Characters We Should Hate: The Deplorable Walter White
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There has yet to be a person who absolutely doesn't like "Breaking Bad". It's kind of hard to when you have a great actor in Bryan Cranston playing such a powerful character. If we were being honest with ourselves, we should all be ashamed of ourselves for liking Walter White. He is easily the most deplorable character in TV history. Any redeeming quality he had was gone the moment he killed his first person. Let's break down the two main parts of Walter White's life.


He doesn't like or really love his family. He may have once upon a time, but that is debatable. In episode one, he did not look happy to be around anyone that was at his birthday party. His wife and her sister annoy him, he hates his brother in law (who is nothing but an annoying loud mouth bully until he gets shot), and he has no idea how to talk to his son. Not because he's a teenager. It's mostly likely due to the fact that he hasn't really tried to understand him.

Walter White says that he started cooking meth to make sure his family would be set financially after he died, but he really did it for the adrenaline rush he got from selling and cooking. The perfect example of this is when his brother in law Hank was talking about Heisenberg. All Walt had to do was not give Hank any clues and Hank never would have even suspected that his cancer riddled, awkward brother in law was the meth kingpin of south west. But Walt's hubris and massive ego just needed to get the credit for what he was doing. That one moment lead ultimately lead to Walt's downfall.


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No one on the show knows the wrath of Walter White more than Jesse does. In the beginning it was Jesse telling Walt the ins and outs of the drug game. Granted, he didn't do it well, but if not for Jesse, Walt would never have gained the money and power as quickly as he did. Once Walt got the hang of it, he could have easily let Jessie go after giving him his cut of what he earned. Walt just couldn't let Jesse go. Some people look at Jesse and think that Walt sees the son he never had and that Jesse sees that Dad that actually understands him. While that may be how Jesse looked at Walter White, all Walt saw was a means to an end. Walt didn't care about Jesse. Jesse is an addict who should have been nowhere near meth. Every time Jesse would get out, Walt would pull him right back in. Even when Jesse got off drugs, he became addicted to the money and power that came with selling the best meth around. Walt knew what he was doing was wrong and continued to keep his claws in Jesse and never let go.

Wait, he DID let Jesse go. He let him go and left him in the hands of some psychotic redneck who forced Jesse to make meth all day. He was chained, restrained, or imprisoned twenty-four hours a day. If he wasn't cooking meth, he was in a hole until they needed to cook more. Eventually, Walt did save Jesse, but even that noble and heroic rescue wasn't because it was the right thing to do. He did it because it would make him feel better about himself knowing that he saved his son. Walt could have gone to the police and turned himself in and told the cops where Jesse was, but he needed to do it. because he has a need to take credit for setting Jesse free.