Injury updates following Czech GP
Luthi crashed during Qualifying causing session to be red-flagged, he was taken to hospital to be treated for concussion -

Garage Plus Interwetten rider Thomas Luthi experienced some spectacular crashes at the 11th round of the MotoGP season at the Automotodrom Brno in the Czech Republic, but it was his last one of the weekend during qualifying that turned out to be pretty brutal and meant he was withdrawn from not competing in a very wet Moto2 race.

Modifications made to the circuit to prevent crash result

Modifications have been made since last season at turn 11 of the circuit following Movistar Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi’s crash in 2015 when his bike tumbled through the gravel and then leaped over the tyre wall where it ended up on the perimeter road.

In order to try and avoid another incident like this happening, as it puts officials, Marshals and the public who stand there at risk, they built a fence to try and catch any bikes that may decide to take that route off the track.

Luthi was the first to repeat Rossi’s crash during Free Practice for the Moto2 class. He came off at the very fast turn, and the gravel again caused his bike to life and the 600cc Kalex leapt up and over the fence narrowly missing a Marshal. But Luthi was able to walk away unharmed.

Luthi knocked unconscious during Qualifying at Brno

During Qualifying, Luthi crashed causing the session to be red-flagged. Luthi suffered a huge highside and was temporarily knocked unconscious. He was attended to immediately by track side medics and Marshals assisted in removing him from the circuit. He was at first taken to the Medical Centre before being taken to the local hospital to undergo further observations.

As a result, Luthi was withdrawn from the race as he was declared unfit to race. He had qualified in fifth before he crashed in the final stages, but it meant anyone from sixth down all moved up a place on the grid for the start of the very wet race.

Luthi unable to race in Brno

Luthi was released the morning of the race where he was kept in for observations; he had a concussion and had hurt his left elbow and luckily no fractures. Because he was briefly unconscious they aired with caution. Before he returns ahead of the 12th round in Silverstone he will have “undergo a new radiographic inspection".

Afterwards Luthi spoke how after the accident he was unable to “line up at the start of the GP in Brno”. He said he needed “time due to concussion and numerous bruises”. Instead he is “hoping to be back on my bike at Silverstone”.

The German rider said, “I would like to thank everyone, my family, my team and my fans for their support in these difficult times.

Successful operation for Moto3 rider Albert Arenas who broke his collarbone during the Moto3 race -
Successful operation for Moto3 rider Albert Arenas who broke his collarbone during the Moto3 race -

Albert Arenas breaks collarbone during Moto3 race in Brno

Moto3 Peugeot MC Saxprint rider Albert Arenas unfortunately suffered a broken collarbone when he crashed out during the race at Brno. At turn 14 of the circuit, the back end of his Mahindra slid in the wet, when it regained grip it threw him off.

The Spanish rider was battling to finish within the top 20 when he suffered a huge highside; he was clearly uncomfortable afterwards as he was seen supporting his arm. Arenas had to undergo surgery in Spain on Tuesday to reset his collarbone.

Dovizioso suffers twisted knee after crash in testing

Testing took place after the 1th round of the MotoGP season at the Automotodrom Brno. But in between rounds riders continue to train and participate in other racing events.

Ducati Team rider Andrea Dovizioso experienced a small crash and his leg got caught up with the bike as they tumbled. Dovzioso’s knee twisted in the process but it will not rule him out of the next round.

Moto2 rider Alex Rins breaks collarbone in training incident

Paginas Amarillas HP 40 Moto2 rider Alex Rins crashed out during routine practice when he was on a 100cc motorcycle and has broken his left collarbone.

Rins said he was “training with the 100cc and I have had a fall”. Claiming that “at first it did not hurt much” he noticed that when he cooled down the pain had increased and they decided to go to hospital where they found his collar bone to be broken and they decided to operate.

Alex Rins posted on Twitter to confirm everything went well with collarbone surgery - Twitter
Alex Rins posted on Twitter to confirm everything went well with collarbone surgery - Twitter

The Spanish rider who finished second in Brno has had to undergo surgery at the Deuxus Clinic at the University Hospital Quironin where Dr Xavier Mir has had to insert a metal plate and six screws to bring the middle third of the bone in line with the others.

Dr Mir confirmed they have “reduced the fracture and we have placed a titanium plate with screws blocked six holes”. Following “radiographs” to confirm the fracture was reduced, he said they “proceeded to close the skin and musculature around the collarbone”. He said that Rins was to “remain hospitalized until tomorrow’s (Friday) analgesic treatment” and after allowing it to cure rehabilitation will begin on Monday after further treatments.

Bradley Smith escapes broken leg after crash during practice at endurance race

Whilst participating in practice for Oschersleben World Endurance where MotoGP rider Bradley Smith (Monster Tech 3 Yamaha) agreed to participate aboard a Yamaha R1 for Yamaha’s official YART Team, it was initially feared that Smith had broken his left leg.

X-rays have confirmed the British rider has not broken his leg ahead of the next MotoGP at Silverstone in front of his home crowd, after his bike ran over him during the crash. He was cut which had to be stitched up before he was assessed for any further injuries.

Bradley SMith reassured fans that his leg is not broken - Twitter
Bradley SMith reassured fans that his leg is not broken - Twitter

It is likely that Smith, who recently called for a reform in the MotoGP to try and close the gap between the factory riders and the independent teams during the races, will be able to compete during his home round of the MotoGP which will take place on between September 2nd and 4th.

Get Well Soon

We at Vavel would like to wish all of the riders a speedy recovery. We hope any procedures were a success, that they are comfortable and that they will be declared fit enough, and feel well enough, to race at the next round of the MotoGP in Silverstone.