Driver Ratings - German Grand Prix 2019 
 (Photo by Andrea Diodato/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Was it the best Grand Prix of the year so far? It was certainly the most eventful. Six DNFs, a fair few safety cars and a Williams in the points, it really did have everything to make it a cracker.

Here is how the 20 drivers rated on a chaotic afternoon at Hockenheim...

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport

The only word that can be used to describe the race for Mercedes would be calamitous. Qualifying went about as expected with the Silver Arrows starting first and third however it all seemed to come crumbling down on the Sunday.

Valtteri Bottas (DNF) – 6/10

Bottas had been there or thereabouts all weekend, as he usually is. However, a mistake in the interchangeable conditions took the sheen off the whole weekend in a flash as he was tracking the movements of Lance Stroll. With silly season looming and a young, energetic Esteban Ocon nipping at his heels he really needs to be pulling off more and capitalising in races like this.

Lewis Hamilton (9th) – 4/10

“How did it get so bad?" No idea Lewis. It was a very off-colour performance from the defending world champion and one that he will be looking to erase from his memory. A handful of mistakes and spins, the crew not being ready for one of his pit stops and a penalty for not avoiding a bollard, not to mention the hideous conditions. Not what you expect to see.

Scuderia Ferrari

What started off as a very disturbing weekend for Ferrari turned out to be one with a lot of positives. The starting positions of 10th and 20th could have spelled a disaster. It was far from perfect, but there were definitely things to cheer about.

Sebastian Vettel (2nd) – 10/10

A simply sublime performance from Sebastian Vettel. A issue with the car halted any promise of getting a qualifying time and caused the German to start from 20th on the grid. He capitalised on every mistake and misfortune that his rivals had. The perfect remedy for a dire British Grand Prix and a great springboard for Hungary.

Charles Leclerc (DNF) – 5/10

Poor poor Charles Leclerc, a victim of the Sudkurve and the swimming pool's-worth of water that lay on it. The Monegasque man found himself getting to know the barriers very well. Until he got cosy with the wall he was strong, holding onto the car at numerous points where he could have found himself in the other walls of the circuit. The cry of “No!” over the team radio spoke for itself.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda

Mixed fortunes from the Austrian team, another race win and a strong showing on one side of the garage. However, another struggling performance on the other side could have a big impact on the team.

Max Verstappen (1st) – 10/10

Max Verstappen was arguably the best driver today, he started well and despite being one of the frequent visitors to the pit lane, he still manged to pull it out of the bag. Being able to make the most of an absent Mercedes and an unfortunate Ferrari clearly demonstrates and confirms things that we already knew. High quality, low age.

Pierre Gasly (DNF) – 3/10

After a very good showing last time out in Silverstone everything seems to have crashed down very hard and very fast for the Frenchman. He struggled off the start and found himself down the pack by the end of the lap. His day ended in a particularly comedic way as he managed to connect with the back of a man who could be taking his seat in the future in Alex Albon. He really needs to pick things up or could face a sabbatical away from the paddock.

McLaren F1 Team

McLaren continue to prove how far everything has come from last year with a car in Q3 and both drivers looking racy. A good building block to continue from next time out.

Carlos Sainz (5th) – 8/10

Life is good at the moment for Sainz. He has been getting his head down and going about his business in quite some style and Germany proved to be no exception. Starting seventh and managing to work well through the chaos, the Spaniard managed to achieve his highest finish of the season so far and if his team could have nailed the strategy a little harder he could have been on for a deserved podium.

Lando Norris (DNF) – 5/10

During the small amount of time that he was in the race, Norris performed well, having taken a grid penalty for a power unit swap in the early hours of Sunday. Much like Silverstone however things did not go his way, from strategy to conditions. Eventually the car looked to give up which left him stranded on the side of the circuit. Not the way he would have wanted the day to go.

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda

What a weekend for the baby Red Bull team, who hit every mark they could expertly despite starting 14th and 16th. Full credit needs to be given to the strategists and pit crews who managed to keep their heads in conditions that would have caused a few heads to roll.

Daniil Kvyat (3rd) – 10/10

If you had told a Daniil Kvyat that he would be on the podium he would have probably laughed in your face. A superb showing from all involved but especially the Russian who sealed the deal. He defended well in the later stages and looked fast when pursuing Stroll. A well deserved end to a weekend that took a lot of people by surprise.

