German Grand Prix: Live Stream TV Updates and How to Watch Formula 1 Race 2019
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16:233 years ago

That’s all, folks!

Well, what a sensational race that was.

If ever Liberty Media needed a reminder of why Hockenheim NEEDS to be on the Formula One calendar, then this was it.

Anyway, I’m off for a lie down. You can catch all our post-race reaction on our website, and boy is there a lot of it.

Auf wiedershen!

16:193 years ago

Podium celebrations

Verstappen stands proudly at the top of the podium in front of a large contingent of Dutch fans.

It’s Max’s 7th career win, 26th podium - and he’s still only 22.

16:173 years ago

“Never ending”

“It was a long race,” says Vettel. “At some points it felt like it was never ending, but it was still good fun.”

I echo that, Sebastian.

16:153 years ago

Danny delight

“It was a horror movie, with a bit of black comedy.”

Danny Kvyat elegantly summarises this afternoon’s entertainment.

What a way to celebrate the birth of your first child.

Who would have thought you’d see Kvyat returning to an F1 podium, and marks a spectacular resurrection in his career. Kudos to him!

16:123 years ago

Red Bull back in business

It seems Red Bull well and truly are back. 

It’s frightening to think that Max Verstappen can only get better, who was exceptional in alternating conditions - bar his spin mid-race.

16:113 years ago

Classified result

1) Verstappen

2) Vettel

3) Kvyat

4) Stroll

5) Sainz

6) Albon

7) Raikkonen

8) Giovinazzi

9) Grosjean

10) Magnussen

11) Hamilton

12) Kubica

13) Russell

16:083 years ago

What. A. Race!

Verstappen wins an unforgettable German GP.

Sebastian Vettel, who started last on the grid, climbs up to second to delight the home crowd.

And Daniil Kvyat completes the podium, and judging by his team radio, he sounds over the moon!

16:053 years ago

The checkered flag!

Max Verstappen wins an epic German Grand Prix!
16:053 years ago

Lap 63/64

Vettel’s miraculous drive continues as he passes Kvyat and is up into P2.
16:043 years ago

Lap 62/64

Now Gasly’s out!

The Red Bull driver looks to slide up the inside of Albon, but Albon goes defensive and Gasly slams his front wing into the back of the Toro Rosso.

16:033 years ago

Lap 62/64

And in the blink of an eye, Stroll’s podium hopes are dashed as Vettel slides past him entering the chicane.

A roar erupts from the home crowd, the home boy is on the move.

16:013 years ago

Lap 62/ 64

DRS enabled. Poor Lance Stroll.
16:003 years ago


For the millionth time, we’re racing once more at Hockenheim.

Vettel makes his move on Sainz at the chicane and is up to P4; his eyes are firmly fixated on what could be an incredible podium.

15:583 years ago

Lap 59/64

If only we could have a drop of rain for every race.

Thrilling excitement with every  passing lap - this is what Formula One is all about.

15:563 years ago

Lap 58/64

Prior to Bottas’ crash, the two Haas boys were at each other’s throats again.

You can expect the full Guenther Steiner wrath after this race.

15:543 years ago

Lap 56/64

Oh my word, now Bottas is out! 

What a disastrous weekend for Mercedes.

The Finn makes a similar mistake as his team-mate on entering into T1 and ploughs into the barriers.

15:523 years ago

Lap 56/64

Bottas is all over the rear axle of Stroll’s Racing Point, but the Canadian isn’t willing to give up that podium spot without a fight.
15:503 years ago

Lap 52/64

It’s a bad day in the office for Lewis Hamilton.

The championship leader puts on a spectacular show for those sitting at Turn 1 as he produces a high-speed pirouette and somehow manages to keep it out of the barriers.


15:483 years ago

Lap 52/64

Vettel posts the fastest lap of the race.

Can the Ferrari man muster his way onto the podium? He has a lot of work to do if so.

15:473 years ago

Lap 51/64

Kvyat makes his move on Stroll and is now up to P2, terrific driving.

The leaderboard is as follows:


15:453 years ago

Lap 50/64

Toro Rosso look sublime in these conditions.

Albon progresses through the field and is now up to P6, passing a certain Pierre Gasly in the process.

15:443 years ago

Lap 49/64

Daniil Kvyat is on fire!

The Russian slams in the fastest lap of the race and is currently sitting in third.

