Monster Energy Cup Supercross Results
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Monster Energy Cup Supercross Results

Scott Yargeau
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Post-Race: Well, that's a wrap on the night! Thanks to all for tuning in, and make sure to follow @VAVELMotocross on Twitter for coverage leading up to and during Anaheim 1 on January 9. So long!

Overall Results:
1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Jason Anderson
4. Justin Barcia
5. Davi Millsaps
6. Trey Canard
7. Justin Brayton
8. Blake Baggett
9. Christian Craig
10. Chad Reed
11. Weston Peick
12. Broc Tickle
13. Christophe Pourcel
14. Shane McElrath
15. Zach Osborne
16. Vince Friese
17. Andrew Short
18. Dean Wilson
19. Mike Alessi
20. Kyle Partridge
21. James Stewart
22. Martin Davalos

Post-Race: Also a tough day for both Dean Wilson and James Stewart. Dean rode off under his own power, but had two really tough crashes today and didn't start that last race. Stewart is nursing an injured wrist, and decided to sit out after his first race crash. Hopefully both of these two can heal up and come back strong for supercross in 2016.

Post-Race: Tough day for Canard. He was super fast; definitely had the speed to win it. Unfortunately two crashes held him back.

Post-Race: Dungey second once again, but great riding nonetheless.

Post-Race: Roczen says that he's going to take a week of vacation before starting supercross training; well deserved vacation!

Post-Race: Huge congrats to Ken Roczen! Well deserved victory; great riding for him.

Main Event 3, Results:
1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Jason Anderson
4. Justin Barcia
5. Christian Craig
6. Davi Millsaps
7. Christophe Pourcel
8. Chad Reed
9. Shane McElrath
10. Weston Peick
11. Zach Osborne
12. Justin Brayton
13. Mike Alessi
14. Trey Canard
15. Vince Friese
16. Andrew Short
17. Broc Tickle
18. Blake Baggett
19. Kyle Partridge
20. Dean Wilson - DNS
21. James Stewart - DNS
22. Martin Davalos - DNS

Main Event 3, Checkered Flag: Roczen, Dungey, Anderson, Barcia, and Craig round out the top 5.

Main Event 3, Checkered Flag: Ken Roczen wins the 2015 Monster Energy Cup by winning that last race!!

Main Event 3, Last Lap: Roczen looks very fast... looks like Dungey is going to get 2nd place once again.

Main Event 3, Lap 9: Roczen takes the Joker Lane! He comes out in front of Dunge by about 3 seconds.

Main Event 3, Lap 8: Roczen with a very comfortable lead, although he hasn't taken the Joker lane yet; everyone behind him has.

Main Event 3, Lap 7: Barcia jumps a quad!! He's all over Dungey right now.

Main Event 3, Lap 7: Barcia past Craig! Dungey taking the Joker Lane.

Main Event 3, Lap 6: Christian Craig riding very impressive in 4th right now. Barcia is close behind him though.

Main Event 3, Lap 5: Anderson sticking right on Dungey, but both of these two can't stick with Roczen.

Main Event 3, Lap 4: Roczen riding great. He's pulling away from Dungey.

Main Event 3, Lap 3: Roczen, Dungey, Anderson and Craig running top 4.

Main Event 3, Lap 2: Canard crashes into the finish line tower!!

Main Event 3, Lap 1: Roczen quickly goes into the lead!! Dungey also past him.

Main Event 3, Start: Holeshot goes to Jason Anderson!! He wins the truck!!!

Main Event 3, Start: 30 second board is up!

Main Event 3: Going into this last race, Roczen is currently leading the overall by 2 points over Dungey and Anderson. Realistically, any of those three could win the overall!

Main Event 3: Anderson has got both holeshots so far tonight. If he gets another holeshot, he will win a Toyota truck!

Main Event 3: Anderson looked very smooth and aggressive in that last race on his way to win it; I think he has a good shot at taking the overall win tonight.

Main Event 3: Well, it's that time of the night; only one more race left!

12:09 pm ET: Honestly thought Sexton would be able to pressure Forkner a bit more, but he still rode great to get 2nd.

12:04 pm ET: Top 5 in the last Amateur All-Star race were Forkner, Sexton, Harrison, Taft, and Osby.

12:03 pm ET: Forkner undefeated in Vegas!! 

12:01 pm ET: 1 lap to go; Forkner still leading.

11:59 pm ET: Forkner pulling away from Sexton; currently has a 4 second lead.

11:58 pm ET: Forkner, Sexton, Harrison, Osby, and Taft round out your top 5 currently.

11:56 pm ET: Gate has dropped in this last Amateur race. Holeshot goes to Forkner, and he's followed by Sexton!

11:53 pm ET: Chase Sexton finished 2nd in the first race, but had the fastest lap time. If he can get a good start, watch for him to potentially win.

