Interview: Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja
Yung Raja and Fariz Jabba / Photo: YOUTHX Weekend Festival presented by National Youth Council

Interview: Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja

Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja speak to VAVEL about how they have helped each other in their journey so far.

Sohail Shamsudeen

Yung Raja and Fariz Jabba were rocking the stage at SHINE Live, part of the YOUTHX Weekend Festival yesterday.

We caught the duo after their performance to have a quick chat. Here's our interview with Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja:

How often do you hit the studio to make music?

Fariz: I have a studio at home and it’s at least 10 seconds away from me so I can say I hit it every day. I'll wake up in the morning and I’ll feel like I want to record something so I’ll put on my mic and a beat from YouTube to try out new ideas. I make about four to five proper demos a month but I try out new ideas all the time.


How has Yung Raja helped you in your journey so far?

Fariz: Yung Raja is my brother and we just click on a different level. He has helped me understand how I need to carry myself as an individual. Raja is very business-minded and he helps me see things from a different perspective. We have very good chemistry, that’s why you usually don’t see us performing alone; it’s always both of us together. We started this together so we don’t come as individuals, we’re a unit.


How has Fariz Jabba helped you in your journey so far?

Yung Raja: He's the reason why I’m rapping. He's always been the guy that has a lot of talents. I knew he was something special from the very first time I met him. I've always wanted to be an actor and I never knew I could make rap a part of my life. He was the guy that told me to rap and told me that I had it in me. When we started out we used to write and show it to each other to get critical feedback. He’s always been there for me as a friend and a brother. He tells me things that nobody would tell me. We have that kind of chemistry and synergy that works best for both of us.

Photo: YOUTHX Weekend Festival presented by National Youth Council
Photo: YOUTHX Weekend Festival presented by National Youth Council


Are you planning on releasing any new music soon?

Fariz: Of course. The thing about us is that we work in silence. I can say that I’m dropping next month or two months later but, where’s the fun in that? It’s about the mystery. I don’t want people to expect so much from me and get disappointed if it doesn’t meet their expectations.


Would you rather never be able to sing again or never be able to dance again?

Fariz: You can take my dancing skills away but you cannot take away my voice!


What are your thoughts on Yung Raja's upcoming single 'Mad Blessings'?

Fariz: I think Singaporeans are not ready for what's in store in this new project of his. It's completely refreshing, original and iconic.


Could you give a message to up-and-coming artists?

Don't rush. Just relax and work on yourself. When you're ready, take a leap of faith and keep posting content consistently. 


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