Fanduel Weekly: Notable Unproven Players Going Cheap

It's the first week into the NBA season, and yours truly loves putting down a few dollars into 50/50 Fanduel leagues. Although NFL can be a bit harder to predict, the NBA leagues have a trend right now to start the year. There are many rookies, and other unproven players, that are very cheap in Fanduel that you should look out for.

Karl-Anthony Towns

Listed price: $6,100

FDP: 26.9

Towns was listed at $6,100 dollars, which for a center, is good bang for your buck money. Deandre Jordan is right around $7,700 dollars, in which Jordan scored just 4 points more than Towns. Towns seems to be a big man that will bring you a quality outing night-in and night-out. The league right now may look more to shooting the ball, but in Fanduel, a big man's transition to the league is much more profitable right now than it has ever been.

Julius Randle

Listed price: $4,500

FDP: 30.2

Randle might have been the steal of opening night. His price will likely go up, but he has shown he can bring quality points just from being on the floor. He can score and he can rebound. Others like Terrence Jones who went for $6,000, got outscored by Randle by 6 points and was $1,500 cheaper.

Roy Hibbert

Listed price: $5,200

FDP: 32

Hibbert may get laughed at or criticized as a player, but he doesn't face much competition at the center spot in Los Angeles, and can grab rebounds and defend. On just a $5,200 salary, Hibbert scored 32 points, which is 6x what his cost is, compared to DeMarcus Cousins who was going for $10,900 for only 4x (46 FDP) or Drummond who went for $9,000 and only cashing in on 36 points (4x).

Emmanuel Mudiay

Listed price: $5,500

FDP: 25.5

Mudiay had a productive, yet potentially an even better first game if he didn't turn the ball over 11 times. Mudiay's case for being a quality Fanduel player comes from repetitions. He has no competition on the Nuggets at his position, and will continue to get accustomed to the game while he has an incredible talent. He wasn't necessarily a steal in the opening night, but he showed that in just a matter of time he may be a quality start in Fanduel leagues.

These are only just a few examples of players who flew under the radar on opening night. Be careful that you don't reach too much for guys to do well, as notables like Andrew Wiggins and Tony Parker were duds.

This was your Fanduel weekly by Mitchell Evans. Mitchell plays nightly NBA Fanduel, and while he can't guarantee you money, we can all enjoy the randomness and unpredictable league we all watch, the NBA.