Goals and Highlights: Mexico 4-1 France in 2020 Olympic Games 
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Mexico and France at the 2020 Olympic Games. See you next time.
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Great exhibition

Mexico had a great early morning after a convincing victory over France, so they will be in first place in the group against the Gauls, who will be playing for their lives in the next match.
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End game

México 4-1 Francia.
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Four more minutes are added.
5:51 AM13 days ago


Mexico Goal

Aguirre powerfully rifles a shot inside the box to make it 4-1.

5:48 AM13 days ago


Henry leaves and Aguirre enters, Mexico's last change.
5:47 AM13 days ago

Goal Mexico 3-1

5:44 AM13 days ago


Vega leaves and Alvarado enters. Mexico makes a change.
5:40 AM13 days ago


Mexico Goal

Uriel Antuna con el enganche y saca el tiro que pega en la base del poste y se termina metiendo.

5:40 AM13 days ago


Out Thauvin and Nathanaël Mbuku take over. Change from France.
5:38 AM13 days ago


Vega's long pass is finished by Antuna with a cross and the ball passes near the post.
5:35 AM13 days ago

Goal France 1-2

5:34 AM13 days ago


Gignac's half back shot is blocked by the Mexican defense.
5:31 AM13 days ago


Esquivel and Antuna

Lainez and Córdova come out

Mexico changes.

5:29 AM13 days ago


France goal

Gignac takes the penalty with power and the score is tightened.

5:27 AM13 days ago


Penalty kick in favor of France where they claim that the player jumped.
5:25 AM13 days ago


Rodriguez's shot from half distance goes wide.
5:25 AM13 days ago


Aguirre's cross to the near post is blocked by the French defense.
5:22 AM13 days ago


Thauvin's shot from the inside passes near the post. France close.
5:20 AM13 days ago


Exit Tousart

In Beka Beka

France change

5:19 AM13 days ago

Goal Mexico 2-0

5:15 AM13 days ago


Mexico Goal

Córdova with the solitary shot in front of the goalkeeper to increase the difference.

5:13 AM13 days ago


France's mid-range shot goes wide.
5:12 AM13 days ago

Goal Mexico 1-0

5:11 AM13 days ago


Alexis Vega with the cross that goes wide of the far post.
5:09 AM13 days ago


Henry makes a delayed diagonal for Vega's shot, which the goalkeeper saves with his legs. Mexico close.
5:07 AM13 days ago


Mexico Goal

Lainez's cross and Alexis Vega's shot to make it 1-0.

5:06 AM13 days ago


Córdova chested it down at the post, but was already offside.
5:05 AM13 days ago


The second half begins between Mexico and France.
5:04 AM13 days ago

They are back

Mexico and France return to the field for the second half.
4:48 AM13 days ago

Half time

México 0-0 Francia.
4:46 AM13 days ago


Lainez's weak shot goes wide.
4:46 AM13 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
4:42 AM13 days ago


A cross shot across the penalty area is missed by Henry and Vega. Mexico close.
4:39 AM13 days ago


Córdova's powerful left-footed shot after a series of rebounds, but the ball goes wide. Mexico came close again.
4:37 AM13 days ago


Téji Savanier is left lying on the field complaining of a knee injury.
4:33 AM13 days ago


Téji Savanier's shot from midfield is easily dealt with by Ochoa.
4:33 AM13 days ago


Dangerous cross that stings in the area, but Guillermo Ochoa keeps it out without a problem.
4:31 AM13 days ago


Arnaud Nordin's half-volley is saved by Ochoa. France close.
4:29 AM13 days ago


Gignac's high header allows Ochoa to make a save.
4:27 AM13 days ago


Alexis Vega is fouled and Mexico will have the ball in their favor.
4:25 AM13 days ago


Thauvin makes the drive, but is pulled and the referee calls a foul.
4:21 AM13 days ago


Alexis Vega elbows Alexis Vega and is cautioned. The first for the Mexican team.
4:20 AM13 days ago


