Highlights and Touchdowns Indianapolis Colts 24-28 Pittsburgh
Steelers in NFL 2020
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Division champions

The Steelers left behind a run of three defeats and expect a defeat of the Bills to move up to second place in the AFC.
5:12 PM9 months ago

End game

Colts 24-28 Steelers.
5:12 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:05

The Steelers are kneeling three times and will end the regular season with a record of 13-3.
5:11 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:14

Rivers with the incomplete pass. The Steelers are going to win and will be divisional champions.
5:10 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:19

Hilton cannot do the reception. It will be fourth for the Colts.
5:08 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:33

Hilton with the reception and puts the ball inside the 35-yard line. First and ten.
5:06 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:50

Defensive passing interference that brings the Colts to life. First and ten.
5:05 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:55

Incomplete Rivers Pass. It will be fourth down.
5:01 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
5:00 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:12

Hines with the reception to gain 11 yards.
4:58 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:25

Johnson is one yard away from scoring and the Steelers will have to clear.
4:55 PM9 months ago

4Q 03:10

Juju with the reception for the first and ten.
4:53 PM9 months ago

4Q 05:10

Juju with the reception to move the chains, get out of the compromised zone and keep going down to the clock.
4:51 PM9 months ago

4Q 06:05

Hilton intercepts Rivers inside his 10-yard line, a big move for the Steelers.
4:50 PM9 months ago

4Q 06:30

Hines with the carry to get 10 yards. First and ten Colts.
4:48 PM9 months ago

TD Steelers 28-24

4:46 PM9 months ago

4Q 07:38

TD Steelers

Juju with the long reception to turn it around.

4:45 PM9 months ago

4Q 07:43

Illegal contact, five yards from the defense and first and ten from the Steelers.
4:43 PM9 months ago

4Q 08:14

A short pass to Conner who manages to beat the mark to put the ball inside the opponent's 40-yard line.
4:40 PM9 months ago

4Q 09:35

Connecting with the carry from the pistol formation to enter the rival field.
4:39 PM9 months ago

4Q 10:52

Ebron with the reception to move the chains.
4:38 PM9 months ago

4Q 11:27

Conner moves the ball over the ground and the Steelers have the first and ten.
4:34 PM9 months ago

4Q 12:45

Heyward takes down Rivers and the Colts to clear from midfield.
4:31 PM9 months ago

4Q 14:16

Doyle with the reception to finally move the chains for the Colts.
4:29 PM9 months ago

TD Steelers 21-24

4:26 PM9 months ago

4Q 14:52

TD Steelers

Ebron with the reception and the party has been tightened.

4:24 PM9 months ago

4Q 14:57

Defensive passing interference and the Steelers are already in the goal zone.
4:21 PM9 months ago

Final third quarter

Colts 24-14 Steelers.
4:21 PM9 months ago

3Q 00:55

Screen pass with Conner and the Steelers have another first and ten.
4:20 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:25

Washington with the reception to put the ball on the 37-yard line.
4:18 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:35

Johnson is shot down and the referees signal defensive passing interference.
4:14 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:57

Burton with the short reception and the Colts three and out. To be cleared.
4:13 PM9 months ago

TD Steelers 14-24

4:10 PM9 months ago

3Q 03:16

TD Steelers

Johnson catches the bomb in the end zone to bring the Steelers closer.

4:06 PM9 months ago

3Q 04:04

Full pass from Rivers to Pascal, but the Colts will have to clear from the 9-yard line.
4:02 PM9 months ago

3Q 04:14

Time out of Indianapolis.
3:58 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:01

The Steelers leave empty-handed after Roethlisberger's incomplete pass.
3:57 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:04

Claypool fails to make the reception and will be fourth down.
3:55 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:50

Defensive passing interference and the Steelers will get back to first and goal.
3:54 PM9 months ago

3Q 06:08

Ebron with the catch for first and goal on the 4 yard line.
3:53 PM9 months ago

3Q 06:59

Big Ben bombshell to Claypool to set up inside the opponent's 15-yard line.
3:52 PM9 months ago

3Q 08:08

Big Ben with the full pass for Eric Ebron and first and ten.
3:52 PM9 months ago

3Q 08:45

Snell with the short haul, but enough to move the chains.
3:47 PM9 months ago

3Q 09:28

FG Colts

Blankenship of 28 yards increases the difference of the Colts.

