As it happened: Gutherson drop-goal in golden point extra time sees Eels beat Raiders 25-24


12:462 years ago


An incredible match, Gutherson gets the first field goal of his career and gets the golden point for the Eels!
12:442 years ago
Knock-on against the Raiders and the Eels now have the ball. 4 minutes remaining
12:422 years ago

First half over

The first half of golden point is over and there's only five minutes to go
12:412 years ago
George Williams kicks from 50 but it doesn't make the goal
12:412 years ago
Gutherson has a shot from range but it goes to the right of the post
12:392 years ago
Both sides have had a couple of attempts at kicking at the goal but nobody has scored yet
12:382 years ago
It's a penalty for the Raiders at their own touch line 
12:362 years ago

Extra time underway!

We're into extra time now
12:352 years ago

We're going to golden point extra time!

The normal scores end 24-24
12:302 years ago

Successful conversion

Croker levels the scoring!
12:292 years ago


Incredible! The raiders go forwards and Nicoll-Klokstad scores another for the Raiders
12:282 years ago

Successful conversion

Croker adds another two
12:272 years ago


Four minutes left and George Williams gets his seventh try assist of the season. A great chip over the top to Nicoll-Klokstad who touches the ball over the line
12:232 years ago
It's been a great game between the Eels and the Raiders but it looks like it's the hosts who will finish the game victorious.

They lead the Raiders by twelve points and have had a great second half

12:212 years ago

Watch Sivo's try

Here's a video of Sivo's try
12:192 years ago
Despite the lack of the injured Mitchell Moses, the Parramatta side have adapted well and have improved since he hobbled off. Ten minutes to go in today's final game
12:192 years ago

Unsuccessful conversion

Gutherson fails to convert from the wing
12:172 years ago


It's another try for the Eels and this time it's Maika Sivo! He picks up the ball on the right before diving in and grounding the ball
12:152 years ago

Try video

Watch back Jennings' 151st try of his career here:
12:132 years ago

Successful Conversion

Gutherson converts successfully and its 20-12
12:122 years ago


The Eels extend their lead. Lane plays through Michael Jennings who dives down to score his first of today's game
12:092 years ago
Blake walks off the pitch bit looks to be in fine condition
12:092 years ago
The game is stopped as Blake is down with an injury after his head collides with Sutton's knee
12:052 years ago
The Eels go forwards but it's a back kick through from Gutherson and it's intercepted
12:022 years ago

Try video

Here's the video of Ray Stone's first-ever NRL try 
12:002 years ago

Successful conversion

Gutherson coverts successfully and the Eels are back in front
11:592 years ago


Raymond Stone breaks free just in front of the line and slides over to level the scores
11:582 years ago
Sivo is down after being hit in the eye whilst on the ground
11:572 years ago
Maika Sivo powers forwards on the right but is tackled just before he reaches the line 
11:562 years ago
Two players injured in the first half and pictured on crutches now - Mitchell Moses and Corey Horsbrough
11:512 years ago
The Raiders have been the better of the two in the second half, focusing their attack on the left wing
11:512 years ago
It's been a great game of football to watch from the point of view of a neutral today. 

The refereeing decisions may have been questionable at times but the play on the pitch has been brilliant

11:482 years ago
Another questionable decision from the touch judge. Canberra attack down the left and seem to score a try but it's adjudged that the pass was forwards
11:472 years ago

Second half underway

The second half has started!
11:302 years ago


Gutherson successfully kicks his penalty inbetween the sticks and its 8-12
11:292 years ago
This game has absolutely everything. Penalty now for the Eels after tackle above the neck right in front of the goal
11:262 years ago
So close to another try from Canberra but they are intercepted just before the touch line
11:252 years ago
Five minutes left and Eels fans will not be happy if the score if it stays as it is, they've been denied two tries due to questionable referring decisions
11:242 years ago
Mitchell Moses is down clutching his ankle
11:232 years ago
A tussle breaks out on the pitch after Horsburgh is brought down on the field. He limps off and a penalty kick is given to the Raiders
11:212 years ago

Decision: No Try

The decision given is no try due to a knock on
11:202 years ago

Is that a try?