Luis Romo's header from a corner kick goes wide of the goal.
4:19 AM13 days ago


Lainez with the hook and Martin can't get a shot off because of a defensive cutback. Once again Mexico comes close.
4:18 AM13 days ago


Vega makes the cutback and takes the shot with little force that goes past the goalkeeper, but Modibo Sagnan on the line clears the ball. Mexico close.
4:16 AM13 days ago


Clement Michelin commits a strong tackle on Aguirre and is cautioned.
4:13 AM13 days ago


Henry Martin can't control the pass and is denied by the French defense.
4:11 AM13 days ago


Téji Savanier's mid-range shot is wide of the mark.
4:10 AM13 days ago


Both teams try to jump the line when they have the ball, but so far neither has generated danger.
4:07 AM13 days ago


A dangerous service that Montes managed to deny, although it was offside.
4:05 AM13 days ago


Strong foul on Romo, but the referee only sanctions the foul.
4:05 AM13 days ago


Vega tried to clear the zone on the edge of the area, but he was robbed and the Aztecs ended up committing the infraction.
4:02 AM13 days ago


Montes' header at the near post goes over the top as Gignac was providing defensive cover.
4:01 AM13 days ago


Aguirre is fouled and Mexico will be awarded a direct free kick.
4:01 AM13 days ago


The match between Mexico and France kicks off.
3:59 AM13 days ago

The referees

This morning's referee is New Zealand's Chris Beath. Mexico will have the kickoff.
3:55 AM13 days ago

In this moments

The national anthems of both Mexico and France are sung.
3:54 AM13 days ago

They jump into the field

At this moment, both Mexico and France take the field, highlighting that Mexico will wear a green shirt, red shorts and green socks, a very unusual uniform.
3:53 AM13 days ago

The other game

The second match of this group will be played at 6:30 a.m. when host Japan takes on South Africa.
3:50 AM13 days ago

End of warm-up

Mexico is in a very good mood and they conclude their warm-up with a reminder that there will be no fans in the stadium other than the media covering the game.
3:45 AM13 days ago

The power of attack

They have very few minutes on the field playing at the same time, but watch out for what Mexico's trident of Henry Martin, Alexis Vega and Diego Lainez can do. Also on the bench are interesting players such as Roberto Alvarado and Uriel Antuna, who have a good chance of coming on for the second half.
3:40 AM13 days ago

How did Mexico arrive?

Mexico qualified for this stage after winning the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic Games held in Guadalajara, where they had no major problems to win, despite having to go to extra time in the final to beat Honduras, a nation that is also present in this competition.
3:35 AM13 days ago

Great goals

On the occasion of the start of the Olympic Games, FIFA compiled all the goals that were presented in the last edition of Rio 2016, including Mexico's goals.
3:30 AM13 days ago

Good memory

Although France has beaten Mexico in the two matches they have played in World Cups, the last time they met in an official tournament was in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where the Aztecs won 2-0 with goals by Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Javier "Chicharito" Hernández.
3:25 AM13 days ago

Already warming up

Both the Mexican and French players are already on the field doing some warm-up exercises. We are 25 minutes away from the start of the most anticipated match of the day.
3:20 AM13 days ago

Match data

It is important to remember that due to the health situation in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic and the increase in cases in Japan, sporting events will be held behind closed doors. Here are some facts about the match between Mexico and France.

3:15 AM13 days ago

They come motivated

In the last match they played prior to this game against Mexico, France pulled out a victory in the final stretch by beating South Korea, the country that eliminated the Aztecs in the last edition of Rio 2016.

3:10 AM13 days ago

XI Francia

This is France's starting eleven for this morning, with the presence of two UANL Tigres players in the lineup:

Bernardoni, Kalulu, Tousart, Nordin, Le Fee, Gignac, Savanier, Michelin, Thauvin, Sagnan and Caci.

3:05 AM13 days ago

Banking in Mexico

These are the players who will be on the Mexican bench in case Jaime Lozano needs to make any changes, especially in the second half:

Luis Malagón, Jesús Angulo, Vladimir Loroña, Uriel Antuna, Joaquín Esquivel, Eduardo Aguirre, Roberto Alvarado.