A potential podium is certainly in the offing here for Kvyat.

15:433 years ago

Lap 48/64

Lance Stroll leads... for just a couple of seconds.

Verstappen reclaims P1, meanwhile Hamilton, who had to serve his five-second time penalty, comes out of the pit in P12.

15:413 years ago

Lap 47/64

Verstappen and Bottas pit, shortly followed by everyone else, except for Hamilton, Giovinazzi and Stroll.

Stroll obviously has already pitted, which looks to have been a superb gamble by Racing Point.

15:403 years ago

Lap 46/64

Hamilton is swamped at the chicane by THREE cars but somehow survives.

Albon’s attempts to pass him proved costly, and now finds himself in P8.

15:393 years ago

Lap 46/64

And we’re racing... again!

Verstappen charges into the distance, 2.5 seconds ahead of Bottas by the first sector.

15:373 years ago

Lap 45/64

Racing Point have fitted slicks to Lance Stroll’s car. Little bit cheeky.
15:363 years ago

Lap 45/64

To summarise the opening 45 laps:

15:313 years ago

Lap 42/64

Another outing for the Safety Car as Hulkenberg’s Renault is beached at the last corner. 

It’s all to play for once again.

15:303 years ago

Lap 41/64

Now Hulkenberg is out!


On course for his best result of the season at his home GP, the Hulk suffers a touch of understeer and veers out towards the ‘swimming pool’ section and is unable to save his Renault from hitting the wall.

15:283 years ago

Lap 40/64

Raikkonen loses the back end into the final section and slides wide, allowing Vettel and Gasly to pass.

Fortunate for the Iceman, who could have easily found himself out of this race.

15:253 years ago

Lap 38/64

Hamilton makes a similar move on Hulkenberg, despite being 200 metres adrift of the Renault when entering the breaking zone.

Easy stuff from the World Champion.

15:243 years ago

Lap 37/64

Bottas moves up the inside of Hulkenberg entering the hairpin and the German concedes position.

The Hulk’s hopes of a first podium are dwindling.

15:223 years ago

Lap 36/64

Hamilton powers past Albon coming out of the hairpin, BUT he is now under investigation for conduct under the SC.
15:213 years ago

Lap 35/64

Verstappen’s opened up a healthy five second lead out front as Bottas aims to negotiate with Hulkenberg.
15:203 years ago

Lap 34/64

Hamilton’s hopes of victory have virtually been extinguished as he’s been awarded a five-second time penalty for entering the pitlane on the wrong side of the entry bollard.


15:183 years ago

Lap 34/64

And we’re racing again!

Verstappen storms away to a vociferous cheer from his Dutch faithful, as Hamilton looks to make a move on Albon.

15:163 years ago

Lap 33/64

I need to take a breather as the Safety Car parades round for another lap.

The two Williams drivers are still present, anybody fancy lumping on either Russell or Kubica nicking a point today?

15:143 years ago

Lap 32 /64

In amongst all this drama, Alexander Albon is the biggest winner as he now sits in fourth.

Let’s just go over the leaderboard:


15:113 years ago

Lap 30/64

This race has literally turned upside down!

The safety car is out and Verstappen now leads, with Hulkenberg in second and Bottas in third.

15:103 years ago

Lap 30/64


He lost his front wing and the Mercedes team weren’t ready for him.

A 50 second pit-stop... frightening!

15:083 years ago

Lap 29/64

And now Leclerc is OUT! 

Just as he had a sniff of victory, Leclerc suffers a slight tweak of understeer and slides into the barrier!

15:063 years ago

Lap 28/64

There’s drama everywhere, I can’t keep up!

Lando Norris’ race ends prematurely with a gearbox failure, bringing out a VSC.

Leclerc capitalises on the VSC and pits, coming out ahead of Bottas and Verstappen!

15:043 years ago

Lap 27/64

Mercedes respond and Bottas comes in.

Verstappen comes charging through the final sector, only to do a 360 spin and lose the time that he would have made on Bottas.

15:023 years ago

Lap 26/64

Red Bull pit Verstappen, dressing him with a set of medium-compound tyres.

Mercedes will have to react, how much longer will they keep Bottas out?

15:003 years ago

Lap 24/64

Vettel follows suit and gambles onto the slicks.

Tentative exit from the German, but it will be interesting to monitor his pace.

