferrari’s long run stints have been faster than Mercedes, meaning a similar situation to Malaysia could arise.

5:30. Of course Rosberg and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen have been tipped to step up their game as the pair look to steal some headlines away from their team mates, who’ve both won races this season already.

5:25. The quote of yesterday came from Nico Rosberg, the frustrated sounding German exclaimed “Oh come on guys.” When driving back to the pits when finding out he’d missed out on pole by 0.042 seconds.

5:20. Despite the issues, Fernando Alonso claimed progress was being made: “I’m enjoying this process. It’s weird to hear that probably but we were 4.5s behind in Australia, we were 3-3.5 in Malaysia, [here] we are 2.5. “All this process and all the job the team is doing, every week and every race, is amazing.

5:15. McLaren’s progress was shown yesterday, with some fans and pundits backing the Woking team for a Q2 appearance for the first time this season. However they slipped down the order and ended the day 17th and 18th.

5:10. A reminder of the grid for today’s race.

1) Hamilton, 2) Rosberg, 3) Vettel, 4) Massa, 5) Bottas, 6) Raikkonen, 7) Ricciardo, 8) Grosjean, 9) Nasr, 10) Ericsson, 11) Maldonado, 12) Kvyat, 13) Verstappen, 14) Sainz, 15) Perez, 16) Hulkenberg, 17) Button, 18) Alonso, 19) Stevens, 20) Merhi

5:05. Of course if you missed the qualifying and would love a comprehensive report of it, there’s one right here.

5:00. Yesterday’s qualifying saw Lewis Hamilton continue his stranglehold on pole as he took his third of the season, with Nico Rosberg in two just 0.042 seconds down on his team-mate. Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari rounded off the top three.

4:55. Our debate over at VAVEL for this week is ‘Can Toro Rosso outperform Red Bull for the second race in a row?’ Let me know what you think using the hashtag #VAVELF1 or by tweeting me at @AaronIrwin7.

4:50. Morning all, and welcome to the live feed for the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix, Aaron Irwin here as always to provide you with all the up-to-date commentary and analysis.