11:53 pm ET: These amateurs are super fast; their lap times are on par with some of the pros.

11:51 pm ET: Amateur All-Stars race number 2 about to get going! Wouldn't be surprised to see Forkner win again.

11:41 pm ET: Kolbusch, Miller, and Varize are the top 3 finishers in the last super mini race.

11:40 pm ET: Kolbusch passes Robertson on the last lap, and then Robertson crashes! Kolbusch sweeps the super mini class!

11:37 pm ET: A great battle up front right now! Robertson still leads with 3 laps left.

11:35 pm ET: Roberson up front followed by Kobusch right now.

11:33 pm ET: Gate has dropped for the last super mini race. Kobusch with the holeshot but drops back to 3rd in the first turn.

11:30 pm ET: Super mini race 2 (the final race for these guys) is about to get going. Kobusch is looking to sweep both races.

Main Event 2, Results:
1. Jason Anderson
2. Trey Canard
3. Justin Barcia
4. Ken Roczen
5. Ryan Dungey
6. Davi Millsaps
7. Justin Brayton
8. Weston Peick
9. Blake Bagget
10. Broc Tickle
11. Zach Osborne
12. Christophe Pourcel
13. Vince Friese
14. Christian Craig
15. Andrew Short
16. Chad Reed
17. Mike Alessi
18. Shane McElrath
19. Kyle Partridge
20. Dean Wilson - DNF
21. James Stewart - DNS
22. Martin Davalos - DNS

Main Event 2, Checkered Flag: Canard ends up 2nd, with Barcia in 3rd followed by Roczen and Dungey.  

Main Event 2, Checkered Flag: Anderson wins!! The Monster Million is off the table.  

Main Event 2, Last Lap: Anderson takes the Joker Lane and still leading! 

Main Event 2, Lap 9: Anderson still leading; still hasn't taken the Joker Lane though. Wilson crashes hard, but he is back up.  

Main Event 2, Lap 8: Roczen takes the Joker lane, and Dungey is right on him now!

Main Event 2, Lap 7: Dungey and Millsaps have taken the Joker Lane. 

Main Event 2, Lap 6: Anderson with a 1.8 second lead ove Barcia. Canard is 4.0 seconds behind.  

Main Event 2, Lap 5: Very exciting battle for 3rd right now. Canard has the position, but Roczen is right behind him! Dungey back to 5th, MIllsaps 6th. 

Main Event 2, Lap 4: Anderson is riding very good right now. He's opening up a bit of a lead.  

Main Event 2, Lap 3: Millsaps past Dungey into 3rd. Roczen up to 5th.  

Main Event 2, Lap 2: Anderson into the lead!  

Main Event 2, Lap 1: Barcia leading, followed by Anderson and Dungey. Roczen back in 6th.

Main Event 2, Start: Holeshot goes to Jason Anderson!

Main Event 2: Bikes are started, 30 second board is up!

Main Event 2: Just in: Stewart is not racing tonight due to tweaking his wrist in practice and reaggravating it in his crash in the first race. Super disappointing news. Get well soon!

Main Event 2: Also keep your eyes on Davi Millsaps. He finished a very respectable 3rd place in the first main.

Main Event 2: Hopefully Stewart and Canard can rebound from their crashes in the first main and get in the top 5 this time.

Main Event 2: Also, Toyota is offering a truck if a rider can holeshot all 3 mains. Anderson holeshot the first on, so a truck is on the line for him if he can holeshot the next two.

Main Event 2: After winning the first main, Roczen is the only rider that can win the Monster Million. Will he do it?

Main Event 2: Riders are on the starting line; gate drop is a few minutes away.

10:44 pm ET: A little bit of an intermission right now before Main Event 2.

10:32 pm ET: Forkner, Sexton, Osby, Charboneau, and Harrison are the top 5 finishers in the first All-Star race.

10:31 pm ET: Austin Forkner takes the win in the first All-Star race! He remains unbeaten so far in his career at the Monser Energy Cup.

10:28 pm ET: Forkner, Osby, Sexton, Harrison, and Charboneau are your top 5 with 3 laps left.

10:24 pm ET: The gate has dropped for the first Amateur All-Star race. Holeshot goes to Austin Forkner!

10:18 pm ET: Pretty exciting night of racing so far. Amateur All-stars are up next. Austin Forkner is the guy to watch in this one.

10:14 pm ET: Hannah Hodges was running inside the top 10 for a while, but ended up crashing and falling way back.

10:13 pm ET: Kobusch, Black, and Miller are your top 3 supermini riders.

10:12 pm ET: Kobusch ended up passing a few riders and winning the first supermini race.

10:08 pm ET: Supermini race 1 out there right now. Black leading it with 3 laps left.