14:583 years ago

Lap 23/64

And that’s Magnussen in the pits and onto the slicks.

Bold move from Haas, although they do have nothing to lose.

14:573 years ago

Lap 22/64

More rain in the immediate future is expected, but in the meantime, Leclerc remains to be on a boust with these intermediates.
14:553 years ago

Lap 21/64

Ferrari’s decision to bring Leclerc onto new intermediates seems to be paying dividends as he charges towards Verstappen and Bottas.

Just 4.5 seconds between the Red Bull and Ferrari.

14:533 years ago

Lap 19/64

Sainz is lured into the wall, courtesy of the swimming pool situated outside of the kerb at the last two corners.

The McLaren driver escapes unharmed and is able to get going again, albeit seven places lower than he was before.

14:513 years ago

Lap 19/64

Leclerc posts a lap THREE second quicker than the leader Hamilton. 
14:503 years ago

Lap 17/64

Verstappen looks to make a move on Bottas down into the hairpin, but he loses the rear end of his RB14 and is forced to run wide, losing some time in the process.
14:463 years ago

Lap 16/64

Virtual Safety Car is out to recover Ricciardo’s car, which gives me the opportunity to tell you the current top five:

1: Hamilton

2: Bottas

3: Verstappen

4: Leclerc

5: Raikkonen

14:453 years ago

Lap 15/64

Ricciardo’s race is over as his Renault engine goes up in a plume of smoke.
14:443 years ago

Lap 14/64

Leclerc escapes a penalty for his pit-lane incident with Grosjean, however Ferrari have incurred a financial penalty for after the race.
14:443 years ago

Lap 13/64

Ferrari engineers discussing a potential turbo issue for Vettel’s car.

The German currently sits 34 seconds adrift of Hamilton.

14:423 years ago

Lap 13/64

Leclerc almost went for a swim, but done tremendously well to hold his Ferrari and keep it on track.

Just a small warning for drivers that are looking to push track limits.

14:363 years ago

Lap 9/64

Hamilton setting consistent purple sectors and continues to pull away from his team-mate Bottas.

He just thrives in these conditions.

14:353 years ago

Lap 8/64

Magnussen’s gamble to stay on the wet tyre has backfired as Raikkonen and Vettel power past him.

Vettel now up to P7 and on the charge.

14:323 years ago

Lap 6/64

Leclerc goes wide at Turn 2 and opens up an opportunity for Magnussen, but the Ferrari driver shuts off the Haas which enables Nico Hulkenberg to capitalise and ease past the Dane.
14:303 years ago

Lap 5/64

Magnussen is swallowed up by  Bottas and Verstappen, whilst Leclerc lurks patiently in the background.
14:273 years ago

Mercedes double-stack

And Bottas gets out ahead of Verstappen... just!

Magnussen and Lance Stroll are the only two drivers who have not pitted.

14:263 years ago

Perez in the wall!

Sergio Perez loses control of his Racing Point on the exit of Turn 11 and slams into the wall.

Safety car is out, initiating a series of pit-stops as drivers move onto the intermediate tyres.

14:253 years ago

Mercedes power away

Lewis Hamilton opens up a three-second gap at the end of Lap 3 over his team-mate Bottas.
14:233 years ago

Ferrari’s make their move

Vettel ascends six places whilst  Charles Leclerc moves into P6.

Great start from both Ferrari drivers.

14:223 years ago

Red Bull not so bullish

Terrible start for Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, with Verstappen dropping down to P4 and Gasly sliding behind Grosjean.
14:203 years ago

Safety car in!

Hamilton leads them round to the grid.

Everybody excited?

14:163 years ago

K-Mag raring to go

“Let’s go” urges Kevin Magnussen, who starts from 12th on the grid. 

Max Verstappen echoes the Dane’s sentiments as he cruises behind Lewis Hamilton, with the polesitter also saying “they need to get on with it.”

14:143 years ago

Formation lap two!

The cars pass through the pit straight for another taster lap under the safety car.

Carlos Sainz, meanwhile, is complaining about the poor visibility.

14:133 years ago

Formation lap!

No issues for anyone as they begin the formation lap.

A lot of spray being kicked up down the straights - keep a close eye on the action into Turn 4.

14:093 years ago

Safety car start

Just a tad disappointing. Hamilton will lead the pack away with the safety car in front of him.
14:063 years ago

Vettel’s on wets

Sebastian Vettel’s face mirrored the bleak, grey clouds that hung above him as he confirmed that he will be starting the race on wets.

