Texas Longhorns - Butler Bulldogs Live Score and Result of 2015 NCAA Tournament Second Round
Texas takes on Butler in a Midwest Region Second Round matchup
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5:12 PM EDT: That will conclude VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of this second round NCAA Tournament matchup. The final score once again, the Butler Bulldogs defeat the Texas Longhorns 56-48 at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stay tuned to VAVEL USA for continued coverage of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

5:10 PM EDT: Kellen Dunham is the top performer of this game, leading Butler in points with 20. Jonathan Holmes led Texas with 15.

2nd (00:00) That will do it for this second round matchup. Butler defeats Texas 56-48.

2nd (00:00) One free throw is good and the clock runs out off the last rebound.

2nd (00:03.7) Texas misses another 3 and Butler rebounds it. That's the dagger for this game.

2nd (00:15) Woods makes 1 of 2.

2nd (00:15) Kameron Woods rebounds a missed 3-ball and he'll be headed to the line on the other end. That may do it for this one.

2nd (00:27) Both are good, the lead is 6.

2nd (00:27) Butler does a great job wasting time before a foul is committed. Now they'll have 2 shots.

2nd (00:41.5) Javan Felix responds with a clutch 3-pointer at the other end, cutting the lead to 4. Timeout is immediately called by Texas.

2nd (00:53.8) Barlow makes both, it's 52-45 Butler.

2nd (00:53.8) Alex Barlow is fouled almost immediately, and he'll go to the line.

2nd (00:54.5) Texas runs the floor and scores quickly, cutting the lead to 5. A timeout is immediately called from the sideline.

2nd (00:59.4) Both are good and the lead is 7 for Butler, 50-43.

2nd (00:59.4) Kameron Woods goes to the line after a foul.

2nd (1:15) Kellen Dunham drills a 3-pointer to extend the lead to 5 for the Bulldogs.

2nd (1:45) Butler now gets whistled for a foul, it will be assessed to Alex Barlow.

2nd (1:59) Kellen Dunham makes 1 of 2, the lead is 2 for the Bulldogs.

2nd (1:59) Cameron Ridley is called for a foul in the paint, Butler will get a pair from the line.

2nd (2:14) Butler burns their second to last timeout to avoid a 5-second violation out of bounds. They've been using their timeouts very liberally in the last couple minutes, leaving them with just one the rest of the game.

2nd (2:14) Texas turns it over, bringing us to the final media timeout. Butler leads Texas 44-43.

2nd (2:40) Taylor scores again, he is on fire. It's just a 1-point game.

2nd Half: The shooting percentages for these two teams are now equal, both shooting a meager 32.6% from the floor.

2nd (3:00) Butler calls timeout again, with just 8 seconds on the shot clock. Interesting strategy from the head coach of the Bulldogs.

2nd (3:22) Butler calls a timeout. We've got a good one in Pittsburgh, as Butler leads Texas 44-41.

2nd (3:36) Isaiah Taylor is in control, as he makes another basket to bring the Longhorns within 3.

2nd (4:26) Isaiah Taylor makes both. 44-39 Bulldogs.

2nd (4:26) Butler commits a foul and the Longhorns are going back to the line.

2nd (4:45) Timeout Longhorns. Butler is in control, leading 44-37.

2nd (4:45) Roosevelt Jones scores despite a limp, as Butler is now up 44-37.

2nd (5:18) Cameron Ridley tips a ball into the basket but offensive basket interference is called, no basket. Still a 5-point Butler lead.

2nd (5:37) Dunham makes 1 of 2, the lead is 5, 42-37 Butler.

2nd (5:37) Myles Turner commits his 4th foul and Dunham will head back to the line.

2nd (7:04) Isaiah Taylor is a human highlight reel right now, scoring again with a fancy move. 41-37 Bulldogs lead.

2nd (7:37) Kellen Dunham makes two free throws, giving him 14 points and extending the Butler lead back to 6, 41-35.

2nd Half: Roosevelt Jones is checking back in the game for Butler. He suffered what looked to be a nasty landing a few minutes ago.

