The Walking Dead: “Always Accountable” Analysis And Recap
Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead shifted its focus to Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha Sunday evening and the three, who were on a 25-mile journey luring walkers away from Alexandria, found themselves in a predicament.

After leading the herd 25 miles out, the trio was ambushed by a group of unknown people. The ambush split Daryl from Abraham and Sasha, and Mr. Dixon found more trouble when separated from his crew.

New Threat?

We have a new threat on our hands, or should we say Rick’s group has a new threat on their hands. The people who ambushed Daryl and the others seem to be dangerous and are armed with heavy weaponry. Fortunately for Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, they were able to escape the ambushers, but surely we should see this new group in the near future.

Who Are They?

Now that a new group of treacherous people have been revealed, we are all going to wonder who they are. The episode only exposed one of their faces, but this group doesn’t appear to be The Wolves. They were armed with guns, weapons that The Wolves don’t possess.

For those who have read the comic books, there is another group out there called Saviors led by a malicious man named Negan. Although not confirmed yet, but Saviors are an important group in the comic books, and the assumption that this new group could indeed be them is not too farfetched.

Daryl’s Journey

Daryl was captured by a group of three, two women and a man. Apparently, they used to be a part of the ambushing group and were running from them. In fact, the ambush was probably set for these three new characters but was instead delivered to Daryl’s group.

Anyway, the three who captured Daryl thought that he was part of the ambushing group. Daryl was able to escape from them with their duffle bag, but he returned to give the duffle bag back since it contained insulin which was for one of the women named Tina who had diabetes.

Daryl ultimately helped this group run away from the ambushers and they finally realized that Daryl was not part of that evil crew. After Tina was bitten by walkers, Daryl felt sorry for this group and offered to take them back to Alexandria. However, after Daryl uncovered his motorcycle to these people, they instantly turned against him and stole his crossbow and took off in his bike.

Thankfully, Daryl found a fuel company truck, which was the truck the crossbow thieves were looking for throughout the episode, and he eventually reunited with Sasha and Abraham, heading back home.  

Abraham Is Being A Sasha

Abraham is out of control, just like his partner Sasha used to be. It’s interesting how Sasha and Abraham have switched roles. After the death of lover Bob and brother Tyreese, Sasha was lost and out of control. She was often times separating herself from the group and was aggressively hunting down walkers.

Now Abraham is in that same position. What has caused Abraham’s latest epidemic? Some may believe it was Eugene’s enormous lie about Washington D.C., but in reality, it is Reg and Pete's death that has forced him to act this way.

In episode 6.1, Abraham briefly mentioned Reg and Pete’s passing, which has drove him a certain way. He colorfully described how he and Pete were cheek to cheek when Rick shot Pete in his head and his brains splattered all over him. Something about that night changed Abraham, but Sasha steadily brought him back in this episode.

There was even one point where Abraham wanted to ditch Daryl, believing that Daryl has perhaps ditched them. He even had a one-on-one encounter with a walker where he was screaming into the face of the walker. Maybe Abraham was just blowing steam, but Sasha has helped him mentally recover.

On a positive note, on his journey, Abraham found RPG's which may become very useful when trying to clear the huge herd surrounding Alexandria, along with the fuel company truck. 

The Cry For Help

To conclude the episode, Daryl was on his walkie talkie attempting to communicate with the others. He called out Rick’s name but instead heard a person call for “help.”

Who can it be? Well, how about Glenn? He has a walkie, and he is after all in trouble. Glenn’s death hasn't been confirmed, and many believe that he may still be alive. How? We don’t know yet. But the voice over the radio certainly sounded like his.

Who else is going to cry for help? Rick is back home behind Alexandria’s walls making his move on Jessie, so he is A-Okay. The rest returned home as well, and Glenn is the only one out there in severe danger.

Although Glenn’s fate wasn’t revealed, the end of this episode may have given us some closure.

What’s Next?

Through sneak peeks, it appears Morgan is trying to preach a peaceful mind to Rick, that all life is precious, and it seems Rick and Michonne are not buying what Morgan is selling.

Tune in next Sunday for an all new episode of The Walking Dead at 9/8c.