3:00 AM13 days ago


Jaime Lozano could not hide his happiness for being in his first Olympic Games as a coach and expressed his excitement for being in the Olympic Village, despite the complicated moment being experienced worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2:55 AM13 days ago

XI Mexico

Mexico's starting lineup for this early morning (late afternoon in Japan) has been confirmed.

Guillermo Ochoa, César Montes, Jorge Sánchez, Johan Vázquez, Luis Romo, Erick Aguirre, Santiago Córdova, Diego Lainez, Carlos Rodríguez, Henry Martin and Alexis Vegas. 

All coached by Jaime Lozano.

2:50 AM13 days ago

With the 10

As of a few hours ago, it was confirmed that Diego Lainez, the only Mexican player who plays abroad, specifically with Real Betis in Spain, will be wearing the number 10 jersey and there will be high hopes for Mexico to have a good performance this morning against the French national team.
2:45 AM13 days ago

They had problems

Both France and Mexico had problems putting together their final squads because the main European leagues and some clubs refused to loan their players, remembering that the Olympic Games is not an official date approved by FIFA.
2:40 AM13 days ago

Motivated to move forward

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa stated that Mexico is not afraid of facing France and, rather, there is a lot of conviction to do things well and repeat what they did at the London 2012 Olympic Games, where they won the gold medal by beating Brazil in the final.

"It's not about fear. Of course, we respect all the teams and, undoubtedly, in the history of soccer there are always favorites, some more than others, but it is motivating to face France and hopefully later it can be Brazil, Germany, Spain, who are always favorites," he said.

2:35 AM13 days ago

The bad taste in the mouth

It is worth remembering that in the Olympic cycle where Guillermo Ochoa was old enough to reach the Olympic Games, Mexico had a real failure in the pre-Olympic 2008 when they were eliminated in the group stage after being left out on goal difference despite beating Haiti 5-1, where the America goalkeeper played the entire tournament.
2:30 AM13 days ago

The complete list

In addition to the game between France and Mexico, the following matches will also be played one day before the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Egypt vs Spain

New Zealand vs Korea

Saudi Arabia vs Ivory Coast

Argentina vs Australia

Japan vs South Africa

Honduras vs Romania

Brazil vs Germany

2:25 AM13 days ago

He warmed up the game

An hour before the game, French striker André-Pierre Gignac said that the best goal of his life was scored against Guillermo Ochoa, and that he wants to repeat the dose this morning.

"I would like to say that the first time I played against Memo was at Marseille and I scored the best goal of my career, we meet again in Mexico and now in Tokyo. It's a special match because of the time I've been in Mexico."

2:20 AM13 days ago

Divided fans

If there is anyone whose hearts are divided at the moment, it is the Tigres fans, as their players, Gignac and Thauvin, will be with the French national team against Mexico. Some feline fans acknowledged that they will be supporting the Gauls.
2:15 AM13 days ago


The time has come and there is no date with destiny that is not fulfilled. Mexico takes the field and will make its debut against the toughest opponent in Group A, France. We begin with coverage of men's soccer at the 2021 Olympic Games.
2:10 AM13 days ago

The importance of reinforcements

Before the game against France, Jaime Lozano acknowledged that the three older players have brought experience and very good things to the squad, which he hopes will be reflected on the field in their debut at the 2021 Olympic Games:

"The reinforcements have helped us a lot to seek to do a great role, and more so because we have teammates who have already shown us how to do it," he sentenced.

2:05 AM13 days ago

The following will not be present

Due to protocol, Jaime Lozano was unable to call up four players who will have to watch the game from the stands, and journalist David Medrano has confirmed that Sebastián Jurado, Adrián Mora and Fernando Beltrán will not even be on the bench. The fourth player has yet to be confirmed.
2:00 AM13 days ago

Tune in here Mexico vs France Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Mexico vs France match.
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What time is Mexico vs France match for Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the game Mexico vs France of 22nd July in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 AM in Claro.

Bolivia: 4:00 AM in Claro.

