Williams reveal 2017 Formula 1 car
The FW40 is the first of the new breed of cars to be revealed. (Image Credit: Williams Martini Racing)

Williams reveal 2017 Formula 1 car

The Grove based team have become the first to show images of what the new breed of car will look like.

Jake Nichol

Williams have revealed the first images of the 2017 Formula 1 cars, with the FW40 being revealed on Friday morning.

The FW40, so named for the 40th anniversary of the team this year, is the first full scale visualisation of what the new cars will look like. 

In a bid to try and close the field up, make cars look 'more aggressive' and nearly five-six seconds a lap faster than in 2016, the rules have been revamped to require teams to run a delta-shaped front-wing, to try and make it easier to follow another car closely as well as a flatter and lower rear-wing, akin to those seen pre-2009. 

What do the images tell us?

Williams have opted to retain the stubbed thumb-tip on the nose of the car. The most noticeable thing however, about the front of the car, is the quite profound S-duct. 

This system, used by many teams over the years, involves air being channeled from under the nose of the car, through the duct, and then over the top of the chassis, in an attempt to create more downforce, and thus go faster.

The new rules are expected to lower straight-line speeds, so having the S-duct and mastering it early on, may be a crucial advantage. 

Moving back, the shark-fin engine cover returns, last seen on the 2008 cars, whilst the rear-wing is lowered and flatter. 

Despite the hopes of lap-times five or six seconds quicker, the more realistic target is around two or three seconds a lap quicker than in 2016. 

Throughout the season, the development race will be key to deciding who does wll.

If a team starts the season well, but fails to bring updates, rivals could out-develop them and gain a crucial advantage. 

The car Williams have revealed is just a base model of the FW40, and before the first test, updates are expected to appear. 

At Grove, they will be hoping that the FW40 is an improvement on the FW38 of 2016, which was below-par and scored just a single podium, in Canada, and saw the team slip from third to fifth in the constructors'. 

A un-retired Felipe Massa and rookie Lance Stroll will drive for the team in 2017. The cae will officially been unveiled prior to pre-season testing, which gets underway on the 27th February. 

2017 Formula 1 car release dates
Team Chassis Date Drivers
Mercedes W08 23rd February 

Lewis Hamilton

Valtteri Bottas

Red Bull RB13 26th February 

Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen

Ferrari N/A 24th February

Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen

Force India VJM10 22nd February

Sergio Perez

Esteban Ocon

Williams FW40  N/A

Felipe Massa

Lance Stroll

McLaren MCL32 24th February

Fernando Alonso

Stoffel Vandoorne

Toro Rosso

STR12 26th February

Danill Kvyat

Carlos Sainz Jr

Haas VF17 26th February

Romain Grosjean

Kevin Magnussen

Renault RS17 21st February

Nico Hulkenberg

Jolyon Palmer

Sauber C36 20th February

Marcus Ericsson

Pascal Wehrlein