Main Event 1, Results: Check out the results from the first main event! 

Main Event 1 Results
Position Rider
1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Blake Baggett
5. Justin Barcia
6. Jason Anderson
7. Dean Wilson
8. Broc Tickle
9. Chad Reed
10. Trey Canard
11. Justin Brayton
12. Shane McElrath
13. Andrew Short
14. Christian Craig
15. Weston Peick
16. Vince Friese
17. Christophe Pourcel
18. James Stewart
19. Zach Osborne
20. Mike Alessi
21. Kyle Partridge
22. Martin Davalos

Main Event 1, Checkerd Flag: It's official... Ken Roczen takes the win in the first main event! 

Main Event 1, Checkerd Flag: Roczen takes the win in the first main, but nothing official yet; currently some confusion about the Joker Lane.

Main Event 1, Checkerd Flag: Anderson crosses first, but did he take the Joker lane? It doesn't look like he did.

Main Event 1, Last Lap: Anderson didn't take Joker lane?!?! Roczen comes out in front of Dungey.

Main Event 1, Lap 9: Millsaps taking the Joker Lane. Roczen and Anderson have to take it on the last lap.

Main Event 1, Lap 8: Anderson riding really good in second now.

Main Event 1, Lap 7: Questionable choice for Dungey to take the Joker lane so early. Now he's stuck behind Millsaps.

Main Event 1, Lap 6: Current running order: Roczen, Dungey, Anderson, Millsaps, and Wilson. Dungey just took Joker lane.

Main Event 1, Lap 5: Roczen just put down his fastest lap. Now leading by 2.4 seconds.

Main Event 1, Lap 4: Sucks for Canard, he was riding good. Dungey 1.6 seconds behind Roczen now. Anderson in 3rd.

Main Event 1, Lap 3: Roczen leading, Dungey close behind. Track is a bit slick. Canard and Stewart both up back way back.

Main Event 1, Lap 2: Stewart and Canard crash!!!

Main Event 1, Lap 1: Canard, Roczen, and Dungey are top 3.

Main Event 1, Start: Holeshot goes to Trey Canard!!

Main Event 1: 30 second board is up!

Main Event 1: Bikes are on the line and getting started up!!

9:38 pm ET: Great to have James Stewart back racing. He is such an awesome person to have in the sport.

9:36 pm ET: Also, the start is back inside the stadium after having split starts outside of the stadium in the past few years.

9:35 pm ET: Elevated start is going to be really cool to watch. Definitely all about clutch control.

9:30 pm ET: Reminder: 3 main events at 10 laps each; win all of them and you win one million dollars.

9:27 pm ET: We are just minutes away from the start of the racing! Opening ceremonies are just wrapping up.

9:15 pm ET: Get ready for some racing!! The 2015 Monster Energy Cup is just 15 minutes away.

9:00 pm ET: It's too hard to predict tonight's results; such a stacked field and practice times were all so close! Can't wait for racing.

9:00 pm ET: Opening ceremonies getting underway in Sam Boyd Stadium!!

8:35 pm ET: Just under an hour left until the racing kicks off!!

7:35 pm ET: The field is ready for racing tonight! Qualifying is officially over, now we just have to wait until 9:30 pm ET for the racing to start. Some fun stuff happening around San Boyd Stadium until then, with the Dirt Shark Best Whip Competition happening right now, and the Pit Party is still going on.

7:25 pm ET: Davalos, Short, McElrath, and Partridge make it into the main from the LCQ. Bad luck for both Plessinger and Chisholm in that one; they won't be in the main events tonight.

7:10 pm ET: LCQ is going to be stacked; Short, Chisholm, McElrath, Plessinger, Davalos, and Partridge all in here.

6:50 pm ET: Check out the top 10 qualifying results. LCQ race up next.

Combined Qualifying Top 10 Results
Position Rider Lap Time
1. Trey Canard 1:07.760
2. Broc Tickle 1:07.932
3. Christophe Pourcel 1:07.965
4. Ken Roczen 1:08.013
5. Jason Anderson 1:08.094
6. James Stewart 1:08.154
7. Blake Baggett 1:08.301
8. Zach Osborne 1:08.218
9. Dean Wilson 1:08.416
10. Chad Reed 1:08.446

6:27 pm ET: Checkered flag for this group A practice. Trey Canard, Broc Tickle, Christophe Pourcel, Jason Anderson, and James Stewart are the top 5 fastest.

6:22 pm ET: Canard back to the top of the board now. He has a vengeance after losing out on the million dollars last year.

6:20 pm ET: Anderson is the fastest guy out there right now, although the positions on the scoreboard are quickly changing around.

6:15 pm ET: Group A is out there for there last practice now! Gotta get into the top 18 fastest times to qualify directly into the mains.

