Japanese Grand Prix: Formula 1 Live Stream and Race TV Updates
Alexander Albon of Thailand driving the Red Bull on track during practice for the F1 Grand Prix of Japan at Suzuka Circuit (Photo credit: Mark Thompson, Getty Images)


08:13a year ago

Thank you and Goodbye!!

And with that, my job is done. Thank you for joining us here at VAVEL for another memorable race. We'll be back in two weeks time for the Mexican Grand Prix. Now I'm off to have a proper breakfast and catch up on some sleep.  Goodbye!!
08:10a year ago

Constructors' table

Mercedes have the title wrapped up but there's still plenty up for grabs:

1 - Mercedes - 612pts

2 - Ferrari - 435pts

3 - Red Bull - 323pts

4 - McLaren - 111pts

5 - Renault - 76pts

6 - Toro Rosso - 59pts

7 - Racing Point - 53pts

8 - Alfa Romeo - 35pts

9 - Haas - 28pts

10 - Williams - 1pt

08:07a year ago

Lauda tribute

Mercedes Team Principle Toto Wolff dedicates their record title win to former team member and three-time world champion Niki Lauda who passed away earlier in the year
08:05a year ago

Driver Standings Part 2

And the bottom 10:

11 - Norris - 35pts

12 - Kvyat - 33pts

13 - Perez - 33pts

14 - Raikkonen - 31pts

15 - Stroll - 20pts

16 - Magnussen - 20pts

17 - Grosjean - 8pts

18 - Giovinazzi - 4pts

19 - Kubica - 1pt

20 - Russell - 0pts

08:02a year ago

Driver Standings

Just four races to go now. Here's the top 1o in the drivers' table:

1 - Hamilton - 338pts

2 - Bottas - 274pts

3 - Leclerc - 223pts

4 - Verstappen - 212pts

5 - Vettel - 212pts

6 - Sainz Jnr - 76pts

7 - Gasly - 73pts

8 - Albon - 64pts

9 - Ricciardo - 40pts

10 - Hulkenberg - 36pts

07:55a year ago

Hamilton v Bottas

The result today means only Bottas can catch Hamilton in the Driver's standings. Although it is very much Hamilton's to lose
07:54a year ago

Bottas Driver of the Day

Not only does he claim the winners trophy but Valtteri Bottas also wins the Driver of the Day poll. Be sure to check out our very own Driver Ratings for the race tomorrow
07:51a year ago

Race Result Part 2

And the rest of the results:

11 - Kvyat (Toro Rosso)

12 - Norris (McLaren)

13 - Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo)

14 - Grosjean (Haas)

15 - Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo)

16 - Magnussen (Haas)

RET - Perez

18 - Russell (Williams)

19 - Kubica (Williams)

RET - Verstappen (Red Bull)

07:48a year ago

Race Result

Phew. So here is the top 10:

1 - Bottas (Mercedes)

2 - Vettel (Ferrari)

3 - Hamilton (Mercedes)

4 - Albon (Red Bull)

5 - Sainz Jnr. (McLaren)

6 - Leclerc (Ferrari)

7 - Ricciardo (Renault)

8 - Gasly (Toro Rosso)

9 - Hulkenberg (Renault)

10 - Stroll (Racing Point)

07:41a year ago


SIX IN A ROW. A fantastic feat for the team. Although Hamilton doesn't appear happy on the radio
07:40a year ago

Perez crash

Just seen the replay of the Perez crash. He tangled with a Toro Rosso while going round the outside of Turn 1.
07:39a year ago


Bottas wins the Japanese Grand Prix. Vettel comes home second ahead of Hamilton in third
07:37a year ago


07:37a year ago


Yellow flag in sector 1. Perez has gone into the wall as Hamilton chases Vettel still


07:36a year ago


07:35a year ago

Lap 52/53

If Hamilton doesn't overtake Vettel he'll be very annoyed. They've won the title but Mercedes will want a one-two finish to cap it off
07:34a year ago

Lap 51/53

CLOSE but not cigar for Hamilton. He tries to overtake Vettel into Turn 1, but the lapped Gasly gets in the way
07:31a year ago

Lap 50/53

Leclerc unlaps himself as Hamilton looks into overtaking Vettel again...
07:30a year ago

Lap 49/53

There are some wo have been up since 2am watching qualifying. Its been worth it though just to see how this duel plays out
07:28a year ago

Lap 48/53

Hamilton right on Vettel's tail. He has a look into Turn 1 but isn't close enough
07:27a year ago

Lap 47/53

If things stay the way they are Mercedes will win the constructors title. It'll be a record sixth consecutive title. Some achievement for the Silver Arrows
07:25a year ago

Lap 46/53

Ricciardo is allowed to overtake teammate Hulkenberg to get after Stroll and swiftly takes the Canadian for eighth
07:24a year ago

Lap 45/53

Hamilton sets the fastest lap and is less than three seconds off Vettel now.
07:22a year ago

