Interview: Fariz Jabba on New Single 'Masa'
Fariz Jabba

Interview: Fariz Jabba on New Single 'Masa'

Fariz Jabba speaks with us about his latest single 'Masa' and reveals his inspiration for his fashion style.

Sohail Shamsudeen

From posting videos of short raps and remixes to releasing 'Masa'. What a journey it's been for Fariz Jabba!

The 22-year-old Singaporean has just released his second single 'Masa' and it's safe to say it's a hit after garnering over 200,000 views over the span of 10 days.

Give Fariz Jabba's latest single 'Masa' a listen here: 




We spoke with Fariz about 'Masa' and what he plans to do in the future. Here's our interview with Fariz Jabba:

What do you hope fans will take away from listening to ‘Masa’?

I hope the song brings them some sort of nostalgia back when they were in some sort of puppy love or a high school crush. The song is meant for lovers and people who want to dance! 


Who/what inspired you to write ’Masa’?

The video concept was inspired by old Chris Brown MVs and early songs. Lyrically, it kinda came naturally to me, but I took quite some time to write it though!


Now that you have dropped your new single ‘Masa’, what’s next?

Let’s keep this one as a surprise! 


What will you be doing if you weren’t in the music industry?

I honestly have no idea. I can’t imagine myself not being in the music line of work. 


Besides hip-hop and R&B, can we expect other genres of music from you in the future?

Yeah of course! I’m all for experimentations and new sounds! You never know what kind of artist I’d be in the coming months! 


Your sense of fashion is incredible! Who inspires your style of dressing?

I would say skate culture has been the primary style I’ve rocked with for a while now? But ever since music started to pop off, I found myself gravitating towards high-end brands like Pleasures or Palm Angels! I find myself assimilating into the fashion world more and more as the day goes by. 


Where do you get inspiration from when writing songs? 

My songwriting structure comes from many rappers like J. Cole, Tupac, Kendrick and Joey Bada$$. I always love to bob and weave amongst rhymes and bar structures, as well as find different textures of my voice to play around with. 


You’ve shown your ability to sing, rap and dance. Is there any other talent that we haven’t seen yet? 

I’m like a handphone nerd too! I watch videos and subscribe to channels specifically for updates on new handphones. Always had this habit.


What kind of music did you listen to growing up and has it influenced your music in any way?

Hip Hop & RnB mainly! Of course, it has influenced my music, all my songs now are a reflection of my early influences. 


If you could drop a message to the ones who are afraid to come out and show their talent or are afraid of how people will react to their music, what would you tell them? 

I would tell them that if they’re not gonna do it, somebody else will. Stop this self-doubt because it’s only going to stunt their development in their craft. If you haven’t done anything yet, then you probably don’t want it enough. 

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