Highlights: Men's 4x400 Relay Final
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7:44hace 2 años


7:13hace 2 años


USA 2:55:70
Netherlands 2:57:18
Botswana 2:57:27
7:01hace 2 años

New champions

The United States takes the Gold.

The Netherlands surprises with silver and Botswana gets a historic bronze in a stupendous closing ceremony.

6:57hace 2 años


U.S. receives a good lead and is closely followed by Botswana and Netherlands
6:56hace 2 años

1 relay

Very close first relay with the United States and Botswana topping the first places
6:54hace 2 años

we start

The first relays are already lined up in their respective lanes.
6:50hace 2 años

We will begin shortly

Shortly the teams will take to the track to begin the final sprint competition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
6:45hace 2 años

Closed race

We are just minutes away from the start of the race and all indications are that the United States are the favorites, followed by Jamaica, Botswana, Poland and Italy.
6:40hace 2 años

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Dylan Borlee
Jonathan Borlee
Kevin Borlee
Alexander Doom
Jonathan Sacoor
6:25hace 2 años


Machel Cedenio
Asa Guevara
Deon Lendore
Jereem Richards
Dwight St. Hillaire
6:20hace 2 años


Isaac Makwala 
Bayapo Ndori
Zibane Ngozi
Leungo Scoth
Baboloki Thebe
6:15hace 2 años


Kajetan Duszynski
Dariusz Kowaluk
Mateuz Rxezniczak 
Wiktor Suwara
Karol Zalewski
6:10hace 2 años


Nathon Allen
Sean Bailey
Karayme Bartley
Demish Gaye
Christopher Taylor
6:05hace 2 años


Michael Cherry
Michael Norman
Vernon Norwood
Randolph Ross
Trevor Stewart
6:00hace 2 años


Lorenzo Benati
Matteo Galván
Giuseppe Leonardi
Davide Re
Edoardo Scotti
5:55hace 2 años


Terrence Agard
Ramsey Angela
Liemarvin Bonevacia
Jochem Dobber
Nout Warswnburg
5:50hace 2 años


Olympic Record: United States Beijing, 2008
World Record: United States. Stuttgart.1993
5:45hace 2 años

They will fight for the gold medal

Lane 2 Netherlands
Lane 3 Italy
Lane 4 United States
Lane 5 Jamaica
Lane 6 Poland
Lane 7 Botswana
Lane 8 Trinidad and Tobago
Lane 9 Belgium
5:40hace 2 años

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Tokyo National Stadium

Tokyo National Stadium was used as the main venue for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and has been rebuilt as a brand new stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Games. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Games are to be held here, in addition to track and field events and soccer matches. At the conclusion of the 2020 Games, the stadium will be used for sporting and cultural events.

Venue capacity
Opening and Closing Ceremonies: 68,000
Olympic Athletics: 68,000
Olympic Football: 68,000