3:45 PM9 months ago

3Q 10:10

Tuitt and Watt knock down Rivers in third down, the Colts attempt a field goal.
3:43 PM9 months ago

3Q 11:24

Taylor puts the ball inside the 15-yard line, already in the red zone.
3:42 PM9 months ago

3Q 12:53

Taylor on the ground moves the chains again and they are already at the rival's 40-yard line.
3:40 PM9 months ago

3Q 14:15

Cooks with solo reception to move the Steelers' chains.
3:39 PM9 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Colts go on the offensive.
3:25 PM9 months ago

Half time

Colts 21-7 Steelers.
3:24 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:02

Juju with the reception on the 40-yard line and they burn the second time out.
3:21 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:21

The Colts will have three and out, Time out of the Steelers.
3:16 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:54

Short pass from Big Ben and the Steelers will have to kick.
3:13 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:58

Two-minute break.
3:12 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:22

Conner to the reception to continue moving the chains.
3:12 PM9 months ago

2Q 03:11

Juju with the reception to move the chains and get out of the compromised area.
3:09 PM9 months ago

TD Colts 21-7

3:06 PM9 months ago

2Q 04:02

TD Colts

Rivers with the bombast to Pascal for the first air touchdown and tie the number of shipments of Dan Marino.

3:01 PM9 months ago

2Q 05:40

Johnson with the reception, but he stays far away from the mark. The Steelers to clear.
2:58 PM9 months ago

TD Colts 14-7

2:55 PM9 months ago

2Q 06:35

TD Colts

Taylor by land enters the diagonals to regain the advantage.

2:53 PM9 months ago

2Q 07:55

Taylor manages to make the turn and move the chains for the first and goal.
2:52 PM9 months ago

2Q 09:24

Taylor with the haulage to move the chains.
2:50 PM9 months ago

2Q 11:26

Hilton with the pass to the centre and get the first and ten.
2:48 PM9 months ago

2Q 12:09

Hilton with the reception in solitary to overcome half a field.
2:47 PM9 months ago

2Q 12:44

Doyle with the reception to move the chains of the Colts.
2:45 PM9 months ago

TD Steelers 7-7

2:42 PM9 months ago

2Q 13:47

TD Steelers

Leg-based conner achieves the two-yard mark for the 7-7.

2:38 PM9 months ago

2Q 14:43

Fumble and Hilton retrieve the ball and leave it on the 3-yard line.
2:34 PM9 months ago

Final first quarter

Colts 7-0 Steelers

After three plays and close to midfield, the Steelers to clear.

2:28 PM9 months ago

1Q 01:51

Hilton avoids the full Rivers pass. The Colts to clear within their 30 yard.
2:26 PM9 months ago

1Q 03:53

Brisett with the personal carriage to move the chains and get out of the compromised area.
2:20 PM9 months ago

1Q 06:15

Snell cannot reach the mark and the Steelers will have fourth place near midfield.
2:18 PM9 months ago

1Q 07:50

Pass from Big Ben to Johnson to move the chains for the first time in the game
2:16 PM9 months ago

TD Colts 7-0

2:12 PM9 months ago

1Q 09:48

TD Colts

Taylor with the five-yard carry to open the score.

2:09 PM9 months ago

1Q 11:13

Pascal with the reception to advance another 14 yards and get into the red zone, yard 15.
2:08 PM9 months ago

1Q 12:56

Pittman with reception at the centre and escapes over 20 yards to set up camp at the Steelers.
2:05 PM9 months ago

1Q 14:44

Three passes by Big Ben that are incomplete and the Steelers three and out. To be cleared.
2:02 PM9 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Steelers go on the offensive.
1:57 PM9 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the 16th week's game between the Colts and the Steelers, a key post-season game in the American Conference.
1:53 PM9 months ago

The best of all

The Steelers are the best team with the most catches and the least sacks allowed in the NFL.