2nd (7:37) There's a dead ball on the court and that brings us to the under-8 media timeout. Butler leads Texas 39-35.

2nd (8:49) Texas is building some momentum, it's now just a 4-point Butler lead.

2nd (9:26) Taylor scores off the inbounds with another nice move. 39-33 Butler.

2nd (9:44) Isaiah Taylor steals the ball with a nifty move, the ball flies out of bounds but it is called as going off Butler.

2nd (10:00) There's another held ball in the lane, this one will stay with Texas.

2nd (10:23) The free throws are split once more, Butler still leads 39-31.

2nd (10:23) Jonathan Holmes is headed to the line after being fouled once again.

2nd (10:35) The free throw is good and Butler extends its lead to 9, 39-30.

2nd (10:35) Kelan Martin draws an and-one with a physical move underneath the basket.

2nd (11:57) Dunham hits all 3 and Butler is up 6, the most they have led by since mid way through the first half.

2nd (11:57) Kellen Dunham draws a very iffy three-shot foul, which will send us to the under-12 media timeout. Butler has shots coming up, leading Texas 33-30.

2nd (12:16) Butler is called for a foul down low off the ball.

2nd (12:58) Butler is picking up the pace and they score again, extending their lead to 3.

2nd (13:15) One of two goes in and Butler has regained the lead, 31-30 over the Longhorns.

2nd (13:15) Butler has all the momentum now as they will head to the line after a foul on the other end.

2nd (13:31) Myles Turner commitd another foul and Butler will get it back.

2nd (13:45) Kellen Dunham hits a jumper on the move, breaking a long cold streak. We're tied again, now at 30.

2nd (14:20) Texas commits another foul but it will not lead to free throws.

2nd (15:07) Felix makes both free throws, Texas leads again, 30-28.

2nd (15:07) Javan Felix is fouled and will head to the line after the under-16 media timeout. We are tied at 28.

2nd (16:02) One free throw goes in and we are tied at 28.

2nd (16:02) Myles Turner commits a foul for Texas, but the big story is that Butler's Roosevelt Jones is down on the floor clutching his leg. This could be devastating for the Bulldogs.

2nd (17:26) Woods makes 1 of 2 from the line and the lead is now 1 for Texas.

2nd (17:26) Kameron Woods is headed to the line after getting fouled in the lane by Cameron Ridley.

2nd (17:56) There's a held ball on the floor and while Texas tried to call a timeout, the refs call it a tie up and it goes to Butler.

2nd (18:20) Holmes makes 1 of 2 from the charity stripe.

2nd (18:20) Holmes will be headed to the line after getting fouled. He has taken total control of this game.

2nd (19:32) Texas strikes first and the Longhorns take their first lead on another 3-pointer by Jonathan Holmes. 27-26 Texas.

1st Half: The start of the second half is coming up momentarily in Pittsburgh.

1st Half: Texas will need to shore up their post play if they want to stay in the game in the second half.

1st Half: As noted during the pregame preview, Butler's physicality played a huge role in the first half. They were able to overpower Texas down low and that led to 14 points in the paint.

1st Half: Texas is shooting just 39.1% from the floor in the first half, coupled with 8 turnovers. Butler has only turned it over 3 times, however they aren't shooting much better, scoring at clip of just 40.7%.

1st Half: Kellen Dunham leads the Bulldogs is scoring with 7 points on 3/7 shooting.

1st Half: Texas' Jonathan Holmes was the top performer of the first half, leading all scorers with 10 points, almost single-handedly keeping the Longhorns in the game early on.

1st (00:00) That will do it for the first half in Pitssburgh. Butler led the whole half but their once 11-point lead is down to 2, as they lead Texas 26-24.

1st (00:00) Butler can't get a long shot to fall just before the horn sounds and the half ends on the rebound.

1st (00:35.9) Holmes is good on both and it's just a 2-point game.

1st (00:35.9) Jonathan Holmes drives to the hoop and gets fouled. He'll head to the line.

1st (00:57.5) Texas rebounds a Butler miss but commits foul on the way down. Another Longhorns miscue.

1st (1:30) Texas is called for a travel, their 8th turnover of the half. Butler ball.

