Appeal to help Crutchlow find stolen goods robbed from Italian home

The LCR Honda rider had his house in Italy broken into whilst he was at the third round of the MotoGP in Austin, Texas. Can you help in anyway?

Appeal to help Crutchlow find stolen goods robbed from Italian home
Volkswagon Transporter LWD 4Motion van German trade plate "ST J083" - @calcrutchlow

LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow has made a personal plea to fans to help him find his belongings after his home in Tuscany, Italy has been burgled. The British rider and his expectant wife were away at the third round of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas when their home was broken into.

Terrible act

This is a terrible and disgusting act by someone who has more than likely purposely targeted the MotoGP rider’s house knowing that the couple were going to be away for a period of time. Luckily his wife, who is due to have their first child soon, was not at home at the time as she was at the circuit with her husband; however there is no justification for the pair to have to go through this ordeal at this moment in time.

Crutchlow had a disappointing enough weekend as he luckily was able to remount in the race following an accident where he possibly slipped off due to oil that had been spilt in a previous session at the track. Crutchlow tweeted, “Had a bad day yesterday topped off by thieves breaking into our house in Tuscany and stealing many things.

Crutchlow has turned to social media network Twitter to try and return some of his belongings. In particular he is hoping that someone will be able to help him to recover his Volkswagen Transporter LWB 4Motion; it is on a German trade plate ‘ST J083”. Twitter and other social media platforms can be a very powerful platform in this situation, making any items reported stolen as ‘too hot to handle’.

It is unfair that a ‘person’ is able to take advantage of a sportsman and his family in this way. Motorcycle racers are out their risking their lives to find the limit’ for the entertainment and thrill of the competition. This article is being written in the hope that someone reading this may be able to lead to a clue of some sort to help the rider, as no-one no matter what they do for a living should have to go through this sort of situation.

More information can be found on Twitter by following @calcrutchlow