Alexander Albon (6th) – 8/10

Alexander Albon really came into his own during the second stint on the dry compound tires, he humiliated Gasly for the majority of their tussles and made some of their middle-of the-pack rivals look slow in comparison. Coming out of the weekend it will be all smiles from the Thai driver, who was more than frustrated after being stuck in traffic during qualifying.

Renault F1 Team

A double DNF from Renault as they could have easily finished on the podium. Not a particularly strong qualifying either, finishing in ninth and 11th but it did look like they could have done a substantial job in the race.

Daniel Ricciardo (DNF) – 5/10

The honey badger started the race by making up a couple of positions, however he finished the race not to soon after that. The Aussie's car began to give out plumes of thick white smoke with him being unable to play much more of a part. He was using one of his earlier engines which could have explained the early exit.

Nico Hulkenberg (DNF) – 6/10

Seeing Nico Hulkenberg in third place in an actual real-life race was enough to make any F1 fan happy. The thought of him getting a podium at his home Grand Prix would have probably brought a tear to his eye. However it wasn’t to be. After making one mistake it proved to be one mistake too many and it cost him what could have been his first-ever podium.

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

In the best move of this season so far, putting Lance Stroll on dry tyres, Racing Point gained valuable points in the midfield battle and saved themselves from what could have otherwise have been another lacklustre race.

Sergio Perez (DNF) – 5/10

Perez was the first casualty of the race and the first man to find his way into the walls in Hockenheim. Up until that point he did very little, other than having a small tussle with the Haas of Kevin Magnussen.

Lance Stroll (4th) – 9/10

The Canadian was the beneficiary of the best tactical move of the race and he handled himself very well from that point on. He managed to hold off the advances of Carlos Sainz and Alexander Albon to get a very well deserved fourth for both the team and himself. This is definitely one for his dad to put on the mantlepiece.

Rich Energy Haas F1 Team

After last time out with the double DNF due to the two Haas boys coming together it seems that anything would be an improvement. In Guenther Steiner’s book this was probably just better. As in barely.

Kevin Magnussen (8th) – 6/10

Honestly K-Mag was a bit anonymous. After his battle with Perez at the start of the race the Dane faded in the manic cluster of pit stops and spins. He came back into the race when battling teammate Romain Grosjean, ending with the two coming together, probably causing Steiner to have a flashback to the British GP.

Romain Grojean (7th) – 6/10

The only reason why Grosjean managed to finish where he did was because of the penalties give to the Sauber boys. He was another driver who faded into obscurity in the race and did not really get up to much besides a tussle with his team-mate. The fact that he managed to finish relatively close to his starting position is one of the saving graces to his drive.

Alfa Romeo Sauber Racing

The two of them got down to business today and managed to get a good result out of it until after the race when they were slapped with a penalty which dropped both drivers outside of the top 10. Nonetheless it will have been a very encouraging German Grand Prix for all involved.

Kimi Raikkonen (12th) – 7/10

Prior to the race Raikkonen had already put in a sterling performance - qualifying fifth was a statement of intent for the weekend. He was solid through the wet and dry periods and really showed all of his experience to make sure he didn’t come a cropper like so many of the other drivers did. The whole day was overshadowed by the penalties received after the race which will have left a sour taste in the mouth.

Antonio Giovinazzi (13th) – 7/10

Much like his team-mate, Giovinazzi went about his business well and managed to gain a few positions from his starting position in 11th. Again, just like his Finnish teammate it was overshadowed by the post-race penalties. The Italian seemed a little out of his depth at the start of the season however he has put in a shift lately and looks like, with a few more strong finishes, he could retain his seat next year.

ROKiT Williams Racing

Williams have secured their first point of the year and it could not be more deserved. Bringing new parts to the race was both a blessing and a curse it seemed, as both drivers seemed to complain about fragility. However in the race they did not put a foot wrong and managed to get a result.

Robert Kubica (10th) – 10/10

How could he be scored any lower? Kubica has managed to secure the first point for Williams this season and that alone warrants a 10. Williams kept it simple today by managing to limit the amount of pit stops made, helping them to stay on the lead lap. From there Kubica did what Kubica does and managed to bring the car home. A very proud moment for all involved.

George Russell (11th) – 6/10

This was George Russell’s highest finish position in a F1 race so far. He did what he had done the whole season and managed to get a result that reflected the lunacy of the race very well.

Overall the real winners of the day were the Honda-powered teams. They are showing that they have the pace to match the best of them and that in the coming seasons they could pack a hard punch.