The Walking Dead: “Now” Analysis And Recap
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The Walking Dead: “Now” Analysis And Recap

***Spoiler Alert*** The Walking Dead shifted its focus back to Alexandria after spending one episode explaining Morgan's backstory.

Vahan Shakhpazyan

After a full episode that focused on Morgan last week, The Walking Dead returned Sunday evening, shifting its focus back to Alexandria.

Back in the community, we are playing the waiting game. Rick, Michonne, Heath, Scott, and Tobin have returned, and the enormous hoard has arrived as well, as the group anxiously waits for Glenn and Nicholas to make their return.

At the same time, some of the Alexandrians, such as Deanna, Jessie, and Ron, are coming around, slowly realizing the world they live in now.

Maggie Wants To Look For Glenn

The episode opened with Michonne informing Maggie that they are unaware of Glenn’s whereabouts since he was unable to light the building on fire to grab the herd’s attention like he planned to do.

Therefore, just like the second half of Season 4, Maggie and Glenn are split, and Maggie is determined to find her husband. With the help of Aaron, the two tried slipping out of Alexandria through the sewers, but when trying to escape, walkers surrounded the sewer exit which brought Maggie to a realization.

First, she told Aaron that she regrets burning the only picture of herself and Glenn, which at the time she was thinking the two would never be split again. Then she made an enormous revelation.

Another Baby?

Maggie is pregnant! She revealed her pregnancy to Aaron in the sewers which is also the reason why she stopped herself from going into the cruel outside world to look for Glenn.

We have witnessed that taking care of a baby is a tough task in this post-apocalyptic world, and Maggie may become a single parent just like Rick. Hopefully, the timing of her childbirth isn’t as inopportune as Lori’s was in Season 3 when she was forced to lose her life.

Ron, Jessie, And Deanna

Ron was furious with Rick for killing his father, but he seemed to be recovering from that in tonight’s episode. In fact, he went to Rick for shooting lessons, which for a moment seemed like Rick was being a father figure to Ron. Perhaps Ron can fully acclimate himself into this world and draw similarities to Carl. However, could Ron really be trusted?

In previous episodes, he has shown so much hate for Rick for killing his father. All of a sudden, he was asking Rick for shooting lessons and was attempting to be kind to the man. It’s a tad fishy how he could change his feeling towards Rick so rapidly.

Meanwhile, Deanna is in a dark place right now. She most recently witnessed many of her community’s people get murdered, so she is mentally checking herself out while allowing Rick to take full control of Alexandria because she entirely trusts Rick’s leadership qualities now.

As for Jessie, she gave a beautiful speech to the Alexandrians, educating them about the world they live in. Maybe those people will cherish Jessie’s speech more than they did Rick’s since Jessie has been part of the community from the beginning and has their trust.

Kiss Kiss

Tonight, The Walking Dead showed us the humane side of the series. Of course people are going to be people and grow feelings for one another. The first kissing scene was between Tara and Denise, while the second scene was between Rick and Jessie - finally!

We all knew that Rick was brewing feelings for Jessie ever since the two met, and they finally showed their true feelings for each other. Perhaps Jessie was feeling closer to Rick since she understands him better now, which may have led to that kiss.

But the kiss that Denise delivered to Tara was quite surprising. The two never showed much intimacy in the past, but maybe it was Tara’s excruciating support for Denise’s ability to save people as a doctor that urged Denise to grow feelings.

Anyway, there was some great, passionate romance involved in episode 5.  

Glenn’s Fate

Unfortunately, this episode did not determine Glenn’s fate, which is what everyone is eagerly waiting for. Sorry, people, you have to keep waiting...

What’s Next?

Through sneak peeks, it seems like next week’s episode is going to concentrate on Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl, the three that are luring the walker hoard away from Alexandria, and it looks like they may be in some trouble. 

Tune in next Sunday to find out what happens.