1st Half: Jonathan Holmes has quickly become the game's leading scorer with 8 points.

1st (1:54) There's a foul underneath the hoop on Butler and we will have our final media timeout of the half. Texas is closing the gap, but Butler still leads, 26-22.

1st (2:33) Jonathan Holmes is on fire, as he steals the ball and lays it in. Texas is only down 4 now, 26-22.

1st (2:57) We have a timeout on the floor. Butler leads Texas 26-20.

1st (3:01) Connor Lammert scores off the glass, it's now a 6-point game.

1st (4:00) Holmes again with a three. It's bombs-away in Pittsburgh. Butler leads by 8, 26-18.

1st (4:12) Kellen Dunham responds with a three of his own and the lead is back to 11.

1st (4:48) Jonathan Holmes knocks down a three, the only thing Texas has been successful with today. 23-15 Butler.

1st Half: Texas has more turnovers (7) than made field goals (5) so far in the game.

1st (5:19) And Kellen Dunham snags the ball and the Bulldogs score again. Rick Barnes calls a timeout as Butler now leads 23-12.

1st (5:30) Alex Barlow with a deep 3-pointer and Butler is rolling, leading 21-12.

1st Half: The Bulldogs' ability to control the tempo, along with an inefficient offensive attack from UT, has been the difference so far.

1st Half: Butler is 8/18 from the floor so far this half, while Texas is just 5/14.

1st (5:58) Texas commits another foul and we have another media timeout. The Butler Bulldogs lead the Texas Longhorns by 6, 18-12.

1st (8:04) Once again Butler answers right back with a quick bucet underneath.

1st (8:28) Cameron Ridley throws down a monstrous 2-handed jam. 16-12 Butler.

1st (8:48) Butler commits a traveling violation, so it will be Texas ball. A rare Bulldogs mistake so far today.

1st (9:11) And Kellen Dunham hits a long jumper. Butler leads by 6, 16-10.

1st (9:31) Woods with a big time dunk to extend the lead back to 4.

1st (10:26) And right away Javan Felix nails a 3-pointer to close the gap.

1st (10:58) Myles Turner commits an offensive foul and the Bulldogs will get it back. Longhorns are really struggling to get out the blocks this afternoon.

1st (11:24) Woods makes 1 of 2 free throws.

1st (11:24) Kameron Woods will go to the line after getting fouled on a shot attempt.

1st (11:26) Texas kicks the ball out of bounds and that will bring us to the under-12 media timeout. Low scoring game so far but Butler is in control with a 4-point lead.

1st (12:08) Roosevelt Jones scores with a baby hook in the lane, Butler is up 11-7.

1st Half: Andrew Chrabacsz for Butler is the leading scorer in today's game so far with 5 points.

1st (12:20) Butler commits a foul on the floor and that brings us to the under-16 media timeout. The Bulldogs lead the Longhorns 9-7.

1st (12:50) Butler bounces right back with a 3-pointer and they're back on top by 2.

1st (13:16) Isaiah Taylor scores in the lane, as Texas takes its first lead at 7-6.

1st (13:50) Both teams are playing with a slow tempo today, with points coming in spurts. Slow developing game so far.

1st (15:45) Ibeh with a big slam off of a pretty pass to bring Texas within 1.

1st (16:18) Roosevelt Jones scores with a nifty move down low, as Butler adds to their lead. They're up 6-3.

1st (17:04) Kameron Woods answers back with a bucket of his own. 4-3 Butler.

1st (17:30) Kendall Yancy buries a 3 for Texas.

1st (17:56) Scoring is coming at a premium early, as neither team is having much luck offensively.

1st (19:00) Isaiah Taylor commits a travel, so Butler will be getting the ball back.

1st (19:42) Butler wins the tip and strikes first blood. Bulldogs lead 2-0 early.

2:53 PM EDT: Tipoff is coming up in a few mere moments, live from the CONSOL Energy Center.

2:30 PM EDT: One thing that cannot be overlooked in this game is Butler's physicality. They are much shorter than Texas but they play a physical game. That style of play will be crucial for them against the Longhorns.

