Goal and Highlights: Mexico 1-0 Romania in Friendly Game 2021
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the Mexico U23 vs Romania U23 webcast in this international friendly match. See you next time.
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Great victory

Mexico started its participation in the European mini-tour on the right foot with a narrow victory over Romania.
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End game

Mexico 1-0 Romania
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Dangerous cross that the Romanians inside the area cannot finish.
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Four more minutes are added.
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Manea's header from a corner kick goes wide.
3:45 PMa year ago

Malagón's save

3:43 PMa year ago


Vega leaves and Sanchez enters. Mexico makes a change.
3:43 PMa year ago


Angulo's shot from half distance passes very close to the goal.
3:40 PMa year ago


Romania's free kick is blocked by Malagón with his chest.
3:39 PMa year ago


Strong sweep by Esquivel and Romania will have a direct free kick.
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Goal México 1-0

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Mexico Goal

Angulo's cross-shot opened the scoring in Spain.

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Changes in Mexico

3:28 PMa year ago


Romania 11's free kick goes over the top of the goal.
3:20 PMa year ago


Dulka and Ganea, Popescu and Cimpanu leave. Romania changes.
3:14 PMa year ago


Loroña is cautioned after throwing a hard kick.
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Macías recovers the ball, but the mid-range shot goes wide.
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Beltrán with a mid-range shot that hits the crossbar.
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Second half begins
2:49 PMa year ago

México 0-0 Romania

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Half time

México 0-0 Romania.
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Add one more minute.
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Popescu's shot from half distance goes wide.
2:41 PMa year ago


Loroña's headed cross is blocked by the defense.
2:40 PMa year ago


Esquivel is fouled near midfield and the referee signals.
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Romania wasted the poisonous ball that no one was able to finish.
2:36 PMa year ago


Vega's shot from half distance goes wide.
2:32 PMa year ago


Vega is fouled and Mexico's possible offensive play is cut short.
2:26 PMa year ago


The minutes go by and Mexico is unable to tilt the field and recover the ball.
2:18 PMa year ago


A shot from a corner kick that easily reaches the hands of Malagón.
2:15 PMa year ago


The first few minutes were dominated by Romania, although there was no direct shot on goal.
2:13 PMa year ago


Angulo with the defensive coverage and allows Malagón to come out and scare away the danger.
2:11 PMa year ago


Torres with the service that is rejected by the Romanian defense.
2:06 PMa year ago


A filtered pass that Angulo uses to make the sweep and remove the danger.
2:03 PMa year ago


Romania lost the ball at the start, but the ball was left long to Ruiz and he wasted the opportunity.
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The match begins.
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In this moments

The national anthems of Mexico and Romania are sung.
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Mexico is ready to be on the playing field

1:50 PMa year ago

Malagón attentive to defend his goal

1:44 PMa year ago

Jaime Lozano, his first big test as DT

1:36 PMa year ago

XI Romania

Aioani; Boboc, Manea, Nedelcu, Velisar; M.Marin, Ciobanu, Campanu, Tavi Popescu, Matan; Costache.
1:29 PMa year ago

Mexico substitutes

Jurado; Álvarez, Mozo, Vázquez, Cervantes, Angulo, Sánchez, Zendejas, Aguirre.
1:25 PMa year ago

XI Mexico

Malagón; Angulo, Loroña, Sepúlveda, Aguirre; Esquivel, Beltrán, Ruiz, Torres, Macías, Vega.
1:20 PMa year ago

This is how the Aztec team arrived

1:16 PMa year ago

Intense Mexican summer

1:14 PMa year ago

There are preparation games

During these days, the different teams will take advantage of the week to prepare for Japan, as is the case of Brazil, which is facing Cape Verde.
1:07 PMa year ago

Match conditions

1:02 PMa year ago

God the surprise

Having finished in the top four at the European Under-21 Championship two years ago, Romania will once again be a protagonist in soccer, having lost momentum in recent years.
1:01 PMa year ago

A difficult group

It should be remembered that Mexico will have a complicated group in Tokyo, facing the host, as well as France and South Africa, remembering that nine years ago they were champions in London 2012.
1:00 PMa year ago

We start

Mexico begins its preparation for the Olympic Games and will face Romania in Europe. We begin with the coverage.
8:50 PMa year ago

Tune in here Mexico vs Romania Live Score

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Key player Romania

He plays for Reading F.C. in the EFL Championship and will be one of the key pieces in the attacking front not only for this match, but also for the summer tournament.

8:35 PMa year ago

Key player Mexico

Alexis Vega was one of the players who stood out the most in the pre-Olympic title and, without a doubt, he should be one of the key players for the Mexican team's success.

8:30 PMa year ago

First preparation game

Mexico will face Saudi Arabia and Australia to close its European tour ahead of the Olympic Games.
8:25 PMa year ago

Last Team Romania

Vlad; Vladoui, Pascanu, Ciobatariu, Harut; Itu, Dulca, Oaida; Matan, Petre, Olaru.
8:20 PMa year ago

Last Team Mexico

Jurado; Mayorga, Vázquez, Sepúlveda, Mozo; Cervantes, Aguirre, Alvarado, Angulo, Rodríguez; Macías.
8:15 PMa year ago

Romania: important rival

Romania earned its pass from 2019 by finishing in the top four of the European Under-21 Championship, where it will share a group at the Olympic Games with Honduras, Korea and New Zealand.
8:10 PMa year ago

Mexico: defining the roster

These are the games that will help Jaime Lozano to define his squad for the 2021 Olympic Games.
8:05 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs Romania match will be played at the Marbella Municipal, in France. The kick-off is scheduled at 2pm ET.
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