Belgian Grand Prix: Live Stream TV Updates and How to Watch Formula 1 Race 2019

Belgian Grand Prix: Live Stream TV Updates and How to Watch Formula 1 Race 2019

Join us for live updates on the 69th instalment of the Belgian Grand Prix, with latest news, circuit information and lap updates from Spa-Francorchamps 

Jaquob Crooke
Thanks for joining us!
And that concludes Vavel's live updates on what has been a dark weekend for motorsport with the tragic loss of Anthoine Hubert.

Charles Leclerc finally has his spot on the top of an F1 podium as Lewis Hamilton extends his lead at the top of the championship.

Please make sure to read our race report, and we'll see you next week as the action returns in Italy. Goodbye!

Classified results
So, after a tense and fairly chaotic ending, here's the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix classified top ten.

1) Leclerc

2) Hamilton

3) Bottas

4) Vettel

5) Albon

6) Perez

7) Kvyat

8) Hulkenberg

9) Gasly

10) Stroll

Hamilton gave his all
“I gave it absolutely everything,” he says. “It was a really difficult race – the Ferraris are just too fast in this race – and we needed a few more laps in the end. Congratulations to Charles on his first win, it’s been coming all year.” Valtteri Bottas, who finished in third, adds: “There was no chance for me but I was trying as hard as I could.”
Anthoine in our hearts
"I would like to dedicate my first win to him"

Humble acceptance of his first race victory from Charles Leclerc. 

A difficult occasion for everyone, especially Charles, who had grew up and raced with Anthoine.

Norris heartbreak
Alex Albon finishes fifth on his Red Bull debut. Disaster for Lando Norris at the end of the crescendo of that race, as he plummeted down the grid. He was on for a fifth-placed finish but ended up breaking down and drifting on to the grass. Facebook
Tribute for Anthoine
"That was for Anthoine, it's difficult to enjoy on a weekend like this."

Fitting tribute by Leclerc.

Lap 44/44
Charles Leclerc is a Formula One race winner!

Exceptional drive - the first of many for a talented racer, but that was close!

Lap 44/44
Giovinazzi is out! Huge shame, but all eyes are out front!
Lap 43/44
Hamilton has got the grit between his teeth.

Traffic up ahead for the leading duo, which might just play into Leclerc's hands.

Lap 42/44
Gaps are closing everywhere!

Hamilton now 2.1 seconds behind Leclerc, as Albon reduces the deficit to Perez and is now 3.4 seconds behind.

We're in for a dramatic finish!

Lap 41/44
Ricciardo's stuck in reverse as he falls out of the points, despite his best efforts.

It's not been Renault's day, despite all their promise.

Lap 40/44
Leclerc 3.9 seconds clear of Hamilton, who's turning it up a notch here.

Surely he can't catch him?

Lap 39/44
A quiet afternoon for Lando Norris, but one he must be delighted with.

The McLaren is cruising to a fifth-placed finish, which will further consolidate their fourth position in the constructors standings.

Lap 38/44
Twelth-placed Romain Grosjean is told by Haas that he could get in and among the points – but he’s having none of it. He says they have no chance with this pace, bogged down by carrying too much drag
Lap 38/44
Albon passes his former team-mate Kvyat for P7, whilst Giovinazzi moves into the points at the expense of Gasly - a double whammy for Toro Rosso.
Lap 36/44
Leclerc leads Hamilton  by 6.6 seconds.

Vettel's race has transpired into a miserable one, his podium hopes fading quickly.

Lap 35/44
Giovinazzi is making exceptional strides forward since his pit stop, and now finds himself within striking distance of Gasly in P10.
Lap 34/44
It's a Red Bull battle between P7 and P9, with Ricciardo, Kvyat and Albon battling for position.

Ricciardo succumbs to Kvyat at Les Combes, before Albon launches an audacious move around the outside of Ricciardo at Bruxelles, Superb overtake!

Lap 33/44
Bottas eases up behind Vettel, with the Finn reducing the deficit by a staggering two seconds in the middle sector alone.

Before Bottas has the chance to pass, Vettel pits onto a set of used soft compound tyres.

Lap 32/44
Vettel's defense finally crumbles as Hamilton sweeps round the outside at Les Combes.

Leclerc leads by 6.4 seconds, can Hamilton catch him?

Lap 31/44
Hamilton says his “rears are on fire” but Mercedes reassure him that Vettel’s tyres are overheating just as much. Leclerc leads Vettel by 4.8secs, and maybe they will try and keep the German out on track as long as possible to help the race leader open up a bigger lead. Hamilton is 0.4secs behind Vettel.
Lap 29/44
Hamilton locks up heading into the chicane, derailing his charge for a lap.

Giovinazzi finally pits from P6, and comes out in P14, 10 seconds adrift of the points.

Lap 29/44
Hamilton is flying and moves into within a second of Vettel.

Leclerc could also be vulnerable to a charging Mercedes here.

Lap 28/44
"Tyres won't make it to the end"

Vettel expresses his concerns about his team's strategy as Hamilton makes significant gains behind him.

Meanwhile further afield, Perez passes Ricciardo for P7.

Lap 27/44
Vettel is briefed to let Leclerc past him. Ferrari remain in control, with a new-look one-two. Vettel benefits from the DRS and things are looking good.
Lap 26/44
A succession of new fastest laps here, you can't keep up.

Valtteri Bottas is now the prime candidate for a bonus point, posting a 1:46:547.

Lap 26/44
Hamilton's thoughts on his team's strategy aren't exactly endearing.

With a six second deficit to Leclerc in second, Hamilton turns it up a notch and slams in the fastest lap of the race.

Leclerc is also closing in on Vettel, the gap now just over 1.2 seconds.

Lap 23/44
Gasly under investigation for moving under braking at Les Combes.

As I type that, Charles Leclerc punches in the fastest lap of the race.

Lap 23/44
Mercedes and Hamilton follow suit and pit.

A 3.6 second stop from the Silver Arrows, a valuable second lost for Hamilton in his weakening challenge against the Ferrari's.

Lap 22/44
Leclerc pits and rejoins behind his team-mate Vettel.

Intriguing strategy from the team - it means Leclerc will have to pass on the circuit if he wants to claim his first ever Grand Prix victory.

Lap 21/44
Norris makes easy work of Kvyat down the Kemmel straight, who has yet to pit.

The McLaren driver sits comfortably in fifth.

Lap 20/44
Magnussen looks to skate around the outside of Gasly, yet his move hinders his entry to Les Combes and allows Hulkenberg to sneak up behind him.

Meanwhile, Norris has pitted from P5 and rejoins in P6.

Lap 19/44
A fitting standing ovation for Anthoine Hubert.

His race number was 19, with fans applauding in memory of a future star taken far too soon.

Lap 18/44
Mercedes are seemingly playing the long game. Hamilton remains out on track, four seconds behind race leader Charles Leclerc.
Lap 17/44
Standout performer so far today is Pierre Gasly.

Excellent manoeuvre from the Frenchmen to pass Raikkonen whilst avoiding Perez.

He seems to be coping with his Red Bull rejection quite well.

Lap 17/44
Mercedes keep both Hamilton and Bottas out.

Hamilton punches in a 1:48:9, will it be enough to get ahead of Vettel?

Lap 16/44
With Gasly working as a hamster in regards to strategy, the Ferrari team respond to his pace and pit Vettel.

"This is critical" says Lewis Hamilton's race engineer, Bonno.

Lap 15/44
Bravo, Alexander Albon.

The Red Bull driver launches himself ahead of Magnussen at the bus-stop chicane, and moves into the points.

Lap 14/44
Leclerc is ramping things up, with the Ferrari racking up a 1.49.917, a new fastest lap. Between Leclerc and Vettel, who now trails the race leader by more than three seconds, they are taking it in turns to step on the gas.
Lap 11/44
Gasly passes Magnussen, who's pace is seeing him slowly fade down the field.

Gasly is ironically the leading Red Bull driver, with Verstappen out, Kvyat in P11 and Albon in P13.

Lap 10/44
Hamilton smells blood as he moves to within DRS range of Vettel.

However, such is the sheer straight-line speed of the Ferrari's, Hamilton can't get close enough down the Kemmel straight.

Lap 9/44
Leclerc locks up heading into Les Combes and takes a little detour across the run-off area.

The leader's gap out front has reduced by about a second, however Vettel is doing very little to trouble his team-mate so far.

Lap 8/44
And then Vettel slams in the new fastest lap of the race.

Pressure? What pressure?

Lap 7/44
"Vettel's not that quick"

Lewis Hamilton has his sights firmly set on the Ferrari in front.

The championship leader is 1.4 seconds adrift of Vettel.

Lap 6/44
Battle for 7th is developing quite nicely, with Magnussen leading Perez and Gasly.

A respectable points haul will be a timely confidence boost for Gasly.

Lap 5/44
We're racing again and Sebastian Vettel makes a huge mistake going down into T1, but the raw speed of the Ferrari lets the German off the hook as Hamilton lurked in his rear-view mirrors.
Lap 4/44
So with Sainz's race coming to a premature end, race officials have kept the Safety Car out for another lap.

We're set to go racing at the end of this lap!

Lap 2/44
A few disastrous starts.

