Halloween 2015: Creepiest Mascots In Sports
Zach Drapkin/VAVEL USA

In honor of Halloween 2015, VAVEL USA is taking a look at the creepiest mascots in all of sports.

Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

The Stanford tree isn't an "official" mascot but he still goes to games and is extremely creepy. A tree with THAT face? No thank you.

Scott Halleran/ Getty Images

The Houston Astros are known for Orbit, the weird, fuzzy alien. He looks like Oscar the Grouch, but with baseballs coming out of his antennas.

Andy Lyons/ Getty Images

WuShock, mascot for Wichita State University, is by far one of the weirdest mascots. This bundle of wheat can make anyone want to go gluten free.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Stinger, the mascot for the Columbus Blue Jackets, looks like a psycho-Frogger that enjoys hitting people with hockey sticks. He also loves terrorizing opposing mascots so beware.

Melissa Majchrzak/ Getty Images

The Utah Jazz Bear is undoubtedly the most terrifying bear mascot. He honestly looks more like Chewbacca than a real bear, and he has eyes that can make even the manliest man feel uncomfortable.

Jeff Roberson/ AP

The Saint Louis Billikens feature this interesting little guy as a mascot. A billiken is supposed to bring good luck so if having a white looking marshmallow cat walking around campus brings your school luck, then more power to you.

If you've ever seen the show ChalkZone, then you've probably seen a drawing that looks similar to Kingsley, the Partick Thistle's mascot. This mascot looks like a rejected four-year old drawing that will come to haunt you in your dreams.

Bruce Thorson/ USA TODAY Sports

Lil' Red is the equivalent of those creepy blow up Santas people insist on putting up in their yard around Christmas time. Factor in the look of "I know what your darkest secrets" and Red is enough to scare anyone.

Dogs are awesome. Dogs that look like they have rabies and will attack if you make one wrong move are not so cute. The Southern Illinois Salukis mascot looks like a rabid dog that is waiting to chomp down so it's probably best to stay a good distance from him.

Amber Seals/ USA TODAY Sports

Creepy. Crawly. Evil. Those are all good descriptions for spiders and they all apply to WebstUR, the University of Richmond's mascot. This is just a huge bowl of NOPE.

Richard Shiro/ AP Photo

The tiger is a pretty common mascot, but Clemson's tiger looks like a college student who just drank four Red Bulls because it's finals week. If you don't think that's scary you've never been around a zombie college student.

Stu Forster/Getty Images Europe

Swans are supposed to be majestic creatures, like the ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful swan. Well, Cyril the Swan missed out on the beautiful part it seems. As a result the swan walks around with its head always down like the team has already lost the game. Come on Cyril, put some pep in your step.

And the winner of "Sport's Creepiest Mascot" goes to the New Orleans Pelicans King Cake Baby that comes out around Mardi Gras. Does this picture even need an explanation? An adult sized baby in a diaper with an old man face. No thank you.

Hope you enjoyed this special Halloween edition for VAVEL USA!