Lap 44/53

Great battle for seventh here with Gasly, Stroll, Hulkenberg and Ricciardo separated by nothing
07:21a year ago

Lap 42/53

HAMILTON PITS. It's happening. Lewis is out on fresh Softs and just five seconds behind Vettel.
07:17a year ago

Lap 40/53

If Lewis pits now he'll come out third but right behind Vettel stay out now and the Ferrari will have to make up 17 seconds to catch him. Decisions, decisions.
07:15a year ago

Lap 39/53

15 laps to go now. Verstappen is talking on the TV now about the collision with Leclerc that has caused him to retire:

"That was not hard-racing"

07:13a year ago

Lap 38/53

Hamilton may as well stick it out now for a one-stop now and try and fend off Bottas and Vettel
07:11a year ago

Lap 37/53

Bottas stops again. He's had a superb race and comes out in second. He's eight seconds behind Hamilton and eight seconds ahead of Vettel now.
07:10a year ago

Lap 36/53

Where I am the sun is finally going up. There must be a joke about 'The Land of the Rising Sun' I can make here?
07:09a year ago

Lap 35/53

Leclerc past Gasly and up to sixth now. Meanwhile Albon pits again but stays ahead of Sainz. Good stuff for the sole Red Bull
07:07a year ago

Lap 34/53

Magnussen on the radio to say his seat is loose. Someone is in for a bumpy ride
07:06a year ago

Lap 33/53

Leclerc continues his adventure through the midfield, moving past Stroll for seventh
07:05a year ago

Lap 32/53

Hamilton stays out for now 
07:04a year ago

Lap 31/53

Vettel stops again for the Mediums. 19 seconds off Hamilton, will Mercedes call him in to cover the Ferrari?
07:01a year ago

Lap 30/53

And just as I post that, Ricciardo pits and comes out 11th ruining my race order. Thanks for nothing Renault
07:00a year ago

Lap 29/53

Ok here's the current order:


06:59a year ago

Lap 28/53

Ricciardo is up to fifth but crucially he hasn't stopped yet. After going out in Q1 this is looking promising for the Aussie
06:56a year ago

Lap 27/53

Great duel for ninth. Hulkenberg battles Kvyat before taking him on the main straight with Perez also sneaking by to get into the points
06:56a year ago

Lap 26/53

Halfway through now. Leclerc stops for another set of Softs. 
06:54a year ago

Lap 25/53

Lando Norris isn't having a good time. he's just dropped from ninth to 11th and is just going backwards now. Probably a result of the damage he received when Albon hit him
06:52a year ago

Lap 24/53

Hamilton has a big moan on the radio. He can't understand why he's so far behind
06:51a year ago

Lap 23/53

We're playing the waiting game now. Looks like everyone's just managing their tyres waiting for a big push at the end
06:48a year ago

Lap 22/53

He re-joins in third, some 10 seconds behind Vettel and 20 seconds behind Bottas
06:47a year ago

Lap 21/53

Hamilton pits for Mediums!
06:46a year ago

Lap 20/53

Hamilton is staying out as long as possible, pushing his tyres to the end. He's playing the long game here hoping to have enough pace at the end of the race to hold off Vettel and challenge Bottas for the lead
06:44a year ago

Lap 19/53

The floodgates have opened and everyone is coming into to pit now. The Leclerc/Verstappen incident will be investigated after the race now
06:42a year ago

Lap 18/53

Bottas pits for Mediums so he's going to end, as Vettel passes Sainz for third
06:40a year ago

Lap 17/53

Vettel pits for another set of Soft tyres. Guaranteed two stop for the Ferrari. Masterstroke or mistake?
06:39a year ago

Lap 17/53

Albon is the first the blink for new tyres as Vettel also pits with Hamilton close on his tail
06:38a year ago

Lap 17/53

VERSTAPPEN OUT. The Dutchman has had enough and returns his Red Bull to the garage after his collision with Leclerc. He's furious
06:37a year ago

Lap 16/53

The Pit window is open now. Who will come out on top?
06:36a year ago

Lap 15/53

No penalty for Vettel. He may have moved early but not beyond his grid box. Teammate Leclerc just pulled another stunning overtake on Raikkonen at the 130R. Told you it would be interesting.
06:34a year ago

Lap 14/53

Big train of cars for Leclerc to overtake up ahead. This will get interesting...
06:33a year ago

Lap 13/53

Bottas locks up into the Hairpin as Hamilton gains on Vettel for second
06:31a year ago

Lap 12/53

Leclerc's in a hurry, pulling off a great overtake into Spoon corner on Daniil Kvyat
06:30a year ago

Lap 11/53

I'm aware that this page isn't updating automatically for some people. So just keep refreshing for the time being to get your VAVEL updates
06:29a year ago

Lap 10/53

Shout out to Carlos Sainz, whose up to 4th after a great start. Is a podium on the cards?
06:28a year ago