6:12 pm ET: Checkered flag is out for this B practice. Martin Davalos ended up the fastest rider in it! It's nice to see him back out there after a tough year for him.

6:05 pm ET: B group on the track right now. Shane McElrath is the fastest rider in this group; he's looking very fast right now.

6:00 pm ET: Intermission just finishing up, and the last set of practices about to get going.

4:45 pm ET: Supermini riders out there right now, and they will be followed by the amateur all-stars. After that, there is an hour long intermission before the third and final round of qualifying practices start.

4:40 pm ET: Roczen, Canard, Anderson, Pourcel, and Baggett were the top 5 fastest after the first qualifying practice.

4:00 pm ET: Qualifying sessions about to begin now; this is where lap times count. As a reminder, the riders with the top 18 fastest times make it straight into the main events. The rest of riders will race in an LCQ for the 4 remaining spots.

3:00 pm ET: Practice is just beginning here in Sam Boyd Stadium. First set of practices don't count towards qualifying times.

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Make sure to stay tuned to our LIVE coverage of the Monster Energy Cup right here throughout the day; it’s going to be a night of racing in Vegas!

With such a stacked line-up of riders and such a unique event, there are plenty of riders who could potentially win tonight. Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, James Stewart, Ken RoczenDavi Millsaps, and Trey Canard have all won Supercross races before, and any one of them could win the Monster Energy Cup tonight.

Perhaps one of the most favored riders to win tonight is the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross and 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross champion Ryan Dungey. Dungey’s 2015 season has been the best season of his career thus far, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him continue that success tonight and carry it over into the 2016 season.

Chad Reed will be debuting a new ride for himself tonight on board a Yamaha. Since the shutdown of TwoTwo Motorsports, Reed has been absent from the racing scene. Rumors are that he looks really comfortable already aboard his new bike, and with limited races left before he most likely retires, hopefully Reed can find some success tonight and in the upcoming Supercross season.

Another rider that has missed a lot of racing in the last year is James Stewart. Stewart was suspended from racing for the last 16 months due to improper use of Adderall as ruled by WADA. However, his suspension has at long last been served, and he is making his return to AMA/FIM racing this weekend. Stewart last raced the Monster Energy Cup in 2013, where he was able to take the win over Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto. He followed that up with a successful Supercross season in 2014 with five wins, but has not raced an AMA/FIM event since July of that year due to his suspension. In fact, the only event he has been able to race is the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, which was held last weekend and which he won over Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey. It will be very interesting to see how he performs tonight, but one thing's for certain in the motocross world: it’s great to have The Fastest Man on the Planet back!

Last year's winner of the event was Davi Millsaps, who at the time was debuting for his new ride with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team. Millsaps was fast and looked stellar on his new ride at the time, but things went downhill for him in the 2015 Supercross season, resulting in no podium finishes and an early dismissal from the team. Millsaps is looking to redeem himself this year on his new ride with the BTO Sports KTM team after missing the entire 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, although he did race at the USGP at Glen Helen last month. Regardless, Millsaps is most likely still rusty from his lack of general racing in the past few months, hence it will be tough for him to repeat his winning performance from last year.

The track design is another unique and exciting feature of the Monster Energy Cup. Sam Boyd Stadium’s open lay out allows the track to go outside the stadium where it opens up to a fast-paced motocross style section coined “Monster Alley” before re-entering the stadium. This year’s track also features a long sand section, the AMSOIL Arch (a long sweeping turn that goes up into the grand stands), an elevated gate that is 12 feet high, and, of course, the Joker Lane (an extension to the track that each rider must take once during each race). With all of these interesting features unique to this event, the Monster Energy Cup is guaranteed to provide some very thrilling races.

The Monster Energy Cup is also exciting in that it has a unique race format. Instead of the usual format that a regular Supercross has (timed qualifying, heat race, semi race, LCQ, and main event), the Monster Energy Cup entails the top eighteen riders from timed qualifying making it straight into the main events, and then an LCQ race where the top four finishers qualify for and complete the twenty-two rider main event field. Next, three 10 lap main events occur during the night program, after which an overall winner is crowned. If one rider wins all three main events, they are awarded one million dollars.

The Monster Energy Cup is one of the most anticipated off-season events that sits between the outdoors and Supercross seasons. Since it’s debut in 2011, the Monster Energy Cup has gathered more and more attention every year, and this year is set to be perhaps the best one yet. With an all-star list of riders including James Stewart, Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, Davi Millsaps, and Chad Reed, just to name a few, it’s the only off-season event which boasts a line up similar of that to an actual Supercross race.

Welcome to the 2015 Monster Energy Cup! My name is Scott Yargeau, and I will be bringing you live updates throughout the day before the night of racing arrives and live, minute-to-minute updates of the racing action starting at 9:30 pm ET.