1:47 PM9 months ago

So they jumped in to warm up

The Colts should not let go of any wild cards, as the Dolphins won yesterday and the Ravens will go to the Giants in what could be another Baltimore victory.

1:42 PM9 months ago

With other equipment

After some battles, Rivers will play at Heinz Field for the first time with a team other than the Chargers.
1:40 PM9 months ago

The last victory

The last time the Steelers won at home was on date 12 against the Baltimore Ravens, after that game was suspended three times due to coronavirus cases.
1:38 PM9 months ago

Somewhat unusual

The Steelers started with 11 wins, but never in history had a team that had started that way fallen three times in a row.

Pittsburgh is one game away from being divisional champions.

1:32 PM9 months ago

You will stop doing TikToks

Juju, who used to dance in the logos of his rivals, will stop doing so to focus on reversing the bad situation in Pittsburgh that has led to three defeats in a row.

1:29 PM9 months ago

Goes out to heat

The Steelers need Big Ben to be inspired and, above all, to stop committing interceptions that have harmed the team in recent games.

1:24 PM9 months ago

They're still in the fight

The Colts are tied with the Titans for the divisional title, but are not favored by the playoff criteria, so if they want to win the AFC South they will have to win both their games and expect a stumble from the Titans.
1:21 PM9 months ago

Absent from the Colts

These elements of Indianapolis will not be present this afternoon, although there is no one really of importance on the list.
No. 9 QB Jacob Eason
No. 34 CB Isaiah Rodgers
No. 74 T Anthony Castonzo
No. 83 WR Marcus Johnson
No. 85 WR Dezmon Patmon
1:19 PM9 months ago

Inactive Steelers

These are the Steelers players who will not be there, highlighting once again the loss of kicker Chris Boswell.

No. 5 QB Josh Dobbs
No. 9 K Chris Boswell
No. 26 RB Anthony McFarland
No. 27 LB Marcus Allen
No. 92 LB Ola Adeniyi
No. 96 BY Isaiah Buggs

1:17 PM9 months ago

In impeccable condition

Despite the cold weather at the time, Heinz Field looks in good condition to host its last regular season game of the season.

1:14 PM9 months ago

For the divisional title

The Steelers could win the divisional title this afternoon if they win, or lose the Browns to the Jets, remembering that they have several coronavirus casualties.
1:13 PM9 months ago

About to make history

Philip Rivers needs two touchdown passes to surpass Dan Marino as the fifth highest touchdown passer in NFL history. 

1:10 PM9 months ago

We start

We start with the coverage of the match between Colts and Steelers, where there is a lot at stake on the way to the NFL playoffs.
1:04 PM9 months ago

Follow it here

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Latest games

The Steelers have a comfortable historical advantage with 24 wins for six losses, in addition to having won the last five games.

12:54 PM9 months ago

How to watch Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: CBS.

If you want to directly stream it: CBS, DirecTV and NFL Game Pass.

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Key player Steelers

He has come down in recent games with at least one interception, but Ben Roethlisberger is the heart and soul of the offense and will have to avoid ball loss if he is to lead his team to victory.

12:44 PM9 months ago

Key player Colts

Philip Rivers has commanded a good offense throughout the campaign with 3,755 yards, 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

12:39 PM9 months ago

Last result Steelers

After a disastrous first half, Pittsburgh could not manage the comeback and fell 27-17 at the home of the Cincinnati Bengals.
12:34 PM9 months ago

Last result Colts

A mistake in the last quarter of the Houston Texans caused the Colts to win at home by 27-20.
12:29 PM9 months ago

Steelers: Establish the ground attack

Much has been said that the Steelers have become a unilateral and predictable offense, however, they have to start running the ball, whether they get yards or not, in order to give Big Ben variants.
12:24 PM9 months ago

Colts: giving Rivers protection

Philip Rivers is already a quarterback with little mobility and in the face of a defensive team that often carries a lot of weight, they need to protect him and give him space to connect with his runners.
12:19 PM9 months ago

Both want to win the divisional title

Both the Steelers and the Colts are looking for the divisional title but, to do so, they will have to win. In Pittsburgh's case, winning will be enough for them to no longer have to depend on other results.
12:14 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
12:09 PM9 months ago

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