Highlights and Touchdowns: Seattle Seahawks 17 - 9 Philadelphia Eagles, 2020 NFL Playoffs
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End of the game

Seahawks 17 - 9 Eagles

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4Q 1:37

Wilson passes deep to Metcalf and finishes the game. First down Seattle.

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4Q 1:56

Jarran Reed sacks McCown on fourth down. Seattle comes to put it on ice.

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4Q 2:00

Two minute warning. Seahawks 17 - 9 Eagles.

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4Q 4:45

McCown passes complete to Goedert. First down Philadelphia.

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4Q 5:31

Wilson's pass is complete, but Hollister does not make it to the mark. First down Seattle.

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4Q 6:21

Doug Pederson goes for it on fourth down, but Wentz's pass is incomplete. Seattle recovers the ball.

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4Q 9:28

Sanders makes it to the mark after a screen pass from McCown.

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4Q 11:36

McCown passes complete to Ertz. First down Philadelphia.

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4Q 12:06

Great carry by Sanders. First down Philadelphia.

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4Q 12:30

Jenkins sacks Wilson and forces Seattle to punt.
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4Q 14:50

Wilson passes complete to Moore. First down Seattle.

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End of the third quarter

Seahawks 17 - 9 Eagles

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3Q 1:54

18 yards rush by Russell Wilson. First down Seattle.

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Eliott's 38 yards field goal attempt is good. Seahawks 17 - 9 Eagles.

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3Q 5:00

Scott takes a short pass from McCown and turns it into a great gain. First down Philadelphia.

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3Q 7:00

McCown passes complete to Ward. First down Philadelphia.

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TD Seattle 17 - 6

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3Q 8:46

Russel Wilson passes deep to D.K. Metcalf for a Seattle touchdown.
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3Q 9:50

Wilson passes complete to Lynch. First down Seattle.

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3Q 10:36

Jake Elliott's 26 yards field goal attempt is good. Seahawks 10 - 6 Eagles.

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3Q 13:10

Great carry by Scott. First and goal Philadelphia.

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3Q 14:40

Ertz makes a big impact with his first catch of the game. First down Philadelphia.

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3Q 15:00

Official: Carson Wentz is ruled out for the rest of the game.

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3Q 15:00

The third quarter is on.

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Seattle retakes the lead and goes to the halftime with a 10 - 3 advantage.

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TD Seattle 10 - 3

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2Q 1:06

Marshawn Lynch carries it for five yards. Touchdown Seattle.

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2Q 1:17

Big play by Moore to move the chains. First and goal Seattle.

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2Q 1:52

Wilson passes complete to Metcalf for a big gain. First down Seattle.

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2Q 2:00

Two minute warning. Seahawks 3 - 3 Eagles.
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2Q 2:53

Elliott's 46 yards field goal attempt is good to tie the game.
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2Q 4:46

McCown gives Philadelphia the first down by his feet.

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2Q 5:12

McCown passes complete to Goedert. First down Philadelphia.

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2Q 6:32

Sanders with another big carrie. First down Philadelphia.

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2Q 8:00

Big run from Scott. First down Philadelphia.

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2Q 8:55

Wilson's pass is incomplete. Dickson comes out to punt.
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2Q 11:23

Wilson passes complete to Locket. First down Seattle

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2Q 13:08

Wilson passes complete to Lockett. First down Seattle.
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2Q 14:08

McCown's screen pass to Sanders did not work. Philadelphia is going to punt.

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End of the first quarter

Seahawks 3 - 0 Eagles

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1Q 0:46

Sanders reaches the mark. First down Philadelphia.

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Q1 1:29

Myer's 49 yards field goal attempt is good.

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1Q 2:27

Carson Wentz is headed to the locker room for a concussion check-out.

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1Q 3:32

Wilson passes complete to Metcalf. First down Seattle.

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1Q 4:56

Wilson passes complete to Lockett. First down Seattle.
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1Q 6:36

Scott comes short of the mark. Philadelphia is punting.

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1Q 8:09

Wentz's passes complete to Arceaga-White-side. First Down Philadelphia.
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1Q 9:49

Myer's 35 yards field goal attempt is blocked. Philadelphia has the ball.

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1Q 12:34

Wentz's pass is incomplete. Philadelphia to clear.

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Q1 13:34

Wilson pass is incomplete. Seattle to clear.

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2Q 15:00

Game starts. Seattle has the ball.

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Stay tuned!

The Wild Card game between the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles is about to begin. Follow up with us!

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The Eagles jump out to the field

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David Moore's got his head in the game

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Looking to change the course

The Seahawks lost their las two games of the regular season, hosting Arizona and San Francisco.

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The Eagles won their last four games of the regular season (NYG, WA, DAL, NYG).

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There is no home advantage

Among all the NFL 2019 Season's Divisional Champions, the Eagles is the only one who's not the favorite to win its Wild Card Round match.

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Follow it here

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Latest games

Philadelphia and Seattle have already face each other at Lincoln Financial Field during week 12 of the regular season, having the Seahawks upsetting the Eagles by 17 - 9.

With a 11-5 record, Seattle is the best of the four NFL wildcards. On the other hand, Philadelphia has the worst record among 2019 season's Divisional Champions (9-7).

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How to watch Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: NBC.

If you want to directly stream it: NBC, DirecTV and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Key player Eagles

The Eagles finished the 2019 regular season as the number four team in terms of accomplished first downs. A big part of that statistic is due to Carson Wentz's accuracy. The quarterback completed 63.92% of his passes, throwing for 27 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions.

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Key player Seahawks

Bobby Wagner has been the heart of Seattle's defense for many years. The middle linebacker finished the regular season with 159 total tackles, the biggest amount in the whole NFL.

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A scrimmage batlle

Thanks to its committee backfield, having Chris Carson and Marshawn Lynch as the biggest stars, Seattle ended up the regular season as the number four rushing offense in the NFL. However, the Seahawks will be facing the number three defense in terms of rushing yardage at Philadelphia.

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Kick-off time

The Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles match will be played at the Lincoln Financial Field, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:40 pm ET.

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