Cincinnati Bengals Take A Risk By Drafting Josh Shaw

Position CB
Hand 6
Height 6-0
Weight 203

From lying about an injury after claiming that he Josh Shaw jumped off the balcony to save his nephew, to being drafted in the 120 pick by the Cincinnati Bengals, what a journey. After the reports came out, it was discovered that he jumped off the balcony after an altercation with his girlfriend. He lied about that situation and some say there's character issues which is why it's a risky pick. It's not the physical side to Josh Shaw that makes the pick a risk, but rather the character qualities. Since he lied about this issue, who knows what drama he may come up with. 

Josh Shaw is ranked around 78th by some experts so it's a steal for the Cincinnati Bengals in that sense. He's a versatile player who can not only play cornerback but safety too. He's 6-foot, 206 pounds and while he ran a 4.44 in the 40 at the combine. That's a good speed but he also possesses more positive things than that. 

The Cincinnati Bengals will most likely use him as a backup cornerback, they already have four more others but he could end up at a safety as well.