Renault, who started P6 and P7, are the biggest losers, with Hulkenberg and Ricciardo languishing in P14 and P17.

Carlos Sainz meanwhile is having a torrid afternoon so far, with his McLaren suffering with clutch issues and has been forced to retire.

Lap 2/44
The Safety Car is out following a helter-skelter start here at Spa.

Daniel Ricciardo also fell victim at the start of proceedings, receiving a bump from behind.

Lap 1/44
Great start from Lando Norris.

The McLaren driver sneaks under the conflict between Raikkonen and Verstappen at T1 to gain six places.

Tidy work from the young Brit!

Lap 1/44
Verstappen is out! Contact between him and Raikkonen at T1 inflicts heavy damage, and he ploughs into the barriers at Eau Rouge.
Hamilton gets the jump on Vettel, whilst there is chaos at the back of the grid as Sainz stalls and there is contact involving Raikkonen!
Sea of Orange
The Dutch have once again turned out in their numbers to support Max Verstappen.

The grandstands are awash with orange t-shirts and orange smoke, let's hope the Red Bull driver can conjure up something special.

Formation lap
Green light and Leclerc leads the drivers round for the formation lap.

Temperatures significantly cooler than they were in Qualifying yesterday, can this work to Mercedes' advantage?

Leclerc on pole
So, as a gentle reminder, we have Charles Leclerc starting on pole with his Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel sharing the front row.

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton is just behind in third, can he spoil the Ferrari party?

Lando pays his respects
“He was such a talented driver, it’s a shame for all of us.”

Sombre mood on the grid.

Remembering Anthoine Hubert
An impeccable minutes silence to remember Anthoine Hubert, who was killed in a horrifying F2 accident yesterday.
Engine woes
It's been a weekend of engine concerns and malfunctions this weekend, with Robert Kubica and Antonio Giovinazzi both suffering blowouts in qualifying yesterday.

Max Verstappen is running an old-spec engine, and having made numerous complaints yesterday, it will be interesting to see how the RB14 holds out in Spa.

Mercedes will also be hoping to keep engine temperatures to a minimal, which has a knock-on effect for all their customer teams.

Sainz will need to operate smoothly
It was a disappointing Saturday for McLaren, who have been the standout performers so far this season.

Carlos Sainz was caught out in Q1 by Antonio Giovinazzi's retirement, which prematurely halted the session and cancelled out the lap he was about to produce.

Lando Norris will start from P12 on the grid, having produced a sublime lap which moved him to within touching distance of the top ten.

With the midfield battle intensifying, expect the McLaren duo to provide some entertainment.

Renault improvement
Renault took a much needed step forward yesterday as they seek to close the gap to constructor rivals McLaren.

Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg qualified 6th and 7th respectively, with the latter looking to prove a point following the announcement he has lost his seat in favour of Esteban Ocon.

Renault's race pace has been good, can they break into the top five today?

Albon the charging Bull
Alexander Albon has been set with the difficult task of making his Red Bull debut from the back of the grid.

However, the Thai-British driver will be hopeful of charging through the field on a circuit awash with overtaking opportunities.

The pressure is off for him weekend, and after gathering a considerable amount of race pace data, I expect to see Albon shine.

Wolff not a happy bunny
Mercedes have found themselves well adrift of their constructor rivals so far this weekend.

Hamilton's Free Practice sessions had been hampered with technical gremlins and the odd unpalpable mistake, as seen in FP3, whilst Valtteri Bottas hasn't exactly grabbed the headlines since the announcement of his new contract.

Can Toto Wolff's team take the fight to the Ferrari's today?

Battle of the Ferrari's
For the first time this season, it's a front-row lockout for Ferrari.

Both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel have displayed excellent pace this weekend, can they maintain it this afternoon?

R.I.P Anthoine Hubert
Today's race will proceed in memory of F2 driver Anthoine Hubert, who tragically lost his life in a fatal accident yesterday.

Heaven has gained another racer. Rest in Peace, Anthoine.

What's the circuit like?
Spa is among Formula 1 drivers’ most loved tracks, with its mix of long straights and challenging fast corners allowing them to push their cars to the edge of their capabilities – if it’s dry, that is.

The size of the track and the nature of Belgian weather means it can sometimes be raining on one part of the track and dry on another, meaning grip can vary from one corner to the next.

Keep an eye on the thrilling Eau Rouge, arguably the most famous sequence of corners in the world, as the drivers flick left, right and then up the hill through Raidillon.

Spa-Francorchamps breakdown
Circuit length:  7.004km

First Grand Prix: 1970

Race lap record: 1:46:286, Valtteri Bottas (2018)

Number of laps: 44

2018 winner: Sebastian Vettel