Lap 9/53

Leclerc passes Verstappen at the first corner. Unfortunately, it only moves him up to 16th
06:26a year ago

Lap 8/53

Something you don't see too often. Leclerc's left wing mirror comes off as a result of his earlier damage
06:25a year ago

Lap 7/53

And replays confirm Vettel did move to early at the start. Expect a penalty for the German very soon. And the FIA are reinvestigating the Leclerc/Verstappen incident. Things going from bad to worse for Ferrari
06:23a year ago

Lap 6/53

Albon and Norris touch at the chicane, Senna/Prost style and the McLaren runs wide and has now fallen to the back of the grid. Disaster for the young Brit
06:21a year ago

Lap 5/53

Lets not sleep on that Bottas start. It was quite something and now he's pulling away at the front
06:19a year ago

Lap 4/53

Leclerc/Verstappen collision declared a racing incident as the Ferrari finally pits for a new front wing
06:18a year ago

Lap 3/53

Ok the order right now:


06:16a year ago

Lap 2/53

Leclerc doesn't stop to replace his front wing. Very dangerous given its sparking all over the place. And apparently Vettel jumped the start.
06:15a year ago

Lap 1/53

Leclerc and Verstappen tangle at the first corner and the Ferrari has wing damage to boot
06:14a year ago


We're racing! Bottas has an amazing start and takes the lead but Verstappen spins off!
06:11a year ago

Formation Lap

All but five drivers start on the Soft tyres. Expect a one-stop strategy today
06:09a year ago

Mercedes going for the record

Quick reminder, Mercedes can win a 6th constructor title in a row today. But they'll need to finish ahead of Ferrari to do it.
06:07a year ago


For the first time in a few weeks the biggest sporting event happening in Japan isn't the Rugby World Cup. The crowds are always great at Suzuka to be fair
06:01a year ago


Last chance to grab a coffee or a piece of toast everyone. Don't you just love early morning F1?


05:50a year ago


Remember Ferrari have locked out the front row. After all the commotion in Russia about team orders it will be interesting to see how the Scuderia manages their drivers this time round.
05:49a year ago

Senna v Prost

Its been 20 years since THAT infamous moment when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost came together at the Japanese Grand Prix to decide the title. The stakes maybe lower today but could we see more teammates colliding today? 
05:42a year ago

Weather report

If there was a typhoon at the circuit yesterday you wouldn't know it. Nothing but bright sunshine and clear skies.
05:40a year ago

The Constructors’ standings

And now for the teams where Mercedes can wrap a sixth straight world title:

Mercedes – 571pts

Ferrari – 409pts

Red Bull – 311pts

McLaren – 101pts

Renault – 68pts

05:38a year ago

The Drivers’ standings

Before we get racing lets have a look at how the championship is looking.

Hamilton (Mercedes) – 322pts

Bottas (Mercedes) – 249pts

Leclerc (Ferrari) – 215pts

Verstappen (Red Bull) – 212pts

Vettel (Ferrari) – 194pts

05:36a year ago

The Grid

So here’s how the grid will line up today:


05:34a year ago

Grid Penalties

A quick note on the drivers taking grid penalties. Kevin Magnussen starts 19th after changing his gearbox, while Robert Kubica starts from the pitlane for the same reason.
05:33a year ago

Qualifying Report

Rather surprisingly Sebastian Vettel claimed pole position with Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc in second. Bottas continued his good form and outqualified Hamilton with the Red Bulls in fifth and sixth.
05:32a year ago

The story so far this weekend

Mercedes finished 1-2 in Friday Practice, with Valtteri Bottas ahead of Lewis Hamilton in both sessions.

The arrival of Typhoon Hagibis resulted in all Saturday events being called off, with qualifying being postponed to Sunday morning.

05:30a year ago


Grab your coffee and get comfy on your sofa because it’s time for the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix! So just relax and join us here on VAVEL as we provide you with live updates from the race in Suzuka.
10:20a year ago

Qualifying postponed as typhoon set to hit Suzuka

The FIA have announced their decision to cancel both FP3 and qualifying. The latter will commence at 2am UK time on Sunday where we can expect a packed day of Formula 1.

The race is still scheduled to go ahead at 6:10am UK time on Sunday, where you can join us for lap by lap, live race updates here at VAVEL.

22:52a year ago

Suzuka Breakdown

Circuit length: 5.807km

Laps: 53

First Grand Prix: 1987

Race lap record: 1:31:540, Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren (2005)

Number of corners: 18

2018 winner: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

22:47a year ago

Weekend Scheldule

Unless the aforementioned Typhoon Hagibis has anything to say about it, Qualifying will be underway Saturday 07:00 BST before lights out on Sunday at 06:10 BST and you can follow the action right here through our live updates!
22:42a year ago


Much like a great typhoon, Formula 1 has rolled up in Japan this weekend at Suzuka, so be sure to set your alarms for some early morning racing!