Brazil: 5:00 AM in Claro.

Chile: 4:00 AM in Claro.

Colombia: 3:00 AM in Claro.

Ecuador: 3:00 AM in Claro.

USA (ET): 4:00 AM in TUDN.

Spain: 10:00 AM

Mexico: 3:00 AM in Marca Claro, TV Azteca, TUDN and Imagen TV.

Paraguay: 4:00 AM in Claro.

Peru: 3:00 AM in Claro.

Uruguay: 5:00 AM in Claro.

1:50 AM13 days ago

Last games

France has a dominant record against Mexico in the Olympic Games, as they have faced each other on a couple of occasions. The first was in Mexico 1968, where the Aztecs were hosts but lost by a score of 4-1; eight years later there would be a rematch in Montreal 1976, however, the French won by the same score.
1:45 AM13 days ago

Key player France

Captain of the team and fully aware of Mexican soccer in all its expressions, André-Pierre Gignac is the man who could make the difference in the game due to his good technique, strike and ability to generate dangerous situations.

1:40 AM13 days ago

Key player Mexico

Although he has been in Spanish soccer for several years, Diego Lainez's growth has been fantastic, both physically and in terms of soccer, which is why his dribbling and depth on the flanks could be one of the keys to generate damage in the French defense.

1:35 AM13 days ago

Last Team France

Paul Bernardoni, Anthony Caci, Pierre Kalulu, Modibo Sagnan, Clement Michelin, Téji Savanier, Lucas Tousart, Enzo La Fée, Florian Thauvin, Arnaud Nordin and André-Pierre Gignac.
1:30 AM13 days ago

Last Team Mexico

Guillermo Ochoa, César Montes, Jorge Sánchez, Johan Vázquez, Luis Romo, Erick Aguirre, Santiago Córdoba, Diego Lainez, Carlos Rodríguez, Henry Martín, Alexis Vega.
1:25 AM13 days ago

Mexico's last participation in the Olympic Games

After winning the gold medal in London 2012, Mexico was the favorite to repeat what it had done in the United Kingdom; however, in Rio de Janeiro things did not go so well because it was left in the group stage after tying with Germany, beating Fiji, but losing in the last match by the minimum difference against South Korea, which left it out.
1:20 AM13 days ago

With the mission of making a good participation

Jaime Lozano said that these opportunities are rare in life and both he and his pupils will have to take advantage of them in order to have a good participation in Japan:

preparation, a pandemic in between and a Pre-Olympic, it is time to debut in Tokyo: "We are very happy, grateful, it is a feeling that all of us in the delegation have. We know that we went through complicated times worldwide and that it was a possibility not to be in Japan. Being able to be in the Olympic village is something that doesn't happen very often to Mexican soccer; this has given us extra motivation, we are happy, excited and grateful," he commented.

1:15 AM13 days ago

France's major reinforcements

The French team had the same situation, which turned to two Mexican soccer players, André-Pierre Gignac and Florian Thauvin, who play for Tigres, to join the final squad.

With regard to being able to take part in the Olympic Games, Thauvin was grateful for the opportunity and mentioned that he will give his all for the national jersey:

"Immense pride to be in the national team after a few years. I can't wait to start this magnificent competition and give my all for our colors. Let's go Le Bleus", he said.

1:10 AM13 days ago

Mexico's senior reinforcements

Due to the complexity of the applications to obtain permits from the old continent, Jaime Lozano had to resort to players from Liga MX to make up the squad and add the three senior reinforcements.

One of them is the player from champion Cruz Azul, Luis Romo, capable of playing both in defense and in midfield; the roster is completed by elements from América such as goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and striker Henry Martin.

1:05 AM13 days ago

Group A kicks off

This Thursday, men's soccer action begins, where Group A will be one of the most competitive with the powerful France, a Mexico that wants to repeat what it did in London 2012, the host Japan and the unknown South Africa.
1:00 AM13 days ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs France match will be played at the Tokyo Stadium, in Tokyo, Japan. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:00 am ET.
12:55 AM13 days ago

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