League of Legends Worlds: SK Telecom T1 Dominates AHQ In Game 2
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League of Legends Worlds: SK Telecom T1 Dominates AHQ In Game 2

SK Telecom took it to AHQ behind a dominating performance from Faker.

Mitchell Evans

AHQ (Blue Side)

Darius, Elise, Twisted Fate, Tristana, Thresh

SK Telecom T1 (Red Side)

Renekton, Gragas, Ryze, Kalista, Tahm Kench

Faker got first blood when AHQ tried a dive onto MaRin, but MaRin avoided the dive by going through lane and then flashing over the wall, which allowed Faker to take on down. AHQ did do a nice job of staying in the bot lane bush and grabbed a double kill but SKT is very good at making fast decisions and Bang and Wolf snagged 2 kills of of Elise and Twisted Fate.

This writer has studied a lot and read articles about Faker's brlliance in a game. An interesting thing to note is when Faker's teleport was down, and Wolf and MaRin tried to make a play top lane, Faker instantly shoved mid lane so that if Westdoor used his ultimate from Twisted Fate top lane, he'd likely lose mid, and if he used it mid lane, then he wouldn't be able to affect the fight. It's very interesting how good Faker is in his macro and micro game.

SKT held a 3K gold lead, and in a matter of 6~ minutes, SKT moved that lead which was 32K to 29K, to 40.7K to 32K.

It makes you wonder, with games like these, will anyone take a game off SKT this tournament? It seems crazy to think they won't lose a game, and they likely will, but who? SKT has shown such dominance in their decision-making and rotations. They rarely make a mistake and even when they do make a mistake they understand what play to make so that the mistake has as little impact as it can.

MVP of game 2: Faker

Faker played an excellent Ryze mid. He consistenyl made Westdoor use his Twisted Fate ultimate and teleport in a defensive manner. Now, SKT is just 1 game away from advancing to the semifinals!