Lorenzo releases statement about Ducati move

Jorge Lorenzo has released a statement via Twitter and Instagram regarding his recent announcement of making the switch from Movistar Yamaha to Ducati to commence from the start of the 2017 MotoGP season.

Lorenzo releases statement about Ducati move
Lorenzo releases brief statament about decision to move to Ducati from 2017 - www.959panigale.net

Jorge Lorenzo has been with Yamaha since 2008 and in that time has managed to achieve three MotoGP titles in 2010, 2012 and 2015. His latest post on his social media accounts follow on from many holiday snaps with his current girlfriend where they took in the sights at New York, America.

He recorded a twenty second video to thank his fans for their support following his announcement saying, “thank you for all of the messages I have received over the last few days.

The only reference he made to his decision to move to Ducati next season was made by him briefly saying, “As you know I have a fantastic challenge ahead of me in the future”. He went on to speak to confirm that his attention is very much surrounding his present situation, “Now my focus is with Yamaha." Ducati also said that he must focus on the rest of the season as well.

Lorenzo's focus remains with Yamaha during 2016 MotoGP season

Despite this major change within his career and the MotoGP field, Lorenzo appears to be determined to “Try and become MotoGP champion for the fourth time.” He finished his statement by again offering his gratitude saying, “Thanks to all, especially my Yamaha team, see you in Jerez!

"We wanted to sign on of the best riders!"

Ducati Corse Sporting Director, Paolo Ciabatti, has spoken to Sky Italia about Lorenzo’s decision saying, “We knew we wanted to sign one of the best riders.” Ciabatti feels that so far this season the Desmosedici GP Ducati that Lorenzo will take to the track on is “very competitive” and “has enabled the two parties to reach an agreement.”

Many riders’ contracts were due to expire at the end of this season and Ciabatii said there had been a “tentative approach some time ago”. What followed according to him was a “complex negotiation” but then both parties “Managed to reach an agreement fairly quickly”.

"It was not difficult to convince Lorenzo!"

The Sporting Director claims it “was not difficult to convince Lorenzo” as during the start of the season he feels, “We have demonstrated its (the bike’s) competitiveness” declaring that this “Has been key to reaching this agreement.

When speaking about whether Lorenzo has had any time on the Ducati Ciabatti said, “It’s conventional for all the manufacturers."

Who will remain at Ducati with Lorenzo?

Lorenzo’s move to Ducati means that one of the two riders presently at Ducati will have to make way for the current MotoGP champion. Ciabatti said they, “Wanted to ensure the signing of Lorenzo”, before considering whether it would be Andrea Dovizioso or Andrea Iannone who would stay, Ciabatti declared, “We have not decided yet”.  He described the decision as “unpleasant” as he feels the two riders are “exceptional”, and he spoke of how “it will not be an easy choice”.

Upon signing Lorenzo, his opinion on who his future teammate would be has been considered. Apparently when asked, Lorenzo “Didn’t mind who his teammate was going to be” as Ciabatti said the current Movistar Yamaha rider “Respects both Dovizioso and Iannone." 

Now the decision will have to be made as to who will stay in Ducati, with Ciabatti saying, “It will take a bit of time to work out which of the two Andreas will stay in the team.” With the future of Iannone and Dovizioso hanging in the balance, when referring to the remainder of the 2016 MotoGP season Ciabatti claimed, “We have spoken to both of them and I don’t think the uncertainty over their future will affect them.

Who will replace Lorenzo at Yamaha?

Not only does curiosity surround the decision of who will be Lorenzo’s new teammate (rather than who will Lorenzo become the teammate of), Lorenzo’s position at Yamaha now has to be decided. Will it turn out to be a swap between Ducati and Yamaha as one of the ‘two Andreas’ will move to Yamaha, or will another member of the MotoGP field join the ‘blue garage’ to become the teammate of Valentino Rossi who is confirmed to continue riding until 2018?

Lorenzo's statement can be viewed here: