What Wes Welker Means To The St. Louis Rams Offense

What Wes Welker Means To The St. Louis Rams Offense

The St. Louis Rams just added wide receiver Wes Welker yesterday. Here's what he means to this offense and how the Rams can use him effectively in 2015.

Jeremy Bowen

Wes Welker is the newest addition to a subpar wide receiving core of the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have struggled on offense, particularly the passing game. They are the worst in the NFL on third down, converting only 23.8% of the time (24 for 101 on the season). Welker has been a reliable third down target over his 11-year career. Welker has played with two of the best quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. He was a trusty target on third down for both quarterbacks.

The big issue with Welker though, is his injury history. Welker has suffered multiple concussions over his career; critics even argue that he shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NFL again because he is “one hit away from being brain dead.” While there is some truth to that, Welker is still able bodied and impressed Jeff Fisher and company enough for them to give him a one-year deal.

Welker can help turn this offense around. The primary offense through the first half of the season has been breakout rookie running back Todd Gurley and the dynamic Tavon Austin. The passing game has been practically irrelevant, as Nick Foles has passed for over 200 yards in only one game. The passing game obviously needed help. That’s where Welker comes in. While defenses load the box to stop Gurley or send a few defenders out wherever Austin is going, Welker can be sent on a slant route, particularly on third down situations to catch the ball in the middle of the field and get the first down.

The slant route is what has made Welker such a great offensive weapon over the years. He has led the NFL in receiving yards multiple times in the duration of his career. Welker is a five time pro bowler and has won two Super Bowls. Welker has also played in a playoff game in seven of his last eight seasons and is itching to get back. He brings a veteran attitude to a young Rams team and as long as he can stay healthy, will hopefully be able to bring this offense to another level.