Aegerter sacked from CarXpert Interwetten after signing new deal with Leopard Racing

Aegerter sacked from CarXpert Interwetten after signing new deal with Leopard Racing

Right after announcing that he will be joining Leopard Racing in a collaboration that will see them run with Suter Racing Technology from 2017, Dominique Aegerter has been sacked by his current team CarXpert Interwetten with immediate affect and he will be replaced young Spanish rider Iker Lecuona for the remaining four races of the Moto2 season.

Danielle Overend

Shortly after the announcement that CarXpert Interwetten rider Dominique Aegerter had signed to join Leopard Racing on their Moto2 team next season, came the news that he has been sacked by his team and he will not compete in the remaining four races of the season. Leopard Racing will begin a collaboration with Swiss manufacturer Suter, who the Swiss rider has previously rode for.

CGBM Evolution make decision based on new contract deal for Aegerter

CGBM Evolution have made the decision that Aegerter is not to continue with the team for the remainder of the season and he is instead to be replaced by Iker Lecuona. The decision has come following “Dominique signing with another team for the 2017 Moto2 season while an arrangement was reached with CGBM Evolution a few days earlier”.

Aegerter set to replace Oliveira at Leopard Racing

Leopard Racing had just announced that the Swiss rider would be joining the in place of Miguel Oliveira who will be moving to the new Moto2 project with KTM and Red Bull. Leopard Racing announced that Aegerter will be racing for them in 2017 and that they will be running with the Suter chassis, from Suter Racing Technology, a company who Aegerter has worked for before.

Aegerter has been involved with the Interwetten team since 2009. The following year he first rode with Suter for Alan Bronec’s Technomag-CIP team, who have since become the Technomag Racing Interwetten and then went on to become CarXpert Interwetten.

Aegerter was extremely grateful for the opportunities that CarXpert Interwetten had given him as he thanked them in his statement on his website; however since then it seems there was a lot more to it. Just when he was looking forward to his new future with a new project, he is sacked by his current team.

CGBM Evolution, on their website said, they “thank Dominique for the long relationship, punctuated by a victory (Sachsenring 2014) and two fifth place in the Moto2 World Championship (2013 and 2014), and wish him every success in the pursuit of his career.”

Aegerter unable to come to terms with the decision

Since, Aegerter has spoken out in shock as he “can’t understand the reaction of the team” and why they have made a decision that he is finding “hard to accept”. He spoke of how he is “very, very disappointed” and in his own opinion he feels he “didn’t do anything wrong” when he “signed with another team”. He said, “This contract includes all the prerequisites I wanted to create for the next season."

Aegerter spoke of how he has “a valid rider contract” with his current team and that he “would like to meet it until the end of the season” and confirmed that “as always” that he wanted to give his “best during the last races”.

He feels it is a “very unattractive end of this long-term cooperation” and he “feels very sorry” for receiving the “farewell in this way” from his mentor and sponsor Oliver Metraux. He mentioned that along with his manager Robert Siegrist, they “tried everything to fulfill [his] contract until the end of the season” and said, “I can only hope that there will be something else for the last races this year.”

Young Lecuona to replace Aegerter for remainder of season

Lecuona has previously stood in for the now former rider of the team in Silverstone and Misano as he was ruled out while he recovered from a previous crash. At only 16 years of age the Spaniard will be able to continue with the team in the hope of scoring some championship points and maybe a contract for next year in the remaining four rounds.