Will we see a miracle from the German today?

14:033 years ago

Inexperienced rookies

Alex Albon, as quoted there, has not experienced driving his Toro Rosso in wet conditions.

The same applies for George Russell and Lando Norris, who are entering unchartered waters - literally!

13:523 years ago

“Very slippery”

George Russell’s honest observation on the current track conditions. 

The weather could quite easily play into the hands of both Williams drivers, as long as they stay out of trouble in the opening laps.

13:493 years ago

Midfield pack

Speaking of being in the thick of the action, as if the midfield battle wasn’t close enough in qualifying yesterday, the additional weather conditions should make it all the more intriguing.
13:473 years ago

Norris starts from the back

Lando Norris, who qualified 16th, will start from the back of the grid after taking on new MGU-K, energy store and control electronics.

The rookie hasn’t started below 15th all season - expect him to be in the thick of the action this afternoon.

13:443 years ago

It’s a little wet...

Yes, that’s right folks, the rain has arrived at Hockenheim and teams are already having trouble determining if conditions are suitable for intermediate or wet tyres.
00:283 years ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the race with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis for this German Grand Prix Race.
18:353 years ago

The grid

The grid for Sunday’s race is as follows;


18:283 years ago

Mercedes anniversary present

Mercedes, sporting their special anniversary livery for this weekend, had the perfect present as Lewis Hamilton excelled to record his 87th career pole and his fourth of the season.

Hamilton seeks his fourth victory in Germany, can he equal Michael Schumacher’s record?

17:343 years ago

Raikkonen best of the rest

Kimi Raikkonen capitalised on his former team’s absence from Q3 to qualify P5, ahead of Romain Grosjean in P6.

Carlos Sainz ensured McLaren’s recent upsurge in form continued with P7, while Sergio Perez put his Racing Point in P8 ahead of Nico Hulkenberg.

17:253 years ago

Microcosm of Ferrari’s year

Despite their impressive pace across the Free Practice timesheets, neither Ferrari will start on the front row of the grid after yet another mechanical issue prevented Charles Leclerc from driving in Q3.

Leclerc will start from P10.

17:213 years ago

0.030 seconds

Just three hundredths of a second seperated Nico Hulkenberg in P8 and his Renault team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in P13.

Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez scraped into Q3 at the expense of Antonio Giovinazzi and Kevin Magnussen.

17:163 years ago

Williams fail to bridge gap

Plenty of optimism had been raised prior to the weekend from the Williams factory, who had brought a number of upgrades with the hope of drawing closer to the midfield runners.

However, both George Russell and Robert Kubica found themselves 1.4 seconds adrift of Albon and qualified 18th and 19th respectively, and look set for a tough afternoon tomorrow.

16:473 years ago

Norris and Albon casualties

Lando Norris and Alexander Albon were eliminated after the first stage of qualifying.

Somewhat controversially, Albon’s progression was hindered by Norris, who held the Toro Rosso driver up on a hot lap.

16:433 years ago

Vettel out in Q1

Sebastian Vettel’s woes continue after a mechanical failure prevent him from participating in qualifying. The German will start his home race at the back of the grid.
12:583 years ago

What to expect this weekend?

Ferrari look to be back to their best so far this weekend, lighting up the timesheets in both Friday practice sessions. Their power advantage gives them a slight upper-hand around this circuit, but you can always expect Mercedes to be loitering at the top. And if the rain arrives, as it is forecasted, then we could be in for a thriller.
12:553 years ago

What happened last year?

Arguably the most enthralling race of the year, Lewis Hamilton fought back through the field after issues in qualifying caused him to start 14th. Hamilton rose to second, as Vettel built a healthy advantage out front. Then the rain came. Entering Turn 10, Vettel locked up and slid into the barriers, costing him the race win - and the title.
12:513 years ago

Hockenheim breakdown

Circuit length: 4.574km

Laps: 67

First Grand Prix: 1970

Race lap record: 1:13:780, Kimi Raikkonen (2004)

Number of corners: 17

2018 winner: Lewis Hamilton

12:483 years ago


Racing is set to get underway tomorrow at 14:10 BST, with qualifying commencing at 14:00 BST this afternoon.

We’ll have live updates during the course of tomorrow afternoon as the action unfolds!