Imola-like testing practised as both FP1&2 fail to go ahead - Eifel GP
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  • Fog stays for the day

There was little to be said about FP2 as nothing appeared to differ from the conditions that were about during FP1. The weather kept its course and left the medical helicopter unable to take flight.

The rest of the weekend looks a lot more promising. Saturday appears to be sunny with cloudy patches and the chance for rain is at a peak of 30% come Sunday with the humidity expected to be much lower than it was this Friday.

Race Director Michael Masi spoke of plans incase weather would intervene for the rest of the weekend but would not go into detail of what those plans may entail.

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  • Frustration and optimism the mindset of the Paddock

Up and down the grid there are obviously varying opinions on whether less running could be better or worse.

Mercedes have the most to lose now with less practice available meaning there is less time to get the car at 100%. To the rest of the paddock, they all hope Mercedes can not do that now, especially with no previous years data to help find the right direction.

If Mercedes struggle to find that sweet spot every other team in the Paddock is hopeful to get a lucky break and fine-tune their cars to their maximum potential. Optimism is high for the nine other teams.

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  • Is Saturday & Sunday an Imola trial?

With the ever-more interesting weekend of Imola getting closer and closer teams will be ever more curious on how only two days of running will work out for them.

Now they have the best chance they will have at replicating that experience before they get there. Then understand how all the processes will work and see how much can be fit into a practice session on Saturday morning.

The one thing for sure, Saturday will be hectic. Furthermore, the whole weekend has the possibility to be something completely unexpected, something the fans are always ready and waiting for.