The ball is played forwards Lane and towards Maika Sivo who scores but it's going to the video referee
11:192 years ago

Watch the try

Here's the video of the last try
11:172 years ago
There will be lots of anger from Eels fans towards the touch judge there. The pass was easily forwards in the lead up to the try but it isn't given
11:162 years ago

Successful conversion

Croker converts and its 6-12
11:162 years ago

Decision: Try Raiders

It's a second try of the night for the Raiders! Whitehead grounds the ball in lots of space.
11:152 years ago


The Raiders have a try and although the pass was a yard forwards, they can only check that they were onside
11:132 years ago
Knock-on given with the Eels going forwards and it's a scrum with the Raiders to get the ball
11:092 years ago
15 minutes left in the first half and it's been a great game so far
11:082 years ago
Pass out to the wing is just too high and Ferguson can't get to it
11:082 years ago
Raiders attacking very close to the home side's line now
11:072 years ago
Penalty for Canberra twenty out due to the Eels obstructing a kick chase
11:052 years ago

Another look at the try

Here's another look at Canberra's first try of the night
11:032 years ago

Successful coversion

Croker converts successfully and the scores are level
11:032 years ago


Papalli strolls through the Eels defence and touches down just next to the posts
11:022 years ago
Canberra have a chance to go forwards but they've only had six tackles inside of the Parramatta half so far. It's clear which side have been more dominant
11:002 years ago
A great tackle from Brown sees Horsburgh collide with two Eels players.


He gets straight back up. That's League for you

10:582 years ago


The video referee's decision is no try after a knock-on from Dylan Brown
10:572 years ago


It seems as if the Eels have a try but it's going to the video referee
10:552 years ago
The Eels try to attack own the right but it's a great block by Cotric
10:552 years ago
10 minutes gone and it's been a great game so far. It's the Eels who've had the majority of the play and they've looked much better than the Raiders. 
10:512 years ago
There seems to be a phantom bell in the crowd
10:492 years ago
That was a very controversial call but it's a difficult one. It's hard to see whether the ball went forwards or directly sideways
10:482 years ago
The video referee agrees with the decision and No Try is given
10:472 years ago

Is it a try?

The ball gets touched down but the on-field decision is no try as it looks as if Mitchell Moses touches a ball forwards from a jump in the air
10:452 years ago
Seven minutes played and the Eels have had 61% possession
10:452 years ago
The Eels have been dominant so far with most of the football being played inside of Canberra's 20
10:432 years ago

Successful Conversion

Mitchell Moses converts successfully and it's 6-0
10:422 years ago


Moses creates the space on the right, flicking it to Ryan Matterson who burst through before touching the ball down
10:412 years ago


A little bit of a tussle on the ground and Parramatta have a penalty which they kick into touch. 35 away from the Canberra line
10:392 years ago
The Eels start well, attacking inside of the final 20
10:382 years ago

1' We're underway!

The Eels get us started
10:372 years ago

The teams are out!

The teams are out at the Bankwest Stadium!
10:342 years ago

Not long to go!

There's not long to go until today's game kicks off in Parramatta. Stay tuned for LIVE minute-by-minute updates on
09:352 years ago

1 hour!

It's game day and there's only one hour to go until kickoff for Parramatta vs Canberra
19:062 years ago
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Canberra Raiders: Team News

Starting 13: Nicoll-Klokstad, Rapana, Croker, Scott, Cotric, Wighton, G. Williams, Papalii, Hodgson, Soliola, Whitehead, Young, Horsburgh –  Interchanges: Havili, Guler, Sutton, Simonsson – Reserves: Lui, Starling

Unavailable: John Bateman (Injured), Sebastian Kris (Illness), Joe Tapine (Injured)

19:012 years ago

Parramatta Eels: Team News

Starting 13: Gutherson, Sivo, M. Jennings, Blake, Ferguson, D. Brown, Moses, Campbell-Gillard, Mahoney, Paulo, Lane, Matterson, Niukore – Interchanges: Stone, Kaufusi, Takairangi, Alvaro – Reserves: Gower, G. Jennings

Unavailable: Kane Evans (Suspended), Peni Terepo (Injured), Nathan Brown (Suspended)

18:592 years ago

Raiders looking to bounce back from Manly loss

The Canberra Raiders will be looking to bounce back from their loss against the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles last weekend.

The Raiders have had a strong start to the season, although have sometimes lacked the finishing edge going forwards.

18:582 years ago

Eels looking to regain top spot

After the Panthers and Roosters both registered wins in their games that they have played in Round 7, the Eels find themselves knocked out of the top spot.

However, Saturday's match is a chance for them to regain first place in the division, only one point behind the Penrith Panthers

18:562 years ago
Saturday's game is a crucial one for both teams in their aims to finish in the top 8
18:542 years ago

Kick off time

Parramatta Eels vs Canberra Raiders match will be played at the Bankwest Stadium in Sydney, Australia. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:35 BST.
18:522 years ago


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