Call of Duty Esports: OpTic Gaming Has Skyhigh Expectations For Black Ops 3
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OpTic Gaming is likely the best team in a sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity, Call of Duty eSprts. OpTIc has boat loads of fans, and the organization definitely has its fare share of haters, too. No matter how you feel about OpTic, it is hard to not admit that they are a talented team with a good chance of taking the competitive Call of Duty scene by storm. 

The roster is made up of a lot of talented CoD players. Seth "Scumpi" AbnerDamon "Karma" BarlowIan "Crimsix" Porter, and Matt "Formal" Piper make up this OpTic roster. The group won multiple championships together in CoD Advanced Warfare, and they are expected to repeat their success. The last game made by TreyarchBlack Ops 2, was a good one for all of these players. If the current game goes anything like that game, this could go down as one of the best teams in history.

Abner has been considered one of the best players since the first installment in the Black Ops series, which was released in 2010. Black Ops 2 is the game where Scumpi really showed what he could do, and he was definitely a top three player in that game, though he did not see a huge amount of team sucess. It was more of the same in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare, as Abner just dominated the scene. As good as he was in Black Ops 2, there is a good chance we will see "Scump" dominate many tournaments in Black Ops 3.

If Scump hasn't been the best Call of Duty player in the last few years, Karma might have that title. He has seen success at a personal level and a team level. In Black Ops 2, Barlow was part of the famous Fariko Impact team, which four-peated, including thCod Championships tournament that pays out $100,000 to each player on the winning team. In Ghosts, Karma would join Porter on Complexity (coL) and Evil Geniuses (EG), who won six of the first seven tournaments, including a five-peat. One of those was CoD Championships, which paid Barlow another $100,000. In terms of success, not many players in CoD eSports history have been better than Damon Barlow.

Joining Karma and Scumpi as the best Call of Duty players in recent years is Crimsix. The trio probably make up the top three players from Black Ops 2 until now, adn they are currently on the same team. Ian Porter is just an absolute stud in all facets of Call of Duty. From about halfway through Black Ops 2 until the end of Ghosts, Porter placed first in thirteen out of seventeen tournaments with coL and EG. He and Barlow were the driving forces on most of those Ghosts teams, and the duo looks to continue their success in Black Ops 3.

The final player on the team is Formal. Matt Piper took an interesting route to becoming an elite Call of Duty players, as he was originally a great Halo player. When Halo fell from the Major League Gaming circuit, Piper, along with other players, made the transition to CoD. No other Halo players has been near as good at Call of Duty as Formal, who his known for his insane precision with an assault rifle. While the rest of his team runs around and does it all, Formal will stay back and "anchor" with his assault rifle, holding down the spawns and picking opponents off from long range. Though the anchor doesn't always get a lot of credit, it is a very important role on a team.

This OpTic team has an inter resting combination of skills but they have definitely made it work to this point. Their first scrimmage of Black Ops 3 was a game of hard point in which theu absolutely destroyed Team Kaliber. Abner led the team in that game, which can be expected of him all year. With so much talent and so many successful players on one team, there tends to be high expectations. Well, this OpTic Gaming roster is definitely up for the challenge.