Fanduel Weekly: Analyzing The Top Players From Week 1

Fanduel Weekly: Analyzing The Top Players From Week 1

The first week of the NBA season saw stars and duds. Here is a breakdown of the top players of week 1.

Mitchell Evans

This first week of the NBA was a great one. In Fanduel terms, it showed some stars, duds, and a mixture of in-between. After nearly a week of player, this is your leaderboard in Fanduel.

Rank, Name, FDP Total, FDP Per game

1. Stephen Curry

FDP Total:180.4

FDP Per Game: 60.13

2. Blake Griffin

FDP Total: 146.4

FDP Per Game: 48.80

3. Andre Drummond

FDP Total: 134.3

Per Game: 44.77

4. John Wall

Total: 123.2

Per Game: 41.07

5. Anthony Davis

Total: 123.2

Per Game: 41.07

6. Carmelo Anthony

Total: 122.0

Per Game: 40.67

7. Russell Westbrook

Total: 120.6

Per Game: 60.30

8. Kevin Love

Total: 120.0

Per Game: 40.00

9. Derrick Favors

Total: 119.0

Per Game: 39.67

10. DeAndre Jordan

Total: 118.0

Per Game: 39.33

Rank 11-25

11 LeBron James 115.4, 38.47
12 DeMarcus Cousins 114.1, 38.03
13 Jimmy Butler 114.0, 38.00
14 Damian Lillard 111.9, 37.30
15 Paul Millsap 109.8, 36.60
16 Eric Bledsoe 109.3, 36.43
17 Al Horford  104.8, 34.93
18 C.J. McCollum 103.0, 34.33
19 Chris Paul 102.3, 34.10
20 Paul George101.6, 33.87
21 Brandon Knight  100.0, 33.33
22 Reggie Jackson 97.4, 32.47
23 Rudy Gobert 96.5, 32.17
24 Rudy Gay  95.2, 31.73
25 Rajon Rondo 95.0, 31.67

At this point, Stephen Curry is a must-own when the Warriors play. Curry has been dominating competion, and although he may be more expensive, was going at a fair price through week 1.

DeAndre Jordan is one to look for, as he's very versatile and can be Mr. Reliable for your lineup night-in and night-out.

The top 25 is a bit expected, though players like Reggie Jackson, Rajon Rondo, and C.J. McCollum are present on the list and could be good sleeper picks. They aren't dirt cheap, but right now it's best to go on who is starting the season better.

One thing to note is that while he's top 10 in the scoring list, Carmelo Anthony wasn't owned by a lot of teams on Saturday. It should be one thing to look out for because if he's going to put up top 10 numbers, and nobody is grabbing him, that's free points nobody else is getting.

Week 1 saw good results for yours truly, and hopefully the success will continue onto week 2!