Serie A - Second round. Second battle

Last week, Serie A started the 2017/2018 campaign. Internazionale, Juventus and AC Milan are the leaders at the moment, but three points can’t decide anything at the beginning.

Serie A - Second round. Second battle

Italian teams are, like most leagues in Europe, starting their competition. Juventus wants to win it again, but this year AC Milan will be behind them (or ahead them). All in all, it’s so early to know what can happen at the end of the league, but everybody agree that the start can be critical at the end. Let’s see what battles are ready for this weekend.

Big fight today

As usual, Serie A Tim surprises everybody with very important matches. Today, at 20:45, AS Roma and Inter will live a battle whose result can be crucial to know the future of this teams. Will Roma be able this year to win the League title? Will Inter be able to be one of the teams in Champions league next year? Of course it’s too soon to make predictions, but this type of matches can decide lots of things. However, Di Franceso and Spalletti are under pressure.

The fixture between Roma and Inter is, obviously, the outstanding match of the week. But other fixtures are also very interesting. Genoa and Juventus will face each other in Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris, place where last year Juventus was defeated 3-1. Experts may think Genoa doesn’t have to be a problem for Allegri squad, but Serie A is, sometimes, an unexpected competition. We’ll see at 18:00 p.m. if Juric has prepared a good strategy for the match. Benevento and Bologna complete the three saturday matches of the italian league competition.

What about tomorrow?

Sunday league fixtures will start with Torino, team that will face Sassuolo after a difficult draw against Bologna last week. In fact, they started losing, but Ljajic scored and the final result was 1-1. Mihajlovic was not so happy with the draw, but it’s the beginning of the league and all they have to think is to make a better match against Sassuolo (it’s soon to make predictions). In addition, AC Milan will face Cagliari in San Siro with some important injured players like Montolivo, Bonaventura or Biglia, but the seven-time Champions League winner is a good candidate for the title and they can’t allow Cagilari to get a point of the match.

Napoli vs. Atalanta can be the most important match of the Sunday journey. Napoli will be in the race to the title and Atalanta will fight for Europe, so surprises may appear in San Paolo. People bet for a Napoli win, but Gasperini won’t agree with that. SPAL vs. Udinese and Crotone vs. Hellas Verona will be played at the same time as Fiorentina faces Sampdoria in a great confrontation. After losing the Bernabeu trophy on Wednesday, Fiorentina wants to come back to Serie A winning against Giampaolo squad. But Sampdoria is not willing to make that result easy for them and fans will be able to watch a very beautiful battle between these two teams.

Finally, Chievo will receive a nice visit for them. Since 2012, Lazio hasn’t been able to win in Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi. In fact, Chievo won the last meeting against Inzaghi team, but Lazio is going to fight for the win as it does every week, so betting is getting difficult every time these teams face each other.

All in all, italian football fans have plenty of matches to enjoy another week. It’s the second round of the competition and each team is looking for a different goal, so the beginning is very important not to get away of that goals.