Counter Logic Gaming Name Huhi Starting Mid Laner

Counter Logic Gaming Name Huhi Starting Mid Laner

CLG recently announced a new change to their starting lineup as Huhi will take Pobelter's spot.

Mitchell Evans

According to Counter Logic Gaming's website, the team announced recently that Jae-hyun "Huhi" Choi will become the starting mid laner for the upcoming 2016 season. This is a big move, as Pobelter was a very quality mid lane who came into the team environment already accomplished. This will be an interesting move for CLG going forward.

Huhi was at one point playing in the jungle a lot while xmithie was attempting to get his Visa for worlds. He was having issues and CLG felt they may need a new jungler so Huhi was ready to step in. 

Prior to Counter Logic Gaming, Huhi played for Team Fusion, qualifying for the NA Challenger Series. They lost to Team Dignitas and lost out in qualifying for LCS. The team would eventually disban and Huhi would join CLG as a strong sub for them, and at one point in time was competing for the starting spot while Pobelter had just joined.

This change means a couple of things. CLG realized that with Pobelter they would never be worlds potential. Pobelter showed in the worlds that he's a consistent mid laner with utility champions, but was never a threat to get fed and carry a game. CLG's "protect the ad carry" composition was shut down by teams because they would focus on Doublelift and make Pobelter beat them. 

"It was not an easy decision to make. Eugene "Pobelter" Park has accomplished more than CLG could have hoped for during his time as a starter these past months. His efforts and talent were key in what culminated to be CLG's first LCS championship victory. Although he will no longer be CLG's starting mid laner, the team believes that he is an exceptionally talented and consistent player. CLG will be actively looking to provide Pobelter with the best possible opportunities moving into the next LCS season," according to CLG's website. 

Huhi brings a brand-new face to the LCS team. Pobelter was an already accomplished and known mid, while Huhi can come in like that of Incarnati0n and hopefully take the rift by storm. CLG is in a win-soon position with Doublelift maybe not having a lot of time left in his Esports career so they need to make precise moves.