League of Legends World Championship: Fnatic Sweep EDG, Advance To Semifinals
LoL Esports

Another western team has done it! Fnatic take down Edward Gaming in the quarterfinals to advance to the semis. They'll play the winner of KT Rolster and Koo Tigers, who plays tomorrow. Fnatic completed each match in relatively good time. Match 1 in 38 minutes, match 2 in 29 minutes, and match 3 in 35 minutes.

Game 1 featured a different team composition than what we normally see. Fnatic ran the Kennan AD carry again, plus Huni played Jarvan top. After a long delay in game 2, because a bug happened with Reignover's Gragas, they had to remake the game and Fnatic took control of that as well. Huni played really well in Riven in game 3, going 4-2-6, and Rekkles went 9-1 on Jinx. Fnatic took control and didn't need the last potential games of the best of 5 series.

The game 1 composition is a scary one for teams watching. When you combine a Jarvan ult, Kennan ult, Viktor ult and Viktor's W, the teamfights have the potential to be deadly, as we saw in the first game. Fnatic cleaned up game 3 after a triple kil by Rekkles.

We now have two western teams advancing. Although both are in Europe, it's a great sign for the west nonetheless. They did it without signing big-name Korean players, they used infrastructure to build their teams.

Yours truly thinks Fnatic is the only team that can challenge SKT for a championship. They show decision-making skills, rotational skills, and individual talent that can potential matchup with the Korean #1 seed SK Telecom. Now, this writer isn't saying Fnatic can do it, it would be an incredible tough task, but on paper they have the skill and talent to do so. But first they must get through the winner of KT Rolster or Koo Tigers. Both teams show promising play, KT Rolster may be the favorite in that matchup but Fnatic will have to get through either of those in order to advance to the Finals.

Final Scores

Game 1


Huni JarvanIV  5-6-11
Reignover RekSai 2-5-12
Febiven Viktor 5-1-10
Rekkles Kennen 9-2-5
YellOwStaR Alistar 0-2-14


Koro1 Fiora 8-5-4
ClearLove Gragas 2-6-10
PawN Twisted Fate 5-5-7
Deft Jayce 1-2-7
Meiko Thresh 0-3-8

Game 2


Koro1 Fiora 1-5-2
ClearLove RekSai 1-2-2
PawN Veigar 2-2-1
Deft Caitlyn 0-2-2
Meiko Morgana 0-2-2

Huni Riven 1-2-6
Reignover Gragas 0-2-7
Febiven LeBlanc 9-0-2
Rekkles Jinx 3-0-3
YellOwStaR Tahm Kench 0-0-7

Game 3


Huni Riven 4-2-6
Reignover RekSai 0-3-12
Febiven Azir 2-2-7
Rekkles Jinx 9-1-6
YellOwStaR Alistar 0-2-11

Koro1 Darius 5-4-1
ClearLove Gragas 2-4-4
PawN Kassadin 2-1-7
Deft Sivir 1-2-6
Meiko Kennen 0-4-7