2:15 PM EDT: Today has already seen some fantastic play by double-digit seeds, and with Texas considered by some outlets to be the favorite in this matchup, we could have a legendary game on our hands this afternoon in Pittsburgh.

1:57 PM EDT: The winner of this second round matchup will be going on to face the winner of today's Northeastern versus Notre Dame in the third round.

Tipoff for this game, live from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is set for 2:45 PM EDT. Based on seeding, Texas will be the away team, while Butler will be the home team.

Texas did not face any teams from the Big East this season, and only played three tournament-bound teams in their non-conference season. However, they did play 13 games against tournament teams during their conference season, as opposed to 11 for Butler. Against tournament teams, the Longhorns were a mere 4-12 this season, their last win against one coming in overtime on March 2 against Baylor.

Butler faced only one team from the Big 12 this season, losing to Oklahoma  on November 27 by a score of 59-46. Against other teams in this year's NCAA Tournament, the Bulldogs were 7-9, with notable wins coming over then-5th ranked North Carolina in November and at then-24th ranked Providence on March 7. Butler played against four other tournament teams in their non-conference slate this year

In terms of winning percentage, Butler has a more prolific NCAA Tournament history, with an all-time record of 19-12. Texas, in their history, is 35-34 in the big dance. The Bulldogs have been to two Final Fours, coming in back-to-back years in 2010 and 2011. Texas has gone to three Final Fours in program history, the most recent one coming in 2003.

Texas does not have an offensive advatage in terms of scoring, but on both sides of the floor they will have to use their vastly superior height to slow down the Butler attack. At 6'9" Woods is the tallest player for the Bulldgos, whie UT has 5 players standing 6'9" or taller. They must force Butler to win via the jump shot, which they may still be able to do. However, if the Longhorns do not play a brand of defense down low that they are accustomed do, Butler wil eviscerate them up and down the court.

The combination of Dunham and Jones could be devastating in this matchup. An efficient scorer from both two- and three-point territory, Dunham will likely set the pace in this game. Neutralizing the big men for Texas will be vital to the Bulldogs' success. One cannot sleep on Jones either, as he can beat you with his scoring and ability to facilitate well, as he led Butler is assists this season. Down low, Kameron Woods will be tasked with controlling the boards and fending off the Longhorns' bigs, which will be anything but an easy task.

Good guard play is usually a necessity when the tournament rolls around, but Texas is going to need to rely on a superior front court if they wish to win this second round matchup. The Longhorns enter this game 1st in the country in blocks per game, with 7.9, and are also 8th in the nation in rebounds with 39.7 per game. Turner and Holmes will need to rebound anything in their way throughout this game if they want to keep up with Butler. Along with this, it will be crucial that leading scorer Isaiah Taylor plays efficiently. He may not dominate, but he must limit turnovers and shoot a reasonable percentage in order for UT to stay competitive.

After a very solid season, in which they finished ranked #24 in the nation and second in the Big East standings, the Butler Bulldogs are looking to improve upon their already stellar NCAA Tournament legacy. Led by All-Big East first teamer Kellen Dunham and second teamer Roosevelt Jones, Butler's back court play could be a huge factor throughout their tournmaent run. The Bulldogs are entering this game without much momentum, having lost two of their last three games, the last one coming one week ago against Xavier.

The Longhorns enter this game after what has widely been considered as a disappointing season in the Big 12 Conference. Led by their impressive front court, including Big 12 Freshman of the Year Myles Turner and senior leader Jonathan Holmes, Texas was one of the top teams in the country when it came to play in the paint this season. However, inconsistent play from the guard positions and an inability to close doomed Rick Barnes' squad throughout the season. Considered by many to be one of the last teams into the field this season, Texas has a lot to prove in this year's big dance. UT finished sixth in the Big 12, with an 8-10 conference record, with their season ending in a loss to eventual conference tournament champion Iowa State.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's coverage of the 2015 NCAA Tournament. We've got a big matchup today between the 11-seed Texas Longhorns and the 6-seed Butler Bulldogs. live from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This second round matchup is a part of this year's Midwest Regional.