Chelsea, a fine stagione l'addio di John Terry: il tributo social dei compagni

Il capitano lascerà i Blues dopo ventidue anni. Da Drogba a Lampard, sono tanti i campioni che hanno speso parole sui social a riguardo.

Chelsea, a fine stagione l'addio di John Terry: il tributo social dei compagni
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Al termine della stagione in corso, John Terry lascerà il Chelsea, dopo ventidue anni trascorsi con i blues. L'annuncio è stato dato ieri dal sito ufficiale della società, seguito poi da un video celebrativo ed un messaggio dello stesso giocatore. Un messaggio fatto di immagini che hanno segnato la storia dei londinesi.


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L'addio del capitano è stato celebrato sui social anche da compagni ed ex compagni, che con lui hanno scritto pagine importanti del Chelsea del nuovo millennio.

The last man standing of an incredible era for @chelseafc. What a pleasure to play with the greatest defender in the @premierleague history. In fact, I'd put him up with any defender in world football of any era. He led the club both on and off the pitch from the moment he made his debut. He set standards for everyone, whether it was demanding excellence in training, fighting for every win or respecting how fortunate we were to play for such a great club. He was, and is, a legend, not just for his talent but just as much for his desire to get the best out of himself and others around him. That's what made him the most successful captain in the club's history. Off the pitch a great friend to not just me but so many at the club and outside of it. The countless things I've seen JT do to help people outside of the game, things that not many see, are what defines him as a man. @johnterry.26 you deserve every accolade you get over the next weeks and beyond and I hope you get what you deserve and lift two massive trophies at the end of the season(just to add to the tally ). Whatever you do next I know everyone will respect your decision and I know that the Chels will always be your club. Absolute respect #jt #captain #leader #legend

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From day one you've been a true Leader, when I first met you and didn't know who you were but said to me "welcome to chelsea" Thought you were a young player from the academy going on pre season tour Then I realized who you were from your first speech right before our first friendly game vs @celticfc . You've been carrying this team, this club for 22 years with the same passion, the same desire to win for @chelseafc and our fans. Proud to have been lead by the all time best defender of @premierleague and one of the very best in the world!!!! Thanks for the memories CAPTAIN LEGEND TERRY @johnterry.26 and all the very best for your next challenge. #leaderonandofthepitch #legend #Goat #chelseafc #johnterry #blues #endofanera #whataneraitwas #winniiiiiiiiiing

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