IEM San Jose: Team Solo Mid Upsets LGD Gaming In First Round

IEM San Jose: Team Solo Mid Upsets LGD Gaming In First Round

TSM and LGD face off in the first round of IEM San Jose

Mitchell Evans

Team Solo Mid has had a heck of a roster shake-up heading into this IEM San Jose tournament, and now it looks as though they are a huge threat to win this tournament. 

LGD came into this tournament with high hopes, as their play during the World Championship was not up to par with what their projections were. 

In game one,  Team Solo Mid held an advantage over LGD straight from the beginning of the game. A first blood going to Hauntzer on Renekton helped give them an early game advantage. This advantage was huge for them because their team composition was centered around late-game and their teamfight strategy was centered around wave-clear. Although it was a rough game, as they would gain advantages but LGD would grab picks, Team Solo Mid took game 1 in just over 50 minutes. 

Game two was centered around Doubelift as he finished the game with an 11-3-5 score. Hauntzer came in and made some huge plays on Gnar to really limit LGD's ability to capitalize after winning teamfights.

The predictions for this TSM team were rough,as they should be. Nobody knew how their communication would be considering they only had a week to prepare as a set 5. There was also a lot of talk on where the resources will go. We knew Doublelift demanded a lot of resources, as well as Bjergsen, what we didn't know was how that would mesh. Looks like we found out. 

The thing that is nice about having Bjergsen with Doublelift, is that he's so valuable playing whatever type of roll in mid-lane that he is required to.

TSM will now take on Origen whom which they are very familiar with. TSM was picked into the same bracket as Origen, and although xPeke won't be there, Origen's PowerofEvil is a force to be reckoned with. TSM put up some fight against Origen with their roster from Worlds, and now that they are revamped, it will be a very exciting matchup.