League of Legends World Championship: SK Telecom T1 Beats KOO Tigers 3-1, Wins Finals

League of Legends World Championship: SK Telecom T1 Beats KOO Tigers 3-1, Wins Finals

SK Telecom defeats the KOO Tigers 3-1 to win the Season 5 World Championship.

Mitchell Evans

Although SK Telecom finally lost a game, and lost out on their chance on history to being the only team to go undefeated throughout the tournament, SK Telecom T1 are now your season 5 world champions. SKT defeated KOO in 4 games, to bring the talk of dynasty surrounding a team led by Faker, MaRin, and Bengi.

One thing yours truly noticed that SKT made an adjustment on was how they played Kassadin. If you remember, Faker played Kassadin into a fizz earlier in the tournament, in which he actually struggled a bit until later in the game. In this game, SKT made a conscious effort to get Faker going on Kassadin. This way it would essentially jump-start his snowballing into the game.

Faker continued his dominance all tournament, all year, and will go down as the greatest player in League of Legends history. Faker continually changed the meta in the mid-lane. He started with Irelia mid, Olaf, and now Ryze. The thing about it is, he's so good at so many champions, all you can do is ban 1 or maybe 2 champions that Faker would destroy you with. Faker was the only person to play Ryze all tournament, and time and time again he was doing insane amounts of damage, and no one had an answer for it. Most players have a certain champion pool they use, in the championship, Faker used Kassadin, Lulu, and Ryze. He actually forced KOO to try out Kassadin. Nobody was using Kassadin until Faker started playing it.

Even when people figure out how to play the champions Faker plays, he finds a counter. BKT tried blind-picking an Irelia, and Faker insta-locked Olaf and completely took over the game.

We're witnessing greatness not only by Faker, but by this SKT team. They're now the first team to win two World Championships, and could possibly be the only team to do so for a while.

As said in a comment about the match, this writer finds this very true: Through the whole tournament people were waiting for Faker so stop playing Ryze and start playing his secret picks, but then it turns out Ryze was his secret pick."