Italian Grand Prix: Live Stream TV Updates and How to Watch Formula 1 Race 2019
Sebastian Vettel during the second practice session in Monza ahead of the Italian Formula One Grand Prix. (Photo credit: Marco Serena, NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Italian Grand Prix: Live Stream TV Updates and How to Watch Formula 1 Race 2019

Follow along for Italian Grand Prix live stream, latest news, circuit information and laps updates of the 2019 Formula 1 GP.

Callum McAvoy
Thank you and Goodbye!
Another thrilling race comes to an end, as does our commentary. Thanks for following us here on Vavel UK and be sure to check out our race report and driver rankings for the 2019 Italian Grand Prix. We'll be back in two weeks for the Singapore GP. Goodbye!! 
A quick round up
If you weren't following us for the last hour and a half, why weren't you? A quick summary: Charles Leclerc won from pole after fending off Lewis Hamilton and then Valtteri Bottas. Sebastian Vettel spun and was then penalised for hitting Stroll as he re-joined the track.  The Renaults finished 4th and 5th. Verstappen ended 7th behind Albon and Perez after starting from the back.
The Leclerc and Ferrari combo special
So after back-to-back wins Leclerc and Ferrari are the driver/team to beat at the moment. The question is, can this partnership win world titles in the near-future?
Are Renault back?
After a brilliant race, Renault have jumped ahead of Toro Rosso in the standings and now they have their sights on 4th placed McLaren. After a difficult first half of the season, have Renault found the pace they've been promising us? 
Constructor Standings
And finally here are the Constructor standings in full:

Mercedes - 505pts

Ferrari - 351pts

Red Bull - 266pts

McLaren - 83pts

Renault - 65pts

Toro Rosso - 51pts

Racing Point - 46pts

Alfa Romeo - 34pts

Haas - 26pts

Williams - 1pts

Driver Standings
And here are the standings from 11th to 20th:

Nico Hulkenberg - 31pts

Kimi Raikkonen - 31pts

Sergio Perez - 27pts

Lando Norris - 25pts

Lance Stroll - 19pts

Kevin Magnussen - 18pts

Romain Grosjean - 8pts

Antonio Giovinazzi - 3pts

Robert Kubica - 1pts

George Russell - 0pts


Driver Standings
The top 10 in the Driver Standings:

Lewis Hamilton - 283pts

Valtteri Bottas - 221pts

Max Verstappen - 185pts

Charles Leclerc - 182pts

Sebastian Vettel - 169pts

Pierre Gasly - 65pts

Carlos Sainz Jnr - 58pts

Daniel Ricciardo - 34pts

Alexander Albon - 34pts

Daniil Kvyat - 33pts

The Standings
The result today means Leclerc overtakes Vettel in the driver standings. The German's status as No.1 Ferrari driver hands by a thread. Hamilton's lead is trimmed to 62 points over Bottas while Mercedes steam roll further ahead.
The Podium
The noise is deafening as Leclerc stands on top of the podium. That's back-to-back wins for the Monegasque
In the cool down room
Hamilton doesn't seem so upset after Leclerc squeezed him and cut the apex to stay ahead. There wasn't really anything wrong with what he did
Hamilton post-race: "They were much quicker. Not our day but we pull away from Ferrari in the points.

"I'm not thinking about my 6th title at the moment."

Leclerc acknowledges it wasn't a perfect drive but says he will: "Work on not making mistakes"
The final results
The Chequered Flag
Elsewhere the Renaults come home 4th and 5th. Perez defended well to split the Red Bull's in 7th. Giovinazzi and Norris round off the points
Leclerc: "YES YES YES"

His win last week was bittersweet because of Anthoine Hubert's passing but this victory will taste good. He joins an illustrious list of Ferrari drivers to win at Monza

A brilliant drive from the young Ferrari man. Bottas comes home a close second with Hamilton third
0.7 seconds. Can Bottas do it. It's unlikely
LAP 52/53
Hamilton has the fastest lap. Meanwhile Perez is holding off Verstappen. Credit where credit is due
LAP 51/53
Leclerc has had a sloppy lap and the gap goes to half a second Bottas looks for the overtake but brakes too late and loses time. 1.3 the gap now
LAP 50/53
Hamilton stops for new tyres. He'll go for the fastest lap bonus point currently held by Bottas
LAP 50/53
Ricciardo and Hulkenberg are 4th and 5th for Renault, their best result of the year so far
LAP 49/53
5 laps to go. Ferrari haven't won here since 2010 when Fernando Alonso took victory. The fans at the circuit really want this win.
That mistake might have sealed this result. Bottas can't get the gap down
LAP 47/53
A mistake for Bottas at the Ascari chicane puts the gap back to 1.6 seconds 
LAP 46/53
Kevin Magnussen is out of the race. He returns to the garage. Not sure on what exactly has caused this
LAP 45/53
Meanwhile Verstappen is right behind Perez for 7th. A great drive from the back
LAP 45/53
1.3 the gap now. You could cut the tension with a knife
LAP 44/53
10 laps to go. Leclerc is 1.6 ahead of Bottas. To catch up is one thing, it's quite another to overtake
LAP 43/53
"Hunt him now. 12 laps to go" is the message to Bottas. Game on!
LAP 42/53
Hamilton is off at the first corner! He's ran out of tyres and Bottas takes second. Now the Finn can charge at Leclerc
LAP 41/53
The top 10:


LAP 40/53
Leclerc warned about moving under braking into turn 4. 
LAP 39/53
15 laps to go and Hamilton is so close to the lead. Meanwhile Bottas has entered the frame setting fastest lap after fastest lap. Could he steal this?
LAP 38/53
Shout out to Giovinazzi. He's in the points in front of his home crowd. 
LAP 37/53
Did Leclerc get an advantage by missing the apex? The stewards have noted it. Watch this space
LAP 36/53
Leclerc locks up and goes through the first chicane! Somehow he prevents Hamilton from getting past. How much longer can he hold him off?
LAP 35/53
Magnussen's Haas locks up and goes straight on at the first corner. He was fending off Norris
LAP 35/53
Hamilton just can't get past Leclerc despite his better tyres. "I need more power man" he exclaims
LAP 33/53
The leaders are heading into traffic and Vettel is getting lapped and lets his teammate and his rival through easily
LAP 33/53
The top 10:


LAP 32/53
We're racing again (again) and Lando Norris takes advantage getting past Pierre Gasly and into the points
LAP 31/53
The Russian's car has pulled up just after the first corner with an engine problem. He was on course for points
Danill Kvyat is out!
LAP 30/53
Hamilton looks sharp on the restart and he's eyeing up a move for the lead
LAP 29/53
The VSC will provide a breather for drivers, but not for long. It ends and we're racing again!
Sainz stops but his front right tyre is loose and he retires on the pit straight
LAP 28/53
Speak of the devil. Bottas stops for Mediums. He comes out behind Ricciardo but with younger tyres he will close the gap in the final laps
LAP 27/53
Halfway though and as predicted this race is tense. Hamilton is sticking with Leclerc but the Ferrari man is holding him off. Ahead Bottas is yet to pit and will play a part come the end of race
LAP 26/53
Ricciardo is in the way of Leclerc and Hamilton as they go past. Things calming down after their near collision
LAP 25/53
Hamilton on Leclerc: He's super fast on the straights 
LAP 25/53
Leclerc isn't happy on radio. He obviously thinks his racing was fair 
LAP 24/53
Hamilton on the radio says he was pushed off. Leclerc could have left more room and has been warned of his actions by the stewards
LAP 23/53
Hamilton runs off after Leclerc squeezes him wide!!
LAP 22/53
Bottas is playing the overcut here. Don't dismiss him for a surprise win
LAP 22/53
Hamilton is right behind Leclerc now. He'll be past soon enough
LAP 21/53
Hamilton will be the quicker of the two but may have to stop again before the end. Leclerc will be on his tyres till the end now
LAP 21/53
Leclerc stops for Hard tyres and comes out ahead of Hamilton who is on the Mediums not Softs
LAP 20/53
The penalties keep coming, with Raikkonen getting a 10-second-stop-go for his tyre infringement
LAP 20/53
Mercedes pits Hamilton for Softs
LAP 19/53
Verstappen who started 19th has the fastest lap of the race but won't receive the bonus point until he gets into the top 10. He's currently 13th
LAP 18/53
Albon receives a 5 second penalty for his illegal overtake
LAP 17/53
Mercedes play the dummy in the pitlane. The crews come out with Hard tyres only for no one to pit.
LAP 16/53
Kimi Raikkonen is under investigation for starting the race on the wrong tyres. 
LAP 15/53
There's now a drive through penalty for Lance Stroll for how he re-joined the track. He started in the top 10 but surely won't finish there now
LAP 14/53
The top 10:


LAP 14/53
Ferrari need to be careful here. Without Vettel (who has just served his penalty) Leclerc has to fend off both Mercedes without any support. This will be about strategy now
LAP 13/53
Vettel is given a 10-second-stop-go penalty for his frankly dangerous re-joining of the track. He's completely out of the race now
LAP 11/53
Good duelling between Magnussen and Perez for 10th. This could get tasty...
LAP 11/53
Albon appeared to cut the chicane while overtaking Magnussen. Expect that to be investigated.
LAP 10/53
Meanwhile Leclerc is calmly leading the race 1.4 seconds ahead of Hamilton
LAP 9/53
Gosjean also spins as a result of gravel on the track from the Vettel/Stroll/Gasly incident
LAP 8/53
Vettel being investigated for unsafe re-joining of the track. A stonewall penalty
LAP 8/53
Stroll in turn nearly hits a Toro Rosso for good measure. The Ferrari is in the pits for a new front wing
LAP 7/53
Chaos at the Ascari chicane Vettel spins before hitting Stroll as he rejoins the track


LAP 6/53
Albon is eyeing up a move on Magnussen's Haas. The stewards say his earlier collision warrants no further action
LAP 5/53
Ricciardo overtakes his teammate Hulkenberg at the first corner for 5th but he's already 3 seconds off Vettel in 4th
LAP 1/53
Collision between Albon and Sainz. Albon had made a stunning pass but as the McLaren took the place back they touch and the Red Bull ends up in the gravel and down in 11th
LAP 1/53
The top 10


LAP 2/53
Vettel reovertakes Hulkenberg as Verstappen pits for a new front wing. He hit Sergio Perez on the approach to the first corner
LAP 1/53
Leclerc makes a great start as does Nico Hulkenberg who gets past Vettel for 4th. Verstappen at the back has lost his front wing
Formation Lap
They're off warming their tyres!
Historic Monza
The crowds at Monza this weekend have been electric. They'll be glad that the circuit will remain on the calendar for the next 5 years. We've been racing here since 1950


Lap record
1:21:046 is the current race lap record set by Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello in 2004. Records are there to be broken
Celebrity fans
Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is at the race today. He says he is backing Hamilton. A good omen?
Ever since the dreadfully boring French GP, this season has kept on surprising us. Will Italy keep that streak going?
Weather forecast
After all the rain on Friday, the race to is set to be hot and dry throughout which could cause some teams tyre problems...
Renault looking promising
Within all the chaos of qualifying, Renault managed to pull of a remarkable 5th and 6th. Are the French team outsiders for the podium this weekend?
The drivers to look out for
Aside from the battle at the front, expect a great charge from the back for Verstappen. Youngsters Lance Stroll and Antonio Giovinazzi start in the top 10 and could prove their worth today.
This race should be close. Ferrari have picked up the pace recently and should start the quicker with Mercedes  going to be faster over the full race.
The grid in full
So after all that this how the drivers will line up:


Grid penalties aplenty
That’s not all however, with plenty of grid penalties abound. Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen took penalties for technical changes before the weekend started, whereas Sergio Perez required a new engine after yesterday’s action. After crashing in qualifying Kimi Raikkonen now starts from the pitlane.
Leclerc on pole
It all left Leclerc on pole, following on from his maiden win in Belgian last weekend. Mercedes duo, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are next up with the other Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel in 4th.
"No you first..."
Qualifying turned into a farcical affair. Due to the high-speed nature of Monza, no driver wanted to go out first, as they miss out on gaining a tow from a car in front. As a result, almost every driver ran out of time to set a last fast lap in one of the most bizarre qualifying sessions the sport has ever seen.
The story so far this weekend
Rain disrupted Friday practice with Charles Leclerc topping both sessions. Saturday practice was delayed after a dramatic crash in the Formula 3 race. Alex Peroni’s car hit a kerb at the Parabolica corner and was launched into the air before landing upside down on a barrier. Fortunately, Peroni was unhurt and the kerb has since been removed.
The Constructor Standings
Likewise, Mercedes are in complete control, with home team Toro Rosso hoping to hold on to their 5th place spot:

Mercedes - 471pts

Ferrari - 326pts

Red Bull - 254pts

McLaren - 84pts

Toro Rosso - 51pts

The Driver Standings
Lewis Hamilton will be looking to extend his dominant lead in the standings today:

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - 268pts

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) - 203pts

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) - 181pts

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) - 168pts

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) - 157pts

What happened last year?
Ferrari locked out the front row, but things didn’t work out for the Scuderia come race day. Sebastien Vettel spun on the first lap as Lewis Hamilton was overtaking him. The Mercedes driver then duelled with Kimi Raikkonen before taking the lead with just eight laps to go.
Monza breakdown
Circuit length: 5.793km

First Grand Prix: 1950

Race lap record: 1.21.046, Rubens Barrichello (2004)

Number of laps: 53

2018 winner: Lewis Hamilton

The Formula 1 bandwagon is in Monza, Italy this weekend, with qualifying underway tomorrow at 14:00 BST.

On Sunday, it’s lights out at 14:10 BST and